April PAD Challenge: Day 30

Hard to believe, but we made it through the entire month of April. Go us!

Please check back tomorrow to learn the details of what to expect in the future as far as receiving notification of the April PAD completionists and those who make the Top 50 eBook. With more than 25,000 comments on prompt postings this month, it’s going to be quite a challenge just to get through all of them. (Remember: You have until noon EST tomorrow, May 1, to get all your posting done.)

If you still want to keep the prompt-poem magic going throughout the rest of the year, I’ll be continuing our Wednesday Poetry Prompts on…umm…Wednesday (5/6). 

If you need a break, tune back in here this November to take part in the November PAD Chapbook Challenge–when we write a poem-a-day with the goal of creating a 10-20 page chapbook at the end of the month. (Even though I don’t want to make any promises or commitments until later this year, I have a feeling that we may be able to create an eBook for the winning manuscript.)


For today’s prompt, I want you to write a farewell poem. After all, we are saying farewell to another wonderful National Poetry Month. Say farewell to this month; say farewell to a vacation spot; say farewell to a bad relationship; say farewell to work; say farewell to school; say farewell to saying farewell even. Hopefully, I won’t be saying farewell to you; please stay in touch and let me know of your successes as we keep poeming toward the horizon.

Here’s my attempt for the day:

“In Season”

We began by the dock–

the fog and waves
warning us to stay ashore
(or so I thought)–

though soon you were motoring
across the lake
as I turned back toward my car

stopping to listen
to the fading whirr of your boat
parting the water

and geese honking overhead.

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851 thoughts on “April PAD Challenge: Day 30

  1. Richard-Merlin Atwater

    5/5/2009 11:56:16 PM (Eastern Daylight Time, UTC-04:00)
    5/5/2009 11:50:57 PM (Eastern Daylight Time, UTC-04:00)
    Hi Marie Elena
    (I love your name!, very beautiful)
    Thanks for your response and positive attitude and comments. You’ve been a "shining light" in the fray of "battle". I will let you know of the outcome of a Color Anthology if it is to be. So far there has been more negative response than positive and many declines–I think others have followed suit like a rolling snowball to just join in a negative response. I don’t understand why all the NEGATIVISM from some on the Poets aside Postings. This is also my FIRST time on such a forum and I didn’t expect some of the "attacks" against me because of my postings. It was all in fun, positive optimism, comradery, and enlightenment. I was highly criticized for making too many comments and postings and long poems. I thought sharing thoughts was a part of the forum, but some wanted me silenced. One lady said she was holding her tongue all 30 days in comtempt of me. Another accused my poems of being against women, and otherwise sophomoric and silly. I don’t know what planet she was living on. My poem on Motherhood I thought was very endearing of WOMEN in particular. I’m also a very religious oriented man of Christianity (Mormons are distinctly believers in JESUS CHRIST of the New testament), I think some didn’t like that at all, my religious poetry. I saw some poems of rather strange outlook on Christ that portrayed Him as something i don’t see in the Bible.

    But, I enjoyed the experience and people like YOU, Walt and Hannah , Trudi and a few others made it all the more FUN. YOU are an HONORABLE LADY of distinction in my book. Thank you for your kindness. After 30 years in Air Force intelligence I never expected I’d be spending my time as a writer and poet, and finding new battlefields that present a completely different kind of skirmish. But i hold no animosities towards anyone. We live in trying times and all need HAPPINESS and PEACE. Poetry should be an outlet for peaceful living, not combat. I thought too many were overly concerned about things that DO NOT MATTER–such as someone stealing poems, or not getting PUBLISHED later. It all seemed kind of ridiculous to me. Who wants to "steal" poems for a living. And why wouldn’t anyone ever want to get PUBLISHED free for exposure of their work instead of being angry about the offer to do so. It’s beyond me!

    Well, thanks again. Success and happiness to YOU and yours,

    Rich Atwater, a fellow poet and common citizen of planet EARTH

    Hi Mr. Atwater!

    I just wanted to be sure you had received my earlier reply to your message below.

    I’ve been saddened and disappointed by some of the responses you’ve received on the Asides site. I see though that you posted a response in true Atwater style! Good for you for not letting the nay-sayers get to you!

