April PAD Challenge: Day 13

Heart. There has been a lot of heart on display in your poems this month. I just wanted to get that out there and say, “Thank you.” It’s been a real pleasure this month to wonder how you’ll put life to each of my prompts, and y’all never let me down. And I think we’re synchronizing a bit.

For instance, Jay Sizemore sent me a message on Facebook late last night mentioning it would be really cool if I could put together a music-response prompt someday this month. I’m glad he thinks so, because…

Today’s prompt is to write a poem based off your response to a song. You get to pick the song, but I ask that you please indicate which song sparked the poem. You can do this by quoting a line or two from the song between the title and poem–as I’ve done a few times this month; or you can just put the song title and artist in parentheses after the poem.

I’m really interested in reading your poems for today’s prompt, but I’m just as interested in seeing which songs everyone chooses. As you may have noticed from some of my recent poems quoting songs by The Beatles, I’ve been listening to Abbey Road quite a bit lately, which is why today’s music-response poem is inspired by The Shins’ “Sleeping Lessons.”

“After April, there’s always May”

“So enlist every ounce of your bright blood and off with their heads.”
                              -the Shins, “Sleeping Lessons”

I wait for dandelions
and dream of seeds spreading
yellow through the grass.
There are reasons to forgive
invasion and the messing
up of perfection. Lawns
and lazy afternoons,
my thumb against stem,
want to break loose.


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195 thoughts on “April PAD Challenge: Day 13

  1. Tanja Cilia

    [Daniel – Elton John “I can see red tail-lights, heading for Spain… oh, I miss Daniel… Oh, I miss him so much” ]

    The Moon frowns and hides behind the clouds;
    She knows an Empty Nest is a sad place to be.
    A collection of forlorn thoughts darts across her mind.
    Dark shadows she casts on the earth below;
    The new adult packs her bags and tries to look mature.
    Inside, she’s still a little girl who needs her mom.
    But life has to go on; and opportunities must be grasped
    Before they flit away, never to return.
    Weird shapes ooze across the meadows;
    Reflections of clouds scudding across the night sky.
    The streetlight catches the windscreen of her car, and glistens doubly,
    As the branches of the maple dance to the chilly breeze.
    The lonely widow cries, and hugs her only daughter, remembering.
    She sees her husband in the face she strokes –
    Aquamarine eyes, flecked with gold…
    Feather reminiscences float surreptitiously
    Down Memory Lane and she, too, weeps.
    Go with God! she sobs, and wipes her eyes in her apron,
    Both knowing she did her best to nurture her in faith and love.
    She leaves, swallowed into the night.
    Despondent, like the Moon, the bereft mother weeps,
    And stands behind the window.
    The red tail-lights fade.
    She misses her grown-up-but-not-quite kid, already.

  2. Linda Hofke

    Day 13 prompt – Use a song as inspiration

    Here is a poem using one line from the song Good Morning by Lenny Kravitz.

    Java Joe

    She said she
    preferred her men
    like her coffee–
    hot, strong, and black.
    That he was indeed
    so we nicknamed him
    Java Joe, though
    he didn’t know.
    How she loved him.
    Every time he
    flashed his
    pearly whites
    it made her melt.
    And his body.
    She’d drink
    espresso all day
    so she could
    play with it
    all night.
    In the morning
    she’d lie there,
    her pale skin
    like cream
    against his dark
    mass of muscles,
    yearning for
    another taste
    of him,
    wanting to
    consume of him
    every day.
    Marriage thoughts
    were brewing
    in her mind
    until she
    he was having
    tea parties
    on the side.
    Now when she
    sees him
    she still thinks
    the coffee is hot,
    but the cream
    has gone sour.

    (the line from the song was the last: The coffee is hot but the cream is sour.)

  3. Laurie Kolp

    Beautiful Day

    U2 sings, "It’s a beautiful day"
    and, indeed, it is.
    Sun is shining,
    flowers blooming,
    birds chirping,
    bees buzzing,
    crickets singing,
    children out to play.

    You, too, can join them.
    Soak up the sun,
    smell the flowers,
    hear the birds,
    watch out for bees,
    sing with the crickets.
    Take a walk and
    enjoy this beautiful day.

  4. Karen Masteller

    "Time Won’t Let Me" The Outsiders

    I’d like to hold each one of you on my lap again.
    I’d like to curl my fingers around your baby-soft ones.
    I’d like to read bedtime stories again and play in-the-house hide
    and seek.
    But you’re all young adults now and time won’t let me.

