April PAD Challenge: Day 27

Well, we’re working our way closer to the end. After we finish today’s prompt, only three days will separate us from finishing this April PAD Challenge. On May 1, I plan to give a recap of the month and some details of how we can keep this community going beyond April. Something to keep an eye on.

Today’s prompt is to write a poem that is only one-half of a two-person conversation, or what I like to call the “one side of a phone line” poem. I’m not even sure how well this is going to work out, but every once in a while, it’s good to stretch ourselves and experiment a little.

While you could just get to typing one side of a conversation, it might be a good idea to write down some dialogue and then, cut out the person who is the least interesting. Anyway, as with all the prompts, be sure to have fun with this one.

Here’s my poem for the day:


Oh. It’s you.
I didn’t mean.
Whatever. Why did you call anyway?
He’s a fool. Doesn’t he–
Well, yeah!
He doesn’t ever listen, and he’s going to learn–
That’s so–
I don’t understand.
Oh. Well, yeah. If that’s the case, then–
Better to just leave him on the side of the road.
Sometimes, you just gotta get tough.
No, really.
Next time he–
Well, next time he–
Okay. Call me back later then. I’ve got a lot more to say on him.
Yeah, bye.


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164 thoughts on “April PAD Challenge: Day 27

  1. Jay Sizemore

    Talking to mirrors

    It’s not that bad,
    give yourself some time.
    Don’t look so sad.

    You have lost
    a lot of weight,
    and it shows,
    I can see the bones
    in the cheeks
    of your face.
    Maybe you should
    see a doctor?

    Smile for a change,
    you need more confidence,
    no one hates you
    as much as you think.

    Maybe you should
    cut your hair.

    You’re not listening
    are you?

  2. Linda Hofke

    In my poem Bad Phone Calls please change the ending to:

    but when the phone rings
    and some bored kid tell me
    that my cat is on his fence
    I answer "but I don’t have a cat",
    then after the punch line I hang up,
    stroke kitty’s fur
    and grin.

  3. Barbara Torke

    Walk away
    Put on your hiking boots and stroll
    Don’t look back
    She is not your champion
    Lord knows we need a champion
    Sure she has the title
    The credentials
    The military credence
    Every ending has a beginning
    Whatever you do
    do something different
    get a new job
    a new profession
    follow your passion
    but quit

  4. Lorien Vidal

    Yves can’t make it.
    Well, I’ll be around New Rochelle tomorrow or Yorktown.
    One of those.
    Well, I don’t know yet – she gives me my schedule in the A.M., so whatever.
    I’ll be able to be there before 12.
    Uh-huh, ok.
    ‘Tweren’t nothin’.

  5. M. Schied

    Telephonic palaver

    Yes, but she’s in the middle of cooking part of the dinner.
    Spaghetti and meatballs.
    She’s just sticking the garlic bread in the oven.
    She bought the rosemary kind, can I
    No, ok.
    Well, it will be awhile, we are
    Really, that bad?
    No, just the dogs sticking their noses where they don’t belong.
    I’m kidding, I’m just joking!
    Ok, so we need to think about coming up that weekend.
    Are you in it?
    They’re in costume?
    What, James Cagney in a Pillsbury doughboy outfit?!
    Oh, alright, I understand now.
    Well, I’m not sure it will be
    Yes, we do have to go that
    No, they won’t be able to replace me
    You know, I do have commitments still
    We’ll see.
    Talk to you later.
    Love you.

  6. Sarah

    "Law offices of Dewy, Cheatum and Howe…how may I direct your call?"
    …(laughter)"how’s your day going?"
    …"the kids are down for a nap and though I’d like to do the same,
    I decided to make better use of my time and write down this rhyme"
    …"I have no plans for tonight, unless you have something you’d like to do"
    …"okay I’ll see you later. love ya, bye."

  7. Mike Padg

    Were it the cry?
    I am unsure
    Was it I?
    I think not
    Then what was?
    You think so?
    She does

    Were it the crew?
    the sound from below?
    Can you say?
    I don’t know
    It came to the top
    Were you here?
    Will it stop?
    Why not?

    Were it the ship?
    Can’t say
    Don’t fit
    Then what?
    No way
    Can’t be
    We’re stuck

    Were it the sea?
    I do not know
    Does she?
    What luck
    She does
    Know we’re stuck?
    No more?
    Much less

  8. KP

    Come over right now!
    It’s 2 in the morning!
    Are you awake?
    Can you drive?
    She can’t breathe!
    We’re going to the emergency room!
    We need you to watch the kids!
    She woke up and couldn’t breathe!
    I don’t know!
    We can’t leave!
    No, I’m driving!
    Come watch the kids!

  9. A.C. Leming

    Posted first on day 29, when I caught up from the weekend trip.

    Doctor’s Visit

    In here, Tina. I want to show her what she broke.
    Yes, it is. I called the orthopedist and he said THAT is what we’d put on you.
    Yeah, saves you money. There’s really no way to put a cast on it. It’s a baby break.
    That tiny bit of bone there.
    As far as your profession goes, no massage for at least two weeks. Ibuprofen and ice for pain.
    Any other questions?
    Call me if you need any meds.
    Have a nice day.

  10. AlaskanRC

    A Childs’ Fears

    What is it baby?
    I’ve told, he’s gone to training for now…
    Hey…baby why you crying.
    No’s not gone-gone.
    He’ll be back-please stop crying
    He will.
    and when he get’s back we’ll be together again.

    I seem to always be playing cath up lol. Here is my conversation poem that is based on a realistic conversation I continue to have with my daughter ever since my S.O. shipped to basic training.

  11. tim

    he never did go home again

    doing well, just kicking with the kids
    you back at mom’s
    good visit with grandma
    what did i do today
    brother, i took you to lunch
    we went to that noodle place
    (please remember)
    you had the terriyaki, then we went to grandmas
    the lunch was okay
    i know
    oh- screaming kid
    gotta go
    love you
    see you in the next couple days – yeah, if you don’t home.

  12. Carol A Stephen

    The Usual Conversation

    Hard day at work today.
    Did you feed the…?
    Did you eat the…?
    What’s up with that?
    Can I ask a question?
    Of course it’s important!
    No, it can’t wait till the commercial!
    Ok! Ok!
    Oh, so the commercial is on?
    Nah, I can’t remember now,
    but it was important!


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