April PAD Challenge: Day 20

We are now 20 days into the challenge! Woo-hoo! And spring has definitely sprung here in Ohio. It’s incredible. Since Thursday, I’ve been getting out every day and playing disc golf and trail hiking. As soon as I finish this prompt-poem thing-a-ma-gig, I’m gonna get back out there.

Now today’s prompt is one you’ve either been eagerly anticipating and wondering, “Where the heck is it,” all month, or it’s one you’ve been quietly noting hasn’t been prompted and crossing your fingers you can make it through the month without. But this kind of poem is what got me into writing poetry seriously. That’s right…

…today’s prompt is to write a Love poem with a capital “L” as in a loooooove poem. Think about wooing; think about being wooed; and then, write!

Here’s my poem for the day:

“This Morning”

-for Tammy F. Trendle

The birds chant awake the dandelions
and flowers. They raise the grass blades
from their winter nocturne. We are
foolish to want more, but we listen
to the birds and know: It is natural to
want, and things will always happen
as they should.


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180 thoughts on “April PAD Challenge: Day 20

  1. tim

    save the moonlight
    through the window
    spotlighting your face
    something stirs me awake
    finding you inches from me
    i’ve awakened to find you
    most every day now
    five years short of a score
    still captivated
    i whisper i love you into your dream
    then float away again into the night

  2. Lin Neiswender

    If I Had Only Known

    When I was young and didn’t know
    The price others paid to love me
    Blissful in my ignorance, a child
    With scraped knees and needing
    A kiss to make it better
    I never knew how many fears
    And tears you held back to do that

    And when I later overstepped my bounds
    In rebellious zeal, determined to resist
    Your wiser years, you let me trail out
    The long strand of love to almost its end
    But not quite, you knew it would stretch tight
    But bounce back again

    If I knew then what I know now,
    That your light would be dimmed and go out
    Before I had learned to appreciate all
    The ways you had loved me my whole life long
    If I had only known, I would have said
    More often than I did, the words to tell you
    How much your love had and has and will mean to me

    If I had only known

  3. Laurie Kolp

    Love is…

    Love is…
    a newborn baby,
    fresh and innocent,
    pure as water,
    crying, then content.

    Love is…
    a clasping hand,
    of a friend so true.
    Never letting go,
    no matter what you do.

    Love is…
    a wedding ring,
    round and never-ending,
    a promise through life,
    a kiss, endearing.

    Love is…
    a family
    together, a pact.
    A bond that can’t be broken,
    by this given fact.

    Love is..
    a gift from God,
    given from above
    so freely, like a string.
    flying with the dove.

    Love is…
    around us,
    wherever me go.
    It’s up to us to grab it,
    give it away,
    watch it grow.

  4. Charlene, Age 10


    Chocolate! Chocolate!
    Chocy chocy chocolate!
    I love chocolate to and fro!
    I love chocolate here we go!

    Chocolate! Chocolate!
    Chocy chocy chocolate!
    Perry is the besty!
    I love Perry!

    Perry the platypus!
    He’s a semi-aquatic,
    Egg-laying mammal of action!
    I love him so much!
    If I ever meet him,
    I’ll glomp him until he calls
    The police!

    The end!

  5. Kate

    Lust and Exhaustion are lovers,
    they stay up all night, every night
    it’s like being young again, only
    they are not. Lust drives to work
    in the early morning light, moon
    sharing the sky with the rising sun,
    too tired to see straight, thinking
    half of what I’m feeling isn’t love,
    it’s sheer exhaustion: The gritty eyes,
    the illusion of floating off the ground,
    the champagne bubbles in the chest.
    Back in her apartment, Exhaustion
    rolls over in her sleep, smiling.

  6. M. Schied


    Aching hearts
    Is that what love is?
    because that’s all I know
    I know my parents love me,
    and I them,
    but what about those gnawing pangs
    I get when I do something wrong
    What about the helplessness
    when I can’t help myself
    what about my inadequacy as a teacher
    why does the love not assuage those feelings?
    or is love simply a word for something
    we are supposed to feel
    and a word that is supposed to connect
    man to woman, father to daughter
    brother to sister
    person to person
    but really means nothing if no one says
    I love you

  7. Justin M. Howe

    Love Springs

    The spring breeze comes in through the open window
    It tussles your golden-red hair
    You stir, green eyes open
    They know me so well
    “What are you doing?” you ask, eyes smiling
    “Just watching.” I say
    “Stop it.”

    Just as Spring revives the Earth
    from the dead of winter
    Just as Flowers blossom in dirt
    of death and decay

    You breathe new life into the
    husk of my soul
    You give me new resolve

    You inspire me to do what I must
    to improve our life
    For you, for us, for our daughter,
    we build magic
    We invent miracles

    As the snow retreats from the mountain top,
    you restore my faith

    -Justin M. Howe

  8. Judy Roney

    I love him so much
    I’m glad he knows it
    as long as we are OK
    then my life expands
    with travel, people,
    excitement in the everyday
    hope for tomorrow.