    Grandma, I’d like to ask you more about your almost 100 years of
    Gran, I’d like to chat with you about your paintings.
    Grandpa, I’d like to discuss German and Latin and Greek with you.
    But you three are gone and time won’t let me.

    I’d like to run ten miles again like I once did.
    I’d love to get by on five or six hours of sleep like I used to.
    I’d prefer not to see all those greys and wrinkles.
    But I’ve grown older and time won’t let me.

  5. Raven

    To E, re Epiphany from Sweeney Todd

    coriander gravy
    flakes of toast
    larded crust
    there are all the people
    all around
    lying down
    we all deserve
    to die
    dripping blood
    in rictus grim
    given birth
    in assignation
    vengeance thine
    as all consumed
    none left to riddle
    or to ride
    the lies
    the lies

  6. Sarah

    Every moment of loving
    that we spend together
    one more memory
    I treasure
    tucked away in my heart
    and every storm
    that we weather
    knits our hearts
    close together
    ’till the first time
    and last
    become one.
    ( Bryan Adams ‘Please Forgive Me’ from the "So Far So Good" album)

  7. LindaTK

    If Only

    If only I had more time
    More money
    More experience
    More self-confidence
    More connections
    More choices
    More opportunities
    More intelligence
    More resilience
    More energy
    More friends
    More breaks
    More luck
    More help
    "Don’t let the sound of your own wheels drive you crazy."
    ("Take it Easy," by The Eagles)

  8. Bonnie

    When I Need You by Leo Sayer
    "When I need you I just close my eyes and I’m with you"

    Heading to the funeral home
    where my sister’s body lay
    My mind was on the task ahead
    as we traveled on the way

    The radio played quietly
    a song I’d never heard
    And the sound of its melody
    made me listen to every word

    The song echoed the emotions
    I was feeling deep within
    I needed to be with my sister,
    though I’d never see her again

    Now when I hear that ballad
    I am transported in my mind
    And I feel anew the emotions
    That I wish I could leave behind

  9. Lin Neiswender

    True Love Song

    You’ll Accompany Me – Bob Seeger
    "I feel it in my soul, it’s meant to be"

    Love has passed me in the night
    More than once
    It slipped away unclaimed
    But I have a hunch
    My heart still leaps
    When I hear that song
    Old rock’ n’ rollers can’t be wrong
    One day True Love will come along

  10. Lynn

    Still catching up…

    Lunatic Fringe by Red Rider

    I have fallen victim
    to the infite confusion
    that threatens everyone.

    The overwhelmng urge
    to withdraw completely
    has claimed another soul.

    It is waiting and watching,
    lurking and stalking…
    Run before it claims you too!

  11. Gail Sandonato

    Fire and Rain by James Taylor

    Long hours on the telephone,
    we talked about things to come,
    Content,until I suddenly
    found our dreams upon the ground.

    Bereft,I asked you why
    but no conscious plan this
    I turned and you were gone.
    It was just a good day to die.

  12. Lyn

    The LoDo Beat
    The bus rolled to a stop in the lower downtown
    doors opened to a reggae beat played
    against minor chords of Asian music
    Passengers feet caught the beat, heads bobbed
    The girl across from me texting with one hand
    while hanging onto the balance strap with the other
    looked out the window and commented
    "that’s creative recycling"
    She made me curious to look
    A boy had a collection of metal and plastic buckets
    in various sizes, attached by screws and bolts
    He drummed out the beat with wooden spoons
    An older man wearing a turban
    had the acoustic guitar case open between them
    ready, hoping, begging for tips
    The warning signal blinked, bus doors closed
    And we continued along the route
    their music following in our memories

  13. M Schied


    Laughing gulls serene in the background
    Lightly wheeling through the tepid air
    as a breeze reaches a finger to tickle my hair
    A low murmuring vibrato A
    fluid trickle of bubbling sound
    cascades over the strings
    Dialect of pizza and Pisa
    Calming sunsets paint my eyes
    as velvet longing pirouettes down my spine
    What was soothing
    now haunts a Tuscan duet
    Cymbalic waves juxtaposed with a drumming heart
    Echos of love swell, surge
    amass enveloping clouds of tranquility


    Languidness infuses eternity
    perpetually reincarnated
    gulls serenely wheeling through the air

  14. Sheryl Kay Oder

    The Easter Song

    “Hear the bells ringing, they’re singing you can be born again.
    Hear the bells ringing, they’re singing Christ is risen from the dead.’..

    Unbounded joy.

    At this Passover time
    I think of my Passover lamb.
    His shed blood was sprinkled
    on the doorposts of my heart.

    The Lord has promised
    He will pass over me
    and all who trust in Jesus,
    saving us from spiritual death.

