April PAD Challenge: Awards Ceremony

It’s been 3 weeks since the end of the April PAD Challenge. I hope everyone’s continued writing regularly since the end–even if that only means a poem or two per week. After all, that’s part of the challenge, I think, is turning writing into a regular (or, at the very least, semi-regular) routine. Based off the participation in the Wednesday Poetry Prompts, I’d say many of you are still keeping at it.

The challenge involved more than 400 poets who posted at least one poem during the month and more than 4,000 total poems. My current records show that more than 120 poets actually completed the April PAD Challenge through the blog. Anyone who thinks poetry is dead should not visit Poetic Asides during the month of April, because they’ll experience severe culture shock. And for that, I thank all of you.

So anyway, I named the 2008 Poetic Asides Poet Laureate earlier this morning: Sara Diane Doyle. To see the official announcement and read some of the poems she posted to the site, just click here.

In addition to the 2008 Poetic Asides Poet Laureate, though, there are a few other special mentions I would like to make.

The Most Prolific Poet Award is actually a tie between Rodney C. Walmer and Iain D. Kemp. The two actually seemed to have become friends during the month, swapping poems and music. I’m not sure who posted more poems (I can’t count that high), but they both surely surpassed 100 poems each. 

The Poet Most Likely to Write About a Comic Supervillain Award goes to Kateri Woody, who not only wrote about the Joker throughout the month of April but also inspired several poets to write about the Joker’s foil Harley Quinn. Way to stick with it, Kateri.

The Most Hated Poetry Prompt Award goes to Day 28’s write a sestina prompt.

The Most Loved Poetry Prompt Award goes to Day 28’s write a sestina prompt. Apparently, poets feel passionately one way or the other on this prompt–and poetry should always be about passion, right? (Now I’m gonna get flooded with reasons why poetry should not always be about passion, huh?)


For the final award, join me in congratulating the 120+ poets who completed this April PAD Challenge. They are (in no particular order):

Alfred J Bruey; Anahbird; Angie Bell; Diane Mowery; Rebecca; Roxanne Nicholson; Bonnie; Tonya Root; Lori; Barbara Tzetzo Gosch; Salvatore Buttaci; Corinne; Christa R. Shelton; John H Maloney; Carol A Stephen; IleanaCarmina; Cathy Sapunor; Carol Boudreau; Cheryl Wray; Chris Granholm Jr.; Carla Cherry; Connie; Lisa McMahan; Carol Brian; Liza; Linda SW; Amanda Selset; Beth Browne; Bonnie MacAllister; Bruce Niedt; Devon Brenner; Don Ford; Don Swearingen; Emily Blakely; Earl Parsons; Justin Evans; A.C. Leming; Jeanette J. McAdoo; Genta; Sue Bench; Deb Hill; Michelle Cooper; Justin M. Howe; Iain D. Kemp; k weber; Margaret Fieland; January G. O’Neil; JL Smither; Yoli; Joannie Stangeland; Joe; Kate Berne Miller; Kimberly Kinser; Christine Kephart; KP; Kevin; Mike Padg; Karen; LindaTK; Kateri Woody; Lyn Sedwick; lynn rose; LBC; Khara House; Laura Hoopes; Monica Martin; Elizabeth Keggi; Lin Neiswender; Barbara Ehrentreu; Laurie Kolp; Linda Brown; Linda Hofke; Lorraine Hart; Omavi Ndoto; Marcos Cabrera; Matthew Abel; Susan M. Bell; Maria Jacketti; M. Schied; Michelle Hed; Mike Barzacchini; M J Dills; Robin Morris;  Judy Stewart; Jolanta Laurinaitis; Sarah; Nancy; Patti Williams; Bill Kirk; Rosemary Nissen-Wade; AlaskanRC; Sarah; Maureen Sexton; Sara Diane Doyle; Shirley Ann Tracy; Satia; Sally DiUlus; Sharon Ingraham; Shana; Renee Goularte; Callan Bignoli-Zale; Dee IKJ; Sheryl Kay Oder; Marcus Smith; SaraV; Barbara Torke; Lyn Michaud; Kriss; Paige; Sara McNulty; Suzanne Poor; Tad Richards; halfmoon_mollie; TaunaLen; Judy Roney; Teri Coyne; Susan Reichert; Terri; Jay Sizemore; Virginia Snowden; Rodney C. Walmer; Victoria Hendricks.


Congratulations to all of you! My month/year/decade has been made by your amazing commitment to this challenge–as well as your crazy praise that will have me blushing until the 22nd century rolls around.


All finishers will receive an award to place on their blogs, sites, etc. (created by our magazine design team). In addition, they’ll receive these cool certificates of completion (created by our book design team). I’d like to thank both design teams for volunteering their time to this poetic cause.


(If your name was not among the finishers and you think it should’ve been, just send me an email at robert.brewer@fwpubs.com with the subject line “Where’s my name, yo?” I’ll be sure to work with you to get your name properly listed.)




Okay, so after you get done congratulating each other, everyone should head on over to the Poetic Asides group at http://forum.writersdigest.com and share your thoughts on the challenge, the awards, and anything else.


Oh yeah, and remember: I’ll be answering questions in the Poetic Asides group tomorrow from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. (EST) if anyone’s got questions about poetry, publishing, etc. I’ll be sharing my advice with any who show up. See you there.