  9. S.E. Ingraham

    Be Still My Heart

    I hold my breath
    And stop my heart
    At least its strongest beats
    And strain with all I am
    My love
    To hear you come to me.

    Fear not I’ve lost my senses
    I know you breathe no more
    But still, I feel, from time to time
    You are not gone from me
    In every shape or mood or form
    I feel you at my core.

    Opening my window just the slightest bit
    Your very soul sighed inside
    And settled in my arms
    And here your self, your essence
    Seems struggling to stay
    To touch me, nay, to hold me close
    To help me understand?

    Oh my love, my love
    You’re fading –I feel you leaving now
    But there’s a sense of such despair…
    Please, my heart, don’t go
    Stay, stay on – I beg of you
    I know not how to live
    And now it seems
    You’re caught somewhere
    Not knowing how to die.

    Oh, it aches
    You ask too much
    And I do not consent!
    But I will stand aside
    And trust, or allow at least as much
    That you are doing
    What you must
    But oh my heart,
    My dearest love,
    If this is not yet done
    Come here to me
    As need you to
    ‘Til your poor soul’s
    At ease
    And you can go alone
    And you can go


  10. Raven

    You Know Who You Are

    shower you with kisses
    soft blankets
    sweet perfumes
    dozens of pretty flowers
    sweets baked up
    just for you
    room on the bed
    room in the closet
    your very own shoe
    your very own corner
    love from all my heart
    now if you could learn
    to roll over

    by TK Kietero

  11. Darla Smith


    Always here as my friend and lover,
    Bringing much happiness to my life.
    Compassionate, trustworthy and loyal,
    Darling, you are all of those things.
    Every night my dreams are of you,
    Forevermore you shall be mine.
    Giving me all of your precious love,
    Has filled my life to completion.
    I never thought I’d be so happy,
    Just being held in your loving arms.
    Kisses that taste like fine wine,
    Lips that are sweet as pure honey.
    My love, you are so very perfect,
    No one will ever take your place.
    Only you have earned my full trust,
    Promises you never failed to keep.
    Quirky may be your actions at times,
    Romantic at heart you’ll always be.
    Sensual is your beautiful smile,
    Turning me on like no other ever has.
    Until the day that I first met you,
    Very few had penetrated my heart.
    Whenever you glance in my direction,
    X-ray vision you surely seem to have.
    You are the most amazing lover,
    Zestful energy you truly possess.

  12. Amanda Caldwell

    All right, I need to change this title, but it will stand in for now. 😉

    Why I love my baby daddy

    Your willingness to go further
    and your acceptance that I wouldn’t.
    Your pressure on my back
    for two entire days.
    Holing up with all three of us
    and ordering pizza.
    Holding my tubes and bottles
    as I learned to feed without.
    Being willing to let me
    feed him without you.
    Your clumsy fumblings to fasten
    diapers in the night.
    Your willingness to let me sleep
    five extra minutes.
    Bending to strap a wriggling sack
    into the car seat.
    Letting him handle scissors, cell phone,
    keys, and packing tape.
    Crafting absurdist verses
    to Old MacDonald.
    Finding me attractive
    despite everything.
    Commiserating with me about him,
    about our parents and others.
    Being in it with me
    like a team of two and three.
    Slinging thirty-four pounds
    over one shoulder
    and smiling.

  13. Bonnie

    When did our eyes meet
    our hands touch, our hearts unite
    When did you start loving me?

    Why did you notice me
    Out of all the girls you could have chosen
    Why me?

    Why was I so blessed
    To be the one that has been the one
    loved by you?

    Sometimes I lay awake beside you
    And watch you sleep
    And all I can do is thank God

    You have been my best friend, my lover,
    my protector;
    my refuge from a world of chaos.

    If for any reason my life should end
    I hope you know
    How truly happy you have made me.

    Thank you for giving me your love.

  14. k weber

    More Than This

    "What is love made of?
    Nobody knows
    What are you afraid of?
    Everyone knows
    It’s love
    It’s love"
    — Robyn Hitchcock, "So You Think You’re In Love"

    I want someone
    who wants me,

    Sliding fingers

    Making a mess
    of our lives
    and our kitchen, together

    I barely remember
    life inside
    the two-person bubble

    Because it once
    or twice burst, soapy,
    and stung my eye

    I want blood
    to the tip

    chests and sweat
    on a bed

    Walking ridiculous
    around the park
    with nervous knees

    Sitting too close
    and talking
    too much

    Someone with stories,
    a giant heart: I would
    soak you up like a sponge

    Someone who relieves
    every apology
    of my past

    I want something
    that is only ours; much better
    than this

  15. Sarah

    True Love
    To sit hand in hand
    with the man I adore
    each sunset
    a reminder
    that no matter how
    good or bad
    my day may have been
    it closes with
    as he kisses my fingers
    then pulls me close
    in his strong yet
    gentle embrace
    his eyes full of
    wanting as his lips
    melt with mine
    and our bodies
    as the sun says

  16. Jay Sizemore


    There’s a sensation
    so similar to drowning
    that maybe on another plane
    another you is tied to a piano
    on a beach in the middle
    of a rose colored hurricane,
    when just the accidental brush
    of her hand against yours
    sends your stomach reeling
    and the places buried so deep
    that you thought you’d never
    have to see them again
    start rising back to the surface
    like desert sands shifting
    in an emotional earthquake
    of longing and loneliness.