    Jesus alone could raise
    Jairus’ daughter,
    the widow’s son,
    and one day, me.

    No wonder my heart sings
    when I think of this song.
    Hear the bells ringing;
    I’m singing…

  15. Robin Morris


    I wanted to play "I’ll be seeing you," at your memorial service, but the technology failed and I could only show the slides, which is just as well, because I don’t know if I could have listened to it–the Billie Holliday version, of course, since you had been her fan and I think even saw her once–without breaking down. You were right about the music, Dad, they just don’t write songs like that anymore, songs that can express the longings of millions who are losing their loved ones for a dream of a better world, a world without tyrants sending ordinary folks to gas chambers. You did your part then and now I will be seeing you. Though you are gone for over nine months you appear in my dreams, in different guises: a dapper 83 year old, a bewildered 89. When you appeared last night, I wondered how I’d tell everyone who had come to your funeral that it had been premature. Three dreams now, perhaps the task is done and we can rest.

  16. Lauren Wayne


    "Could you wear something that celebrates everything you love, and maybe what your family hates, ’cause that might be what it takes." — "Your Fire, Your Soul," Dar Williams

    [written in my husband’s voice]

    It always coincides with birthdays,
    this desire to tag my skin
    with a mark that says,
    Look at me, I’m different from you,
    and maybe a little bit younger.

    Growing up, you told your sons
    they’d be disinherited
    for earrings, but didn’t say a word
    about eyebrows or noses.
    The thing is, I’m past the age
    of worrying over inheritance,
    because I’m past the age
    of thinking you’re rich
    just because you’re my dad.

    There’s a lot I don’t want to inherit
    from you, along with your debts
    and mortgage and bric-a-brac
    pack-rattery. I’m staking
    a claim here, with this pick
    through my face — that I disinherit

  17. Justin M. Howe

    Concerns of the Day

    “Que Sera, Sera,
    Whatever will be, will be
    The future’s not ours, to see
    Que Sera, Sera
    What will be, will be.”
    -Doris Day

    The concerns of the day quickly take hold
    Becoming concerns for the future

    We can only live one day at a time
    But we force ourselves to look to the future

    Try to forget the past
    Try to press on

    Daily routines are forgotten to
    plan, to
    make arrangements, to
    wrap yourself in
    a better life
    a better world


    Life has a funny way of taking the reigns
    Steering you off course
    Sometimes for better
    Sometimes for worse

    But always


    For the way it has to be.

    -Justin M. Howe

  18. AlaskanRC

    Alyssa Lies by Jason Michael Caroll

    Childhood should be
    full of laughter,
    play and love.
    Yet for some this is but
    a fairytale.

    Bruises and scars
    are hidden from view.
    She knows not
    who to trust and if
    she’ll be believed.
    It’s hard to gather
    trust or faith
    when she’s only been
    shown the back of a hand
    or worse.

    Doubts and fear
    are as binding as
    the abuse.
    Some endure
    and live forever
    physically and internally scarred.
    Over time healing
    can occure but some scars
    never truely fade.

    God bless, the others.
    Angles handed their
    wings long before their time.
    No longer do they hide,
    tears flow no more,
    as they turn their faces to the
    light and are welcomed
    into a loving embrace.

  19. Kate


    “The constellation of my sisters and brothers spreading out into the darkness”
    Be Good Tanyas “Ootischenia”

    Sometimes when I’m driving another woman looks out from my eyes. I used to fantasize that she was my twin, separated from me when I was adopted. I felt her presence first when I was just a child, riding in the country in my parents car. Everything shifts, the familiar becomes strange, I’m seeing what she is seeing, someplace far from here. And it feels like she’s seeing what I see and my familiar haunts are alien to her. I’m a city girl, she’s country wild. She lives in a green place, halfway up a mountain. At night her dreams bleed into mine, together we drive dark roads winding through the hills, rain-slick in the headlights.

    Music conjures her up: banjos, fiddles, mandolins, anything with a jumpy circular tune, a foot-tapping, get up and dance beat. I don’t know her name but for the length of a song her heart beats an off-rhyme in my chest, and I swim in strange desires, the rhythm of her energy pumping through my veins. For a moment my insides stretch too big for my body, my soul doubling, busting at the seams, my hands beating time on the wheel. I’m edgy with restlessness for what I don’t really know. I’ve tried to hold onto that feeling, to get more than a fleeting glimpse of her life, it’s like movement in my peripheral vision, gone when I turn to look.

