April PAD Challenge: Day 14

Important Note (please read): It appears most of the poems posted for Day 13’s prompt have been wiped out of the system. There are currently only 49 comments. This means you’ll need to re-paste your Day 13 poem into Day 13’s prompt. It appears everything is fine with the first 12 days of the challenge however. I apologize for this happening, but this kind of scenario is also why I advised saving a copy before the challenge began.


Today is Tuesday, which means two prompts.

First prompt: Write a love poem.

Second prompt: Write an anti-love poem.

Simple as that.

Here’s my attempt for the day:

“Both day and night”

I’ve been there once
or twice. Waiting
for water, our
hands clasp tightly.
The electric
flickers as we
make the bed sound
like a drum. You
don’t realize how
normal you are
until you want,
or how special
until you get.

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2 thoughts on “April PAD Challenge: Day 14

  1. Anders Bylund

    Guess we lost a few days of poems again, and I sure hope everyone saved copies. Next year I pledge to make offsite backups in my tracking tool, but this year, it’s every man, woman, or alien for him/her/itself.

    So, repost of my Day 14:

    Two Limericks: There And Back Again

    There once was a young man from Sweden
    Who married and then started breedin’
    Got two kids, by and by,
    Love like sweet apple pie:
    "Try that in the Garden of Eden!"

    He turned into a regular dude
    And his fantasies strayed to the lewd
    "I would tap that!" he’d sigh
    Over Faith, Hope, and Sky
    He’s still true — couldn’t get those girls nude.


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