April PAD Challenge: Day 27

After today, we’ll be just three days away from closing out this challenge. 3 days! We’re so very, very close. I know we can do it.

For today’s prompt, I want you to write a poem of longing. You or someone (or something) else should be pining for someone or something. Maybe a cat is longing to get outside the house. Maybe a teenager is longing to get away from his or her small town. And, of course, there’s always the longing poem of love.

Here’s my attempt for the day:

“The Librarian”

She stands beside a bookshelf over-
whelmed by so many exposed spines.
She creates stories she’d like to read
that haven’t been written. Then, she
struggles to get the words right.
Maybe tomorrow will be better, she
thinks. But she knows, she knows.
She knows yesterday is a prediction
for tomorrow. The clever and cute
boy who doesn’t let it get to his head
never appears beside her desk. Her
shirt forgets the body it’s holding
until she disappears behind her glasses,
a sweater and flower-print skirt.

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757 thoughts on “April PAD Challenge: Day 27

  1. Tara Hooper


    Longing to be intensely and unequivocally loved by a great man of valor

    Overcome with the thought of being mentally, spiritually, and physically connected to a man with such a kind spirit

    Never giving up hope that your knight awaits, you traveling to you as only he can

    Gazing into the eyes of suitors that come your way, hoping to see a connection down in their soul

    Ignoring the nay sayers to your finding love, never giving up hope for you are a hopeless romantic

    Needing a sign, a symbol, something to confirm that you’re moving in the right direction in search of love

    Going through life forever being optimistic of your pending love affair til death do you part

  2. Claudia Marie Clemente


    *amsterdam’s crying tower*

    this evening, passing the Oude Schans
    canal – its beacon: a tower
    at its far end by the bay

    with Rembrandt’s house –
    gutted by golden age creditors –
    at my back,

    and the Portuguese synagogue
    (somehow spared nazi fires),
    ahead, i pause, smell the salty air

    and turn back towards the water
    to stand at the fence over a lock
    by the tilting house cafe,

    as, from college, ballerinas
    emerge in a flock of mantis legs,
    fluttering in a group toward Nieuwmarkt;

    i realize – i left something behind –
    and turn, walking back, in their flow
    toward the castle on the square,

    where, the dancers disperse
    in flurries, and i pause
    at the base of another waterway

    dotted with red lights
    and consider a cylindrical
    polyp at the bottle-neck;

    this canal’s beacon:
    the "crying tower" –

    and now, i can almost hear
    all those sailors’ women wailing
    from their windows in the tower,

    waving, as their lovers recede –
    some to far-off fortune
    and some to massacre or shipwreck –

    and grow wistful;
    having journeyed overseas, too,

    but backwards
    – from new Amsterdam to old –
    part of me will always

    haunt that crying tower
    too – lusting after ships
    headed out to the open,

    longing to spin
    my captain’s wheel of life
    and take another turn,

    churning water
    toward that new world
    left behind.


  3. Poison

    Find her..

    Your warm sensuous figure, re-energizes my fatigued soul
    Distant angel soft whispers, sends delightful shivers up my spine
    Piercing diamond-like eye, releases silky passions that envelop
    Intoxicated just thinking of you, kicks up memorable storms within
    Flooding my whole-being breathless, yet.. feel total pleasure, no pain
    Oh! undeniable queen of my night skies, my ageless wonder
    Walk down from your lofty perch and be mine, just for tonight!

  4. JL Smither


    Too much to ask for one honest broker?
    One person we can just rely on to look
    out for us instead of always scrimping
    and arguing and cheating
    over the smallest amount of money?
    Not in this real estate market,
    not in any, I’d guess.

  5. Dione

    All this I yearn for –
    to be the dawn of your days,
    the stars of your nights.
    The breeze playing on your skin,
    the sunlight ,after indoors.

  6. Angie Bell

    I Want to Go There

    Is there really a place like Cheers
    Where everybody knows your name?
    With neighbors like Lucy and Ricky, or Paul and Jamie, or the Huxtables?
    I want to go there
    I want to live in Stars Hollow and eat at Luke’s Diner
    I want to borrow Mrs. Cleaver’s pearls
    and talk into a shoe phone like Maxwell Smart
    It would be great to hang out with Potsie, Ralph, and Richie
    or discuss politics with Alex Keaton.
    Oh to party-party-party with the Seavers when Chrissy goes to bed,
    or do the Dance of Joy with Balki and Cousin Larry.
    Just like Kevin and Winnie, I’d get by with a little help from my friends.


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