  20. priya

    A Day Without Rain – Enya

    Not a cloud in the sky
    But even so, life lives
    On, without its Giver,
    Waiting for the day when
    All can finally and
    Very simply lift their
    Faces to the skies, hands
    Outstretched with welcome for
    The cold, soft tears shed by
    Clouds that fade away once
    Their sacrifice is made
    And felt by those who will
    Appreciate it.

  21. Crystal Cameron

    Inspired by The Joker by the Steve Miller Band (not the joker of kateri’s poems hehe)

    Cause’ I’m a picker,
    picking pears at dusk
    and selling them at roadside markets,
    constantly wiping away the dust they gather.
    I’m a grinner
    in the tops of trees,
    scattered like light beams
    on a trimmed lawn in spring.
    I’m a lover
    of polished pebbles
    and erosion, of white hot licks
    of ocean,
    and I’m a sinner:
    I’ve pulled the wings off butterflies,
    glued them on to rocks and set them in the sun,
    I waited for flowers to bloom.
    I play my music in the sun,
    too. A small song blown out
    across the mouths of glass bottles,
    wetting the long brown necks
    with my tears.
    Because the flowers never grew,
    rocks never flew.
    I’m a joker,
    I never meant to hurt
    those goddamned bugs.
    Now their twitching, wingless, haunts me.
    I’m a smoker
    of incense and peyote,
    of candle wicks beneath an arbor
    of pale moon mist.
    I’m a midnight toker,
    if you can tell me what that means.
    Sit down beside me, drink from cold
    green jars, amber liquid. Sometimes clear
    depending on the season.
    I sure don’t want to hurt no one,
    with the snaking thoughts
    of my ambition.

  22. Kimberlee Thompson

    “You’re the kind of girl who fits in with my world…”
    Bike, Pink Floyd

    You can have paints and pots and jokes
    I can wear capes and faces and tropes
    We can arrive at quarter to none
    and dance at a ball to which only mice come.
    Our pianos will have strings but no hammers.
    Even if we don’t match all the way around
    we can sit on church walls and set up a howl
    find dogs and teach them which way to growl
    borrow the moon and bring it
    to the bank on loan
    oh yes I think we can
    make it work.

  23. jane

    Oh my! Since music is my muse, I thought this would be easy, but I found it extremely difficult. The lyrics of the songs I love speak to me in such a way that I get stuck there. I could give you a song lyric for every 15 minute period of my day. In fact, I wake up with song lyrics in my head. Maybe they speak so I don’t have to, but this was hard – so hard, that I made myself do two. Tomorrow, I’ll want to take them both back but for now…

    "Nightswimming deserves a quiet night…"

    Leave work early.
    Take the afternoon off.
    Enjoy your wife.
    Laugh with your daughter.
    Call your brother.
    Dance in the kitchen.
    Sing in the car.
    Get rid of the anger.
    Don’t dwell on the pain.
    Fill yourself with love.
    Live in the moment.
    Live in the moment.
    Don’t waste a second.
    Not a second.

    "These things, they go away,
    replaced by everyday…"

    "Nightswimming" by R.E.M.

    * * * * * * * * * * * *

    "I keep on livin’,
    to keep from cryin’.
    I keep on dreamin’,
    to keep from dyin’…"

    When hope is gone
    Find hope
    When love is gone
    Find love
    When dreams are gone
    Dare to dream
    When life is gone
    Live on

    "You get right down to the bottom of the
    barrel and float back on top."

    "Bottom of the Barrel" by Amos Lee

    * * * * * * * * * * * *

  24. Lorien Vidal

    Control (Poe)
    "Don’t you mess with a little girl’s dreams cause she’s liable to grow up mean…"

    Amazing the length of my arm you were allowed to take
    When I wasn’t more than a mat
    All that yelling did good for my next one, though
    You squeezed the boundaries of what I was and could be
    In so tight as to choke
    So I broke

    Wish you could see how much better I am
    Without you

  25. Lydia

    Fly Me To The Moon

    I dream of having time alone with you,
    away from life’s hustle bustle in a private place.
    Times shared with you are always special,
    as if we are playing among the stars.
    Though we don’t meet often,
    we stay honest and true with each other.
    I adore you more than any other man in this world.
    You take me away to a place out of this world,
    for when I am with you, everyone else disappears.
    In other words, darling, I am true.
    In other words, I love you.