And one more time: Thank you all sooooooo much for participating in the 2008 Poetic Asides April PAD Challenge! See you all next year–when I offer up 30 straight days of sestinas (just kidding–or am I?).

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20 thoughts on “April PAD Challenge: Awards Ceremony

  1. Khara House

    Yah, this was amazing! And an added bonus to the PAD challenge awesomeness: it helped get me through my last full month of my undergraduate career!! 🙂 I’m so glad I did this, and congratulate everyone– especially those who got special awards, way to go!– who made it through a full month with poetry!! 😀

  2. Karen

    Robert, thanks for the tip on the JPG of the seal image for our blogs/websites! I made it a link to your entry on Awards Day, so visitors to my blog can check out the Challenge and Poetic Asides.

    Happy Memorial Day, everyone! I thank God for those who sacrificed to give us the freedom to enjoy this day.

  3. Alfred J Bruey

    Thanks for the certificate. I was able to make it more personalized by adding my name to it. Here’s what I did since I don’t have a PDF editor: Get the PDF file (the certificate) on the screen. COPY it. PASTE it as a picture into a new PUBLISHER file, add your name as a text field whereever you want it, and then PRINT it.

  4. Rodney C. Walmer

    Congratulations to lain, and everyone who received an award. This has truly been a highlight in my life. Just to be a part of this has been a wonderfully honorable experience. Robert, thank you so much for the award. I just want to say, that everyone wrote some fantastic poetry, and I have truly enjoyed reading your work. While I have not always had time to comment, I have been there reading. Kateri, lain, I don’t know when I have ever read two finer poets. I am honored to know you all. Soon, my work will be over, I hope to be able to join you all once again in writing.


  5. Corinne

    I’ve been absent for a while, but it’s good to be back and read your names and your words, and to feel all your hearts again.

    I missed the last 2 weeks’s challenges – are we just writing for ourselves, or are people posting them???

    Congratulations to everyone! Kateri’s award made me smile in particular. What a heavenly month!!


  6. Iain D. Kemp

    Robert, Thanks for honouring me. Most of all well done to EVERYONE for doing sooooo well. Me? I’m just a loony scribbler! There are real artits amongst you guys,,, One day I’ll write another sestina…’bout Cats, Poetry & Death!

    Iain Douglas Kemp (I know you wanted to know… )

  7. Rox

    Huzzah to everyone! I guesstimated there were more than 100 folks who completed the challenge, but I had no idea there were more than 400 people who posted at least one poem! That is a fabulous response!


  8. Kevin

    Congratulations to all! It was a great April indeed. I really enjoyed writing and reading with all of you.

    And thanks to you, Robert. My Award is front and centre (well… to the left, really) on my blog. Hope it generates some clicks for you.

    Good poeting, all!

  9. Tonya Root

    Congrats to Sara, Rod and Iain! Awesome work all who participated! It was an amazing run. Thanks so much Robert for all of your hard work. May has been an incredibly busy month for me, so I have been unable to keep up with the Wednesday prompts, but I hope to get back into a regular routine with that as well. Thanks again to all involved!

  10. Susan M. Bell

    What fun we had, and continue to have. I do have to say though…Robert, if you go through with your threat to have 30 days of sestinas next year, I just might have to hunt you down and beat you with a copy of Poet’s Market.

  11. Sara Diane Doyle

    Many thanks :). And thanks to Robert for challenging us and making us wake our muses up a bit eariler than normal every day in April to create this mountain of poetry!

  12. Don Swearingen

    Oh Yeah. Congratulations. 30 poems in 30 days is not easy. As we all know.
    As for sestinas? They’re hard to write. So what? As the robot who stopped playing beautiful music said, "I don’t think it was meant to be easy." I WILL write one. Someday.

  13. S.E. Ingraham

    Congrats to Rodney and Iain for their poeticalisity (a preponderance of pomes – it’s ancient something or other – not)but really, 100+ poems? That is truly impressive. Kudos also to Kateri – I hadn’t noticed your obsession the first go round but will go back and read more carefully now. More thanks to you Robert and of course, on-going bouquets to Madam Poet Laureate – colour me jade green. Sharon Ingraham

  14. Carol A Stephen

    Congratulations to Sara, to Rodney, Iain and Kateri, for their special awards. Congratulations to everyone who completed the challenge, and to everyone who began it.
    Thanks Robert for the heroic effort at putting this together, and trying to keep on top of reading so many poems!

    I have not been able to visit the forum often as we are in the middle of yearend, but will try to visit whenever I can.

    Carol A. Stephen

  15. Paige

    YEA for everyone that played along both publicly and privately. I found the PAD challenge fun, interesting, aggravating, fulfilling and most important invigorating and inspiring.
    thanks again Robert.

  16. k weber

    congratulations to all my peers who completed this challenge, and to everyone to participated. i was so very inspired by many of your works and was overwhelmed with the excitement and support that the writers shared in this endeavor.

    thank you, mr. robert lee brewer, for setting this challenge in motion. after a long battle with procrastination, this writing adventure took my writing into new territory from the many prompts you suggested. i am all fired up about writing!

    thanks and congrats again to all!

  17. Karen

    Thank you, thank you, thank you, Robert. This challenge jolted my creativity level to new heights and motivated me to write as few other stimuli. Loved the prompts, reading everyone’s poems, and plotting my strategy each day. I’ve been to the forum, and I’ll revisit whenever I can. Again, it’s been a pleasure.


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