    Take care, and God bless! Oh, and please do keep me posted on the Color anthology.
    Marie Elena

    Subject: Chance to get PUBLISHED in Poetry book R M ATWATER publisher
    Date: Friday, May 1, 2009, 11:45 PM

    Hi Marie Elena, Rachel, Dan, Walt, Hannah, Trudi

    Please check out my posting offer at the bottom of 30 April post on being Published. Also on the other Comments sections of that post prompt day in regards to my offer for all Poets who participated, Please pass the word to other poets of The Living Poets Society.

    Rich Atwater
    President, Three Swans Publishers
    Major Richard-Merlin Atwater, USAF Intelligence, Retired

    If you posted a COLOR poem at a later time than midnight of the 16th of April YOU can still be included in my EPIC POEM and also in a published book. Please read details below and let me know where to find your poem , or send me a copy along with approval to Publish.

    Rich Atwater
    5/1/2009 3:54:09 PM (Eastern Daylight Time, UTC-04:00)

    Hi Robert,
    I have had a number of requests from various poets to include them in the Rebirth of Colors poem since they posted after the midnight hour on the 16th. There are as many poems after 16 April as there were on that day. So I will continue the EPIC POEM to include all poets to the end of the month on COLORS. PLUS, I have decided that Three Swans Publishers (my own company) will PUBLISH a complete BOOK of the poems on COLORS with the EPIC POEM "Rebirth of Colors" if I can get ALL poets to send PERMISSION to include their poem on COLORS to me for clearance to PUBLISH.
    Details below:
    Could you please post this ANNOUNCEMENT somewhere on the POETS ASIDE posting board so that ALL Honorary members of "The Living Poets Society" will know about it
    Thank you
    Rich Atwater, President, Three Swans Publishers
    ANNOUNCEMENT to ALL Honorary members of "The Living Poets Society"
    as founded by Obi-wan "Sir" Richard-Merlin Atwater:

    As President/Publisher of Three Swans Publishers of Florida I hereby offer ALL of YOU to be Published Poets in an actual BOOK of Poetry. The book will be based on All of YOU from the posted prompt of the 16th day of April on "Colors" and will feature All of YOUR poems on colors, along with my Epic Poem on "The Rebirth of Colors" to include all poets who posted "colors" poems after the midnight hour all the way to the end of the month. I’ve had a number of requests to write an extension of that poem to the end of the month on posted color prompts–which i will do later this month.
    I REQUEST your email APPROVAL to use your poem on colors in this book, send email PERMISSION to ratwater@tampabay.rr.com or to the website http://www.3swanspublishers.com
    You retain the copyright to your poems, but give PERMISSSION to have your poem on COLORS included in the published (either Hard Cover or Soft cover book) to be released sometime in the next 18 months–or sooner.. Possible title of book: Colorful Poems of "The Living Poets Society".
    Honorarium Edition of April 2009 Poetic ASIDES

    Published by: Three Swans Publishers

    YOU will have an opportunity to purchase the book AUTOGRAPHED by "Obi-wan" "Magic Merlin" "Sir" Richard-Merlin Atwater for your heirloom collection of all the Honorary members of "The Living Poets Society". We will consider posting in the book a photograph of each poet next to their name and poem if you send a non-returnable photo to
    Three Swans Publishers
    c/o: Richard-Merlin Atwater
    3412 Snowy Egret Court
    Palm Harbor, Florida 34683

    Publication will depend upon cooperation of all poets to submit PERMISSION for publication release of their COLORS poem to Three Swans Publishers of Florida under the ownership of Richard-Merlin Atwater.
    Thank you all for your support "Happiness to YOU all" RMA

    In a message dated 4/30/2009 2:07:19 P.M. Eastern Daylight Time, Robert.Brewer
    Thank YOU, Richard-Merlin!
    Richard-Merlin Atwater |rmatwaterAT NOSPAMaol dot com

    Remember Mom this Mother’s Day! Find a florist near you now.
    Richard-Merlin Atwater |rmatwaterAT NOSPAMaol dot com
    Richard-Merlin Atwater |rmatwaterAT NOSPAMaol dot com


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