  26. Khara House

    I have always told myself I was going to write a song set to Claude Debussy’s Clair de Lune … This prompt let me do it. True, in a rush; true, not my favorite, or my best … but at least I’ve done what I’ve always said I’d do …


    The moonlight you compose
    Sets my feet moving ‘cross a field
    And my heart dancing on a breeze
    Something inside
    Starts now to wander on the seas, setting me free

    The crescent moon above
    My heart can dance in satin shoes and
    The dark seasons of the sky are
    Making me whole, setting my once bounded soul free
    Gasping, now grasping your sweet and ancient song

    I can hear you now whisper soft secrets, love
    I can feel your lost lingering spirit move
    And when you compose your melody upon moist blades
    Of crabgrass I hear

    Love, I hear love
    Pouring out of your sweet melodious sonnet
    Rain from the stars
    Voice of angels singing to my soul— In my soul
    Hear the music of the moonlight
    Stars … see the stars
    Dancing to your sweet song of the moonlight and now
    Even now
    I can feel your touch and
    Still feel you move and

    Now, even now— If you call to me

    The moonlight hears your call
    And I will follow on a dream
    And I will find you sojourning
    Under the storm
    If I could touch your waning face
    Here in my hands

    I long for memories
    I steal your melodies and
    Keep you here and
    Always near and
    Wait for moonlight … Moonlight … Moonlight … Moonlight … Moon … Light

  27. SaraV

    Eight Days a Week
    "Hold me, love me, hold me, love me, ain’t got nothing but love babe, eight days a week"

    My feet start moving on the intro
    Whether I’m at home or on the go
    I can’t sit still when my radio
    Blasts out the tune that I love so
    Eight days a week, a spatial anomoly
    Eight days a week, more time for you and me
    It’s just a simple song
    So easy to sing along
    But it touches me every time
    That’s why I wrote this rhyme

    Comment–love all the poems and writing one every day. Love how much Simon and Garfunkel there are because they were amazing poets. Congratulations to everyone who has long-lived love–my husband and I will be celebrating 20 years this May–and we’re both huge Beatle fans–can you tell? 😉

  28. Yoli


    "Turn me, on never stop. Wanna taste every drop."
    -‘Insatiable’ by Darren Hayes

    The quiet evening.
    Moon shining brightly casts a glow,
    Gently illuminating the night,
    Caressing our skin with pale blue light.
    The silky softness of skin against skin carries us away on an intimate breeze,
    Higher and higher into the night sky,
    Through the clouds,
    Amongst the stars,
    Where we light up our own heaven,
    Creating our own universe.
    You and I soar in the heat of our embrace,
    Leaving the world far below.
    Suddenly the world explodes into brilliant color and tenderly we kiss.
    Like slumber we fall to our surroundings,
    But not to sleep.
    Can’t close my eyes when I’m with you.
    There’s too much more we can do.
    So much more for me and you.
    As the moonlight creeps through the window
    Steadily across the room,
    So still we lie.
    Tangled together every breath I take is yours,
    And as I listen to our hearts beat in tune,
    It’s not sleep that invades my thoughts,
    Initiating a warm rush that colors my skin as your lips carelessly brush my forehead.
    Fingertips trace aimless patterns across bare flesh…
    Toes slink along the length of a leg,
    Tickling an ankle…
    A thigh brushes against a naked belly…
    Fingers twist and tangle in hair…
    Your lips reach down to taste mine…
    Closing my eyes,
    We begin to drift…

  29. Darla Smith

    Can’t Breathe (No Air by Jordan Sparks & Chris Brown)

    I can’t breathe without your love,
    my whole world is falling apart.
    The minute you walked out the door,
    you left me with a broken heart.

    The day that you told me goodbye,
    was the day you took my air away.
    Please, return to me, my love,
    I’m missing you more every day.

  30. ck

    (Day 13 post)


    “Smile though your heart is aching.
    Smile even though it’s breaking.”
    –as sung by Jimmy Durante

    It could have been his theme song,
    My father’s,
    To smile even though your heart is aching
    And breaking, and crying and sighing.

    His heart did break, from illness,
    Irreparable cardio-pulmonary breakage.
    And still he smiled.

    On a day I thought for sure
    he could only be dead
    His eyes miraculously opened
    And he faintly implied,
    the slightest tug at his lips,
    “How are you?”

    He had the smile that’s in Durante’s voice.
    He smiled though he felt like crying,
    Smiled even though he was dying.

  31. Maureen

    ‘Saltwater’ by Julian Lennon
    “What will I think of me the day that I die? Saltwater wells in my eyes.”

    The Day That I Die

    What will I think of me that day
    when my life flashes before me?

    Perhaps that day
    I will think about all the injustices in the world,
    the wars, cruelty, atrocities
    and think – I didn’t do enough.

    Maybe I will look at how sick the Earth is
    forests destroyed, climate change, polluted oceans and skies
    and think – I didn’t do enough.

