April PAD Challenge: Day 11

Today’s high temperature is supposed to be in the mid-70s, which is soooo great. The next 3 days are projected in the mid-40s: Say what?!? Gotta love Ohio in spring.


The prompt for today is to describe something–only one thing–that is either very interesting to you or something you think is often overlooked and taken for granted. I’m thinking inanimate objects here, but I’m not going to restrict you to that. (Btw, I’m totally wondering what object Kateri Woody is going to describe–yes, I’ve been paying attention to all those Joker-slanted poems.)

Here’s my poem for the day:


-for Nancy Breen

Gold string attached to the top and bottom–
one to hold the tiny bell, the other to hold
everything up–it has blue wings, an angel
hugging a rose, words in the background.
Whenever it moves, the whole thing rings.


The co-founder of this blog, Nancy Breen, makes these wonderful Christmas ornaments every Holiday season. Knowing that my favorite movie is “It’s a Wonderful Life,” Nancy made the ornament described above–a tribute to one of the most touching elements of the movie that “Every time a bell rings, an angel gets his wings.”

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180 thoughts on “April PAD Challenge: Day 11

  1. Carol Bachofner

    NOTE: all the "…because" parts are supposed to be in italics but those don’t seem to post as such here.

    Birthday Vase
    for my daughters

    Four kinds of pale blue ribbon, one kind
    for each of you, attached to four
    kinds of blue paper strips, one kind
    for each of you. I turn sixty
    and this is my present: fifteen messages
    from each of you blooming in a heavy glass vase
    that cost way too much to mail
    from California to Maine. I love you
    because and sixty reasons. I can pull one
    each day or read them all at once if I’m down
    and missing you too much.

    … because you made my purple square
    dance skirt in sixth grade,
    … because you made the fluffiest
    scrambled eggs,
    … because you paid pennies to watch
    our neighborhood productions,
    … because you sing out loud to the radio,

    Four kinds of pale blue ribbon, tied
    to four kinds of blue paper strips, four daughters
    who surprise me with the things they remember
    from a very ordinary childhood, some I’d forgotten
    and then this:

    … because you gave birth to me when you didn’t have to
    … because you taught me how to love and be loved
    … because you were strong and stood up for yourself
    … because you taught me how to be a good mother.

  2. Tanja Cilia

    Bad Hair Day

    Worms of worry
    Drain my brain
    Cyclops mirror steals my sleep

    Stifling synapses
    Throttling thoughts
    And smiting ideas

    Whirligigs though my mind
    Shattered dreams and injured pride
    I was taken for a ride… they lied.

    Helpless sadness
    Hapless madness
    Overwhelming tide; hurt pride.

    Black tomorrows
    Untold sorrows.

    Feeling weird
    No one cheered; they all jeered
    And sneered.

    Unfulfilled pledge…
    What “cutting edge”?

    Replayed scenes
    Crumbling castles in the air

    Why did I not leave well, alone?

    Sad emotions
    Darkest notions
    Creating doubt and fear…

    I hate my green Mohican.

  3. S.E. Ingraham

    Even as long overdue as this poem is, I had trouble letting it go. I think because the play on words is maybe so corny…also, I consider rhyming poems (along with haikus, and sestinas it turns out)to be amongst my greatest weaknesses. It’s just that this very ordinary, useful part of our house is often taken for granted and just as often over looked, but with astonishing regularity commented upon because, my oh my… Nevahmind. Here it is finally. Sharon I.

    My How She Draws

    For much of the year
    She sits stately, serene
    Unused and un-needed is she
    Her mantle forbearing,
    is heavily loaded
    with memories and seasonals,
    entrusted and weighted,
    it is as it always must be

    But come the damp chill of
    Autumnal evenings
    When the furnace kicks in
    Like a debt
    And you’ve lost count of the
    Throws that you’ve thrown over you
    and the ice in your bones seems hard-set.

    Pick just a few sticks of kindling
    Crumple up today’s headlines
    And for God’s sake
    Don’t forget the darn flue
    Then strike hard the match
    And have ready a log
    You’ll be amazed to see what she can do

    She’s magic, is she, this greedy old gal
    And a heartier blaze you’ll not find
    As if she’s been starving,
    she gulps at the flames
    Each and every time
    They crackle and dance,
    as they eat up the wood
    Turning birch, elm and oak into ash
    And lucky for us, they throw off a great heat
    In less time than seems a mere flash

    As long as one just keeps on feeding her
    Our three decades old fireplace burns
    All day and all night, I’ve not seen her like
    She’s easy to start, easier still to keep going
    Like a workhorse with ethics of old
    And when she goes out, the chill in the room
    Feels inevitably doubly cold

    Still, if by some chance, too soon she burns low
    To restart her is not a big deal
    No bellows required; gently puff on her coals
    And quick as a pulse, she’ll re-spark to life
    And before you can doubt what you see
    She’ll be bursting with flame and glowing with cause
    But again, I must caution you, have ready your logs
    Because I can’t help it, there’s no way around it
    My oh my, how she draws.


