Back from vacation and…

…it appears we had a server crash last week, tied to some power outage thing-a-ma-bob. Apparently, all the poems posted between Wednesday morning and Thursday around 7ish in the evening for the most recent poetry prompt have been wiped clean of the site. Totally bummed, because I read a lot of great stuff on Wednesday (while on vacation).

It appears those lost comments will not be restored–so I hope there were no original copies in there. I’m lucky the blog post wasn’t completely wiped out, because I just type my first drafts right into the box for these prompts. While this was a freak occurence, I would advise everyone (myself included) to copy their poems over into Word or something similar before or directly after posting–though before is probably the safest bet.


In other news, I had a poem accepted by the Barn Owl Review for their 2nd issue, which’ll be released at the 2009 AWP in Chicago. Very, very cool! As mentioned in the blog, I just started submitting again in June–so it’s awesome to already see some good coming of it. 🙂


Now that I’m back from my southern vacation, I’ve got a lot of stuff to post, so be sure to stop over from time to time this week.


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7 thoughts on “Back from vacation and…

  1. Emily Blakely

    Robert, picture balloons, for you–sky blue for a good and safe vacation, bright yellow for the Atalanta Run, and cherry red for Barn Owl news! Thanks for sharing it all. Glad the server crash didn’t last too long and I’m eager to read the current interview!

  2. Amy Barlow Liberatore

    WOW! Congratulations, Robert. Your blog, this work, is such an inspiration to me. I agree with Writing Nag (ha ha my former AKA was Cranky Menopausal Mom) that I’m encouraged to send out more work of my own as well.

    As for you, young man, bask in the moment! Pop the cork! (in my case, it would be put on a fresh pot of decaf…) Glad you’re back from vacation with such great news… "Momskas"

  3. Linda H.

    Sorry I haven’t posted lately. Have been sick. May take a while till I join in on the fun again. Just wanted to say Congratulations, Robert.

    Linda H.

  4. Bruce Niedt

    Congrats, Robert! Acceptance is always a sweet thing. Hey, I just returned from a Southern vacation too – Edisto Island, SC, with day trips to Charleston and Savannah – first time down there and loved it!

  5. Carla Cherry

    Hi Robert,

    Congratulations on having one of your poems published! I can’t wait to read it. I hope to follow in your footsteps soon!


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