    Or I will look at my children
    what they have suffered, and the problems they have now
    and think – I didn’t do enough.

    I will think – I wish I had done better … more …
    but perhaps that day
    I will know that my life, just like the universe
    was ‘unfolding just as it should’.

    Today I am alive
    the sun is shining, birds are singing
    there is love around me, I will do what I can
    and know that I am okay.

    Maureen – from the land downunder
    I’m trying really hard to catch up!

  32. Nathan Everett

    "Go ahead with your own life leave me alone"
    (Billy Joel–My Life)

    It wasn’t my first affair, but it was my first divorce.
    Fall of 1978.
    I was driving down the highway from my disastrous job
    With Billy Joel filling my head
    When that old American Motors Eagle caught fire.
    I grabbed a blanket from the backseat
    (you can imagine why that was there),
    jumped out of the car and opened the hood.
    Flames were all over the engine.
    I just started beating them with the blanket yelling
    "I don’t care what you say anymore this is my life!"
    The flames died.
    I started the car and drove on home
    for the last time.
    The flames were dead.

  33. Charlene P. Age 10

    Great job, people! Hey, Robert, I was waiting for this. I know just what song to do…

    "We Didn’t Start The Fire"
    [i]Harry Truman, Doris Day, Red China, Johnny Ray,[/i]
    History, such a great thing. TITANIC! DUN DUN DUUUN!
    [i]Studebaker, Television, North Korea, South Korea,[/i]
    T.V. is the best thing in the world! I’m glad they invented it.
    [i]We didn’t start the fire! It was always burning since the world’s been turning,[/i]
    Yeah, I get it, life is tough
    But humans weren’t the cause.
    Other things before us were!
    [i]Mickey Mantle, Kerouac, Sputnik,[/i]
    Huh? Who’s Mickey Mantle? What’s a Kerouac? And what the heck is a Sputnik?
    [i]Children of Thalidomide![/i]
    Missing limbs! NUUUUUUUU!
    Greeeeat. Stupid pills that are wrong.
    [i]JFK, blown away, What else do I have to say?![/i]
    We didn’t start the fi-ah! It was allllways buuuuurnin since the world’s been tuuuuurnin!
    [i]Birth control, Ho-Chi Mihn, Richard Nixon back again, Moonshot, Woodstock,[/i]
    Richard Nixon? Oh, he was President of these United States once! Moonshot is when we tried to get to the moon! One small step for man, one giant leap for–UMPH! *muffled* Mankind….ow…
    [i]Hypodermics on the shores, China’s under Martial Law, Rock ‘n Roller Cola Wars, I can’t take it anymore! We didn’t start the fire,[/i]
    It was always buuuuurnin since the world’s been tuuurnin! We didn’t start the fi-ah! But when we are gone, will it still buurn on and on and on…..

    ("We Didn’t Start The Fire" by Billy Joel)
    P.S. I really DO know what Sputnick is. It’s a Russian spaceship!

  34. Janice Neaveill

    Secret Agent Man or
    Why I Want to Be a Spy

    Costumes. I want green contacts.
    I want to wear a wig. I want
    to sneak around inside
    another body. I want to paint
    my face another skin tone and thin
    out my lips with makeup. I want to
    blend sometimes.

    A coat, large, conceals;
    I want my body to represent the slick
    beautiful inside of my soul.
    I want my body for what it can do
    not what it looks like. I want to karate.
    I want to hide. Crawl on my stomach
    in the thick grasses. I want to geisha.
    I want to paint my ideal self
    and pretend I’m pretending.
    The mask I’m wearing is now
    Inside this thick skin
    of body. I wear my weight like
    a prosthetic. If I take it off
    my lacking parts will show.

  35. Corinne

    The Needle and the Damage Done (Neil Young)

    And really it is a miracle
    in and of itself that
    we stumble through at all, but

    if I close my eyes and drop into my heart
    it is, after all, each one, every one
    that makes up the liquid that
    is released into the vein when I plunge the needle.

    You, and the lack of you, are the damage,
    that longing without remedy except
    to love and be loved.


  36. Cari

    Amazed by Lonestar

    this was my wedding song. my husband and i will celebrate our second anniversary april 29.

    Our first dance as husband and wife.
    We circle the shiny wood floor,
    your arms around my waist, holding me tight.

    Four minutes alone, all eyes on us,
    our eyes on each other.
    "I can hear your thoughts, I can see your dreams."

    My twirling white dress engulfed in your strong arms.
    Our young faces glowing with love, excitement, and happiness.

    I fall into your kiss, the applauds fade into the corner of my mind.
    "I’m amazed by you"
    My love, my heart
    Our love, our hearts.
    I love you.