  4. mjdills

    My Book Shelf

    An accumulation of pages
    Representing chapters of my life
    The history and culture of Mexico
    Bits and pieces absorbed
    Much forgotten,
    But conveniently placed for easy reference.
    Language books
    Spanish I, II and III.
    Perhaps someday I will actually be able to speak with
    Authority and intelligence.
    Writer’s books:
    Markets, handbooks, dictionaries, how-tos, facts, guides.
    These, the bookmarks of my life.
    Self Help,
    Green Earth,
    Angelou, Dinesen, Einstein, Napoleon, Roosevelts.
    And memoirs:
    Open, exposed, aching, joyous.
    And Children’s books:
    Wilder, Seuss, Scary, Lewis and Rowling
    Frost, Yeats, Whitman, Service,
    And the Voice That is Great Within Us.
    My dusty, musty friends,
    Gathered and someday complete;
    My Book Shelf.

  5. Sarah

    Four Leaf Clovers intigue me
    to the point that
    I find myself
    looking for them
    when I go for a walk
    in the off chance that
    one will jump out at me
    and if I see a clump
    I have to check it out
    ‘cus hey…you never know
    they say if you find one
    it brings you good luck
    a fact that I can attest to
    Cus a bookful I have
    and I keep them around
    to remind myself
    of the good luck I’ve had
    after each one I’ve found

  6. Laurie Kolp

    The Beach

    Back and forth,
    the waves are mesmorizing.
    In and out,
    the air is tantalizing.
    Up and down,
    the buoy is hypnotizing.
    Through and through,
    the sand is captivating.

    the beach
    is invigorating.

    *This one is supposed to be here, instead of "No Regrets"- sorry!

  7. Laurie Kolp

    No Regrets

    Please don’t take for granted
    every breath you take,
    or every move you make.
    Please don’t take for granted
    that I care about you,
    and can’t live without you.
    Please don’t take for granted
    each day that is given,
    in which you should be livin’.
    Please don’t take for granted
    this life, beautiful and pure,
    from which death, there is no cure.

    Live each moment
    as if it’s the last,
    so you will not regret
    any time that has passed.

  8. LindaTK

    Day 11
    Describe One Thing

    My Fancy Rat

    My precious pet
    Long, soft, white hairs
    Long face, long white whiskers
    ever moving
    Tiny soft tongue
    quickly moving
    as he grooms himself
    as he grooms me
    Long wormlike tail
    following him wherever he goes
    Small busy soft pinkish-white nose
    sniffing the air
    Translucent pink eyes not seeing far
    Two tiny front paws, used as hands
    as well as feet
    Two longer back feet, used for moving
    in general
    Stashing treats
    Riding on my shoulders
    Snuggling with me
    He is pure love
    He is pure light
    I love my

  9. Karen Masteller

    Jerusalem Candle of Hope

    As an item, it stands a mere five inches high.
    As a symbol, it stands for peace and understanding.

    As a hollow "hurricane" candle, it never melts.
    As a symbol, it stands for the endurance of those in conflicted

    As a beeswax cylinder, it has olive leaves and delicate flowers
    embedded therein.
    As a symbol, it stands for an everlasting desire and
    determination for peace.

    As a container, it provides a base for a simple tea light.
    As a symbol, it stands for an illumination toward reconciliation.

  10. Bonnie

    What was I thinking? The word I wanted to use in the last paragraph was solace. Sorry. I am so happy for this opportunity to participate in this project. Still trying to get caught up.

  11. Lin Neiswender

    My Cell

    Black instrument of communication
    Magically connecting me wirelessly
    To family and friends, my dear cellphone
    Cute little pictures on your face,
    Dear buttons, camera, internet connections
    What would I do without you now?

  12. Kate

    Port Townsend Ferry

    Standing on the car deck as the ferry picks up speed
    I can feel the thrum of engines come up through my feet,
    an everchanging syncopated tabla drum beat, filling me up
    until I can’t keep still: a foot stomping, hip swaying,
    finger snapping dance. The waves slap against the bow,
    tapping out a counter-beat, the rhythm keeps changing as the boat weaves through the islands, slips out into the bay, the song swelling up through me until I become mighty engines, wide open waters, raucous gulls riding the thermals above the bow.

  13. Bonnie


    It warms the room with gentle heat
    When we come in from the cold
    It eases the aches of painful joints
    When we are feeling old

    A place to roast our marshmallows
    When the grands are craving a smore
    It offers the sounds of restful peace
    In its crackle and its roar

    When I am feeling troubled
    The dancing fire can clear my mind
    And soltice from my problems
    Within its flames I find

  14. Connie Meng

    Ordinary Portals

    On the papered wall, within
    a frame of mahogany, there
    is a narrow space where
    the air is still, a portrait
    of beyond. Three bronze
    hinges support a wooden
    panel, angled to block
    part of the view.

    This is absence:
    transformative emptiness
    that untraps us. A doorway:
    portal to other
    rooms, other worlds.