    These shattered pieces
    of failed attempts at connecting
    to other human spirits
    start collecting into a collage
    of the most vulnerable
    most fucking sincere materialization
    of the person
    you always wished to be
    but you never let him out
    because every time you try
    they just tear him to shreds
    for being so goddamn honest
    that it seems naïve,
    but you want to
    let him hold her hand,
    to feel
    like a blade of grass
    caressed by a sigh
    of summer winds
    to feel
    like a promise
    that deserves to be made.

  17. Yoli


    Love, oh love,
    There is something so mysterious.
    When it’s good you’re delirious;
    When it’s not you’re serious
    And you walk around furious.
    And yet, your curiosity
    Of what could be
    Keeps you open to the possibility
    Of that thing we cannot see.

  18. LBC

    Feel My Love

    Dance with me
    in the moonlight
    on a Caribbean beach
    barefoot in the sand
    to the song of a saxophone.
    Dance with me,
    whisper my name
    and feel my love.

  19. Vanessa O'Dwyer


    I release the dove
    Of my heart
    When I think of love.

    Essence of being,
    Which we do
    Find so agreeing.

    With dappled moonlight
    On the bed
    Bathing in delight.

    To share life anew
    Day by day
    Loving life with you.

  20. Carol A Stephen

    What Love Remembers

    A tangled garden
    with fear, anger, abandonment.
    Mourns the mortal state,
    left behind to grieve
    the cruel words, impatient anger.

    Love did not see the frailty,
    The worn and tired frame,
    Saw only the strong spirit
    Trying to outlast the failing form.
    And hoping against all hope
    That there was still time—
    Hope fails.

    Mistress of the garden,

    Love remembers
    its lasting bond,
    the shelter of love’s strength,
    waits for rebirth of hope,
    new life,
    new possibilities.
    An end of grief,
    and widow’s weeds.
    lives still with the fear of loss,
    Sees abandonment
    written on the face
    Of hesitation,
    In the cautious dance
    Of new relationships.

    Carol A Stephen

  21. TaunaLen

    I hear your voice in the whisper of wind
    feel your fingers on my skin
    wonder, if you’re thinking about me

    when I worry whether I have ‘it’ in me
    whether I can accomplish
    what I was made to do

    I remember that you believe in me
    you are fascinated by
    that passion that burns in my core

    you may not love words the way I do
    but you love that I do
    and you see that beauty in me

    I watch you watching me
    from the corner of my eye
    and I know that I know

    I will always love you
    I have always loved you
    and your love is all I need to know

    TLS, April 2008

  22. samantha altman

    When I Fell For You

    The first time we kissed,
    It brought magic to my eyes;
    Falling in love with you
    Was no big surprise.
    Gushing tears from the
    Loneliness I felt,
    But when I look in your eyes,
    You make my heart melt.
    Sadness now lifted, happiness embraced;
    The thought of your love could never be replaced.
    Never have I felt what I feel for you;
    You’ve made all my hopes and dreams
    Come true.
    I love you so much, you will never know;
    You make me smile when I feel low.
    This love is so deep, so pure, so new,
    I felt I could fly, when I fell for you.

  23. Mike Padg

    When endless strings untie our past
    unravel inward towards our souls,
    When we meet in a time devoid of law
    and your touch stops all but our beating hearts intertwine. Eternity lasts for seconds,
    weakness becomes our strength,
    the lust that found us becomes the love that binds us,
    and the mere seconds that separate us burns the strings that tie us
    …until eternity we meet again.

  24. Laural

    Flowering Love

    It’s not just that the birds
    Cannot stop singing for joy
    For sex, for freedom.
    It’s not just that the tulip tree
    Runs riot with green and orange
    And the azaleas blaze like coals
    Under the front windows.
    It’s not even that the dogwoods’
    Strata of white are flashing in the woods
    As we drive by.
    It’s you, your own dear pheromones
    I can’t resist. Let us
    Blaze with the azalea fire
    And flash white through the woods,
    Let our love set the clock
    To springtime forever.

  25. anne

    The Awakening

    I wake to the curve
    of a familiar hip,
    draped with a swath
    of modest sheet…
    nakedness reveals all
    and sometimes that is too much,
    in the morning light
    this baring of body and soul.
    And filtered through the
    blinds, horizontal punctuation marks
    of last night’s encounter
    are reminders of spent love.

    You turn,
    the sheet slips away
    and in the first rays of
    I know why I am here.

  26. Sarah

    To sit hand in hand
    with the man I adore
    each sunset
    a reminder
    that no matter how
    good or bad
    my day may have been
    it closes with
    as he kisses my fingers
    then pulls me close
    in his strong yet
    loving embrace
    his eyes full of
    wanting as his lips
    melt with mine
    and our bodies
    as the sun says


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