  37. Jolanta Laurinaitis

    I found this one really hard to do as I love all kinds of music, so just to pick one was a massive task! So i also decided to write a little something about my relationship with music as well. ENJOY! 🙂

    "gabriel" – Lamb

    "i can fly
    but I want his wings
    i can shine even in the darkness
    but I crave the light that he brings
    revel in the songs that he sings
    my angel gabriel"

    I can fly
    To places unknown
    With strength given
    by a song thats been sung
    I have my wings
    That I escape with
    Escape this world
    To see better thoughts
    I close my eyes
    And I’m floating away
    I soar above the clouds
    And naught can reach me
    My Angel watches me
    As I revel in its love
    And sing with my heart
    To cease all time
    I breathe a bit slower
    and faster at the same time
    I rest my eyes
    And enjoy this life
    Though Gabriel lifts me
    I must return to earth
    When the song is sung
    And the record turns off.


    My passion
    My life
    My one true love
    You have never lied
    You have only spoken truths
    You share your thoughts
    You don’t judge my trials
    You are there to wipe the tears
    You are there to share my love
    I fear you at times
    For the emotions you instill
    Can be too painful,
    Too real
    Too much for me to feel.
    But Music, my love,
    My one and only true adoration
    I would be nothing without you
    I would be nothing without you.

  38. Emily Blakely

    Sorry I’m a day late! Here goes:

    Sky above, blue and dotted with clouds
    seems too big to comprehend
    and nearly needs a larger word
    than Spacious

    Farm land stretching for miles
    filled with grains
    amber, and ready to harvest
    send a sweet perfume

    Mountains stretch to heights
    great and majestic
    painted deep purple
    crown America…so beautiful

  39. Rodney C. Walmer

    The way my shower behaves

    I can turn it on when I want to
    and though,
    it runs hot and cold
    I control that also
    it’s not so old
    so, I can move the head
    where I want to water to flow
    you’d think I’d enjoy my shower
    all of that great water, still,
    I can’t use it all the time
    There’s the water bill
    And just like the shower
    the bill is all mine. . .

    ©Rodney C. Walmer Prompt #14. Thought I would write about an inanimate object.

  40. Tonya Root

    Don’t Speak

    "I really feel I’m losing my best friend, I can’t believe this could be the end."
    – No Doubt, "Don’t Speak"

    Three kids in a car turn the song up.
    No one speaks as the song commands.
    Silence is the order of the day.

    Inseperable friends these three
    have been during this most influential
    time of life. Now the boy is leaving

    the girls behind. The song says don’t speak.
    All are dumb. They can’t imagine ten years
    from now they won’t have spoken in ten years.

  41. Jay Sizemore

    Sorry this is late. I had to work late last night, and after work just felt like drinking and watching John Carpenter’s The Thing. But here is my attempt at this. I did a stream of consciousness sort of thing while listening to NIN Ghosts. This is just my interpretation of disc one, Ghosts I and II, with another to follow of disc two. The music is so awesome, it takes your mind many places.

    Ghost planet I

    Sunlight ripples reflected in waves
    blowing across the pond,
    he walks alone
    picking up leaves
    his face a stone
    and his hands like chalk
    drawing lines in the dirt
    to find his way back home
    but there’s an alarm
    quietly sounding

    tension builds like static
    a humming thousands
    of insects’ wings
    and a breeze tosses the barley
    like a blonde girl’s hair
    everything is so enchanting
    a haunting image
    burning into the negative
    of a photo destined
    to be lost

    an army of stealth assassins
    are beginning their march,
    sharpening their blades
    on the bones of the past,
    feet splashing through blood
    and mud and tears
    eyes as dark and cruel
    as the empty black of a new moon
    dragging behind them
    a giant coffin
    of rusted hinges

    the record skips
    and skips
    and skips
    at the end of sound,
    the needle out of the groove
    with no one to reset it
    there are two white shapes
    walking like sheets
    through floating petals

    he examines every vein
    and stacks what he finds
    in uneven piles precarious
    drops of rain
    in a pattern
    dropping into a jar
    dink, di-di-dink-dunk, di-dunk, dink
    but the jar is always empty
    so the echo is the same
    a natural music to soothe
    the lonely scientist
    counting leaves

    underfoot, in the jungle
    of grass and dirt and cobweb
    a new language is speaking
    through the mandibles
    of crickets and the fangs
    drinking the blood of flies
    to fill the bodies of spider babies
    the masses of ants
    and mites moving in lines
    in and out of cracks
    carrying food
    worshipping the gods