  15. Barbara Malcolm

    Star Light

    How does it work?
    I wonder
    I look at the stars
    in the night sky
    knowing because scientists tell me
    that some of the sources of the light
    have gone out.
    If I could see behind
    the stream of light
    the straight line of light from
    the star to me
    would I see an abrupt
    end like a cut stem
    or would it be a trickling away,
    a trailing off of light particles
    like a comet’s tail?
    Learned folks speak of light
    as if it were a solid thing
    when I can see for myself
    that it is a celestial glow
    intangible and fleeting.
    I suspect I am wrong
    but I hesitate to bow to
    the cold of science
    and abandon the warmth
    of romantic light.

  16. Hope Greene

    That Adirondack chair on the porch
    by the courtyard has slats that angle.
    At midmorning the light slides
    amid the limbs, the windows,
    the chair, and makes, just there,
    a layered shape with cracks
    on the wooden siding laths.

  17. Sheryl Kay Oder

    My Little Horse

    He himself is brown,
    but his decorated armor
    is bronze, marbled light
    orange and peach.

    He was surely dressed
    by a geometry teacher,
    for there are so
    many designs to see.

    There are triangles, rectangles
    and diamonds shapes.
    His eyes are surrounded
    by copper-like circles
    and his shoes are almost gold.

  18. Shannon Rayne

    Pinky Toe

    Runt of the litter
    squeezed into high heel shoes
    black and blue
    first to splinter stump
    on loose sidewalk tiles
    easily forgotten until broken.

  19. priya


    Seems to make breathing a chore
    Nothing feels like fun anymore
    And it never will be fun again
    (Perhaps you could just eat your brain)

    Only if you had something to do
    Uncountable things there are, for you
    Talking would even be okay

    Other than that, what can I say,
    Free yourself from boredom’s hold–

    It’s then that actions will be bold,
    That you won’t feel so very old.

  20. Lorien Vidal

    Will we really get a chance to come back and edit these next month?

    Bent Earring

    Once a gleaming part of a perfect pair
    Fallen to waste in transfer and shipment
    From hand to baggie to box
    Not given the courtesy of handle-with-care
    Not allowed the comfort of soft cotton padding
    Held up, frowned at and sent back

  21. jane

    Honda CRV

    I’m off
    with a cloud of dust and a
    hearty “Hi ho! Honda!”

    XM radio
    CDs behind both visors
    (and in every car-nook)
    books everywhere

    Cell phone charging
    water in the cup holder
    receipts on the dash
    scraps of paper on the floor

    My second home
    (or sometimes my first)
    my escape
    my freedom

    I hide here
    and sing here
    and cry here
    and dream here

    or at least I used to
    before he came.

  22. Euphrates

    Not as descriptive as I’d like it to be…but it is what it is.
    Better late than never (weekends are rough…sorry).


    Silver and black
    A square set upon a circle
    Stylized letter that smiles at me
    Whenever I turn my hand
    No ceremony or ritual
    Or special event to mark the day
    Just packing up in a hotel room
    One leg of the adventure ended
    Time alone growing short
    And an important conversation
    Squeezed itself around the cracks in my heart
    And spilled out, convenient or not.
    You took the time to hold me
    Between phone calls and luggage runs
    And rummaging in the minister’s kit
    Almost apologetic “Will this do?”
    Not sure if it would even fit…
    A simple silver band
    Emblazoned with your initial
    And in that hurried throw-away moment
    My heart stopped its fearful trembling
    Sighed in deep contentment
    And from that moment has rested sure
    In the knowledge of being Yours.

  23. Robin Morris

    The bathroom has eyes

    It sees your hands approach.
    Sometimes, the water turns on.
    Often, soap will spurt.

    Then you wave
    and the dispenser, seeing,
    emits paper towels.

    How many eyes are there
    here where I used to try
    to believe,

    no one was watching?

  24. Lyn

    Sharp blades crisscrossed
    Two finger-holes shaped like Os
    Symbol of two hugs and a great big kiss
    Or interlocking mirror image sixes
    Used for cutting jobs small and large
    Cutting out pictures
    Perfectly wrapping gifts
    Trimming hair
    Cutting fabric along a pattern
    In my craft room the fluorescent lighting glints on stainless-steel
    Never one to heed warnings
    I grab the shears and run
    Wildly slashing up the air
    And accidentally draw blood
    No matter how indispensable to creative risk
    Scissors are a double-edged sword
    With the edges pointed toward each other.

  25. Brandi Hutchinson


    Everyday you wait for her
    Perfect warm buns
    To gently embrace your cold
    Porcelain hat
    And you savor the brief moment
    For you have experienced
    Copious amounts of ass
    But this one fleshy tush
    Is your seat mate
    For life.

  26. Jennifer Terry


    Some are flashy with a toothy grin
    Some are wide-don’t know where they end or begin
    Some are fake and look kinda cheap
    Some have a metal grill-just like my Jeep

    Some cause dimples- diamonds in disguise
    Some cause a flutter-with a twinkle in their eyes
    Some cause joy with lots of healing laughter
    Some cause a heart to soar through the rafters

    Each person is different- has their own pricesless style
    Never take for granted- any human’s smile!


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