    the giants’ feet
    of zombies in synch
    moving to the beat
    teeth gnashing
    fingers clawing and clenching
    the steering wheel
    driving to and from work
    driving to the grave
    eating the flesh,
    wiping the blood from the chin
    using the shirt sleeves

    she is alone
    at the window
    in a white gown,
    her dark hair is long
    and her fingers comb it
    like she is waiting,
    the boards of the floor
    collect her footsteps and tears
    everything else is ancient, gray
    falling apart around her

    the guns sound
    the hands clap
    this is the beginning
    of the end of time
    a butterfly fluttering
    through a war zone
    giant machines and gears
    thrumming, pounding steel
    into the ground with iron fists
    windshield wipers squeak
    across the glass
    and no one sees
    the reaper

    clouds stack upon clouds
    growing darker and looming
    before the wind
    but in the distance
    there is thunder
    and a man standing on a ledge
    his hair floating
    in and out of his eyes
    that stare out toward
    everything and nothing

    he’s falling now
    in a slow motion salute
    to the breeze
    when he hits the ground
    he explodes
    into a million birds
    that scatter like pennies
    in all directions
    taking wing

    the seconds tick
    on the clock in the room
    light sneaking in through blinds
    gathering the dust
    the empty bed, blankets destroyed
    the empty chair, jacket crumpled
    shoes and papers strewn
    with clothes in the floor
    and piles of books and music
    there is a faint heartbeat
    a faint whisper
    of the person
    that once was here
    but is no more
    a quiet breath
    a ghost asleep

    in the hive
    the bees work
    and build their little world
    every movement a signal
    and design
    in octagonal architecture
    honey dripping
    into the bear’s mouth
    pollinating the flowers
    and giving the planet its oranges
    feeding the queen

    he opens all the cabinets
    and screams
    there is no medicine
    there is no medicine
    he is losing it
    here in this tiny room
    filled with garbage and sweat
    the voices are starting
    to interrupt
    his wanting

    robots and computers
    LED lights fluctuate
    scroll, illuminate hallways
    the distant synthetic voice
    of the mainframe
    coordinates all things
    an assembly line
    of sparks and wires
    creating the next generation
    bow down
    before the hastening
    of destruction

    but from the floor
    of this pitch black cave
    the cool rock and water
    soothing my skin
    my eyes have adjusted
    and I can see just a glimmer
    of hope
    that sounds like rain

    a million miles up
    in the ions of the atmosphere
    someone stands like the rising
    tide of suns
    before an army of stars
    all of the fallen
    all of the haunted
    singing the whale song
    of sorrow passing,
    gather in pools of light
    and disperse like sperm
    fertilizing the universe.

  42. Judy Roney

    He Ain’t Heavy, He’s My Brother

    “The road is long
    With many a winding turn
    That leads us to who knows where
    Who knows when
    But I’m strong
    Strong enough to carry him
    He ain’t heavy, he’s my brother”
    – The Hollies (and thousands of other artists)

    He’s a Maverick man (the smokes of his choice)due to
    circumstances that brought him to my back patio table in
    Florida. His road went from ownership to burning all his
    bridges. He then begins his dream life, prospecting in
    Nevada in a vein of gold he knew would strike it rich
    but not for him, not now. He works his claim
    for two years and I have a sample before me as I type
    of quartz infused with fool’s gold and other minerals.
    He worked it until he got sick and ran out of money and
    had to call home for help. I’m in trouble Sis, he says
    in a voice I’m not used to hearing, one of disbelief and
    fear. I sent him money to get here. He came home
    where family and friends gather round on his last days before
    the lung cancer shuts off his life in a slow dissolve on the
    screen and I hate that this man who was my protector all
    those years is now a beaten man at fifty-nine. I am his
    caretaker now. I clean up his messes and wipe his brow.
    I’ll have a chance to pay him back for those years he watched
    over me when we were young and he‘s all I had between me
    and a predator world.

  43. Sarah

    Oops. I posted my little intro and the lines from the song, and then I forgot to post the actual poem. Here it is:

    So Cruel

    He shook my hand,
    and it felt like the first time.
    Intoxicated by his social ease,
    his laidback ways, I fell
    into the same camouflaged hole
    where others had gone before me.
    But I didn’t see it coming.
    I missed the trap’s carefully arranged covering,
    ignored the puddles at the bottom
    where dirt had mixed with tears,
    pretended not to see the finger marks
    where my unfortunate compatriots
    finally saw him for what he was–
    flawed–and scrabbled out of the pit.
    I should have known.
    That same well, that trap,
    was in his blue eyes
    when he shook my hand.


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