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I’ve been receiving reports since yesterday that posting poems in the comments is proving even more problematic than usual. The programmers are looking into why this issue is suddenly getting even worse than usual, but I want to offer some alternative places to post in the meantime:

  • Post poems over at my personal blog. I’ve created a special post just for the sharing of poetry; everyone is more than welcome to come crash at my place. (Click to continue.)

  • Create a personal blog. If you don’t have one already, right now might be the opportune time to create a blog. They are free and easy to create. (My personal blog is Blogger, but there are other options available as well.) You can share links to your poetic posts on Twitter using the #aprpad hashtag.

  • Share poems at another online forum/group. Walt provided a link in the comments of today’s prompt, but there is also the Poetic Asides group on Facebook or the Poetic Asides group over at the Writer’s Digest Community site (free to all).

Also, I just want to remind anyone who is anxious about not being able to post their poems: Posting to the blog is not required to participate in the April PAD Challenge. At the end of the month, I will be collecting submissions of up to 5 poems from each poet via e-mail to use in my consideration of the Poetic Asides Poet Laureate and a list of top poems to commend.

I do apologize for the frustration posting poems can cause on this blog, but I hope everyone is having a fun and poetic April.


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13 thoughts on “A Place to Post Poems

  1. Nancy Wearne-Navarra

    Day 22 Nature
    Swirling oceanic blue stream of life
    Flowing currents of aquatic liquidity
    Rushing foaming waves
    Forming fingers on sandy beaches
    Leaving a print of briny salt
    To say I was here

    Spectacular sunsets and sunrises
    Orange, red streaks feather the skies
    Rays of God’s Light neon bright
    Make me glad I’m here

    Glacial snowcapped peaks
    Spring fed mirror lakes
    Fields dotted with wildflowers
    Silvery veils of waterfalls

    Ever greens and piney cool breathes
    Whispering at my ear
    Watch us dance in the breeze

    Rocky cliffs looking into the mouth of rusty colored canyons
    With glinting streams threading
    Their way to meet their cousins
    On the way to the sea

  2. Michelle Hed

    Traveling to Earth

    Traveling to Earth on a spaceship
    While eating pickled beans and hot dip,
    Gave the mortals a scare
    To see a gaseous flare
    As their ship disappeared in a blip!


    Earth between the toes,
    dandelions under your nose.

    Sun upon your back,
    you and me in a two room shack.

    Blue skies and white clouds,
    there are absolutely no crowds.

    Bird song on the breeze,
    you on the grass between my knees.

    Covered like the earth,
    with love, good-will and quiet mirth.

  3. Carol Stephen

    The only thing I posted this time is the note about voting for Robert, because I applaud his efforts especially last year when he was so ill.

    I don’t post for a couple of reasons:
    1. I don’t want my poems to be deemed as published, therefore in prior challenges I have not been posting my best work. Self-defeating.
    2. While I think it is great that Poetic Asides has become a "community", that has its downside for those of us who aren’t able to participate every day all year. I for one feel like an outsider. There is a clique of poets who congratulate each other, chat on the threads, and the rest of us are usually ignored.
    That’s of course, just one opinion, but I think good poetry deserves acknowledgement, whether one counts the writer as a personal friend or not. Then again, maybe I am taking this too seriously and need to lighten up… 😉 Carol

  4. Marie Elena

    Cara, I don’t think it’s the traffic alone. If you look at the 2009 April PAD, we were posting upwards of 1,000 per day. I think the powers-that-be need to figure out the problem and get to fixing it.

    Joseph (and others) thanks so much for the advice!

    Robert, I’m just hoping you don’t feel the weight of this on your shoulders. It’s not yours to fix … just yours to encourage the WD techies to get it fixed.

  5. Cara Holman

    As someone who does NOT normally have trouble posting, but has had trouble the past few days, I think the problem is just due to the increased traffic on the site (a good thing!). Perhaps the solution is as simple as having your programmers increase the amount of time a code stays valid, since with the slow refresh times lately, the codes are timing out. Just a thought… 🙂


  6. Robert Lee Brewer

    Hey, Joseph.

    Thanks for sharing your tips! It’s definitely a problem that seems to be affecting some people more than others.

    And thanks for your suggestion, MSchied. I’m really not sure if it’s traffic volume, posting volume or something else slowing up the works for some. I mean, it could even be settings on individual computers, Internet connectivity, etc. I’m just an English major–so I just have to hope the programmers can uncover something.


  7. Lytton Bell

    According to My Sparkly Locket

    When I was well, I figured:
    I’m ready to die any time
    I’ve lived an OK life, reproduced
    and now
    my usefulness on this sphere is at its end
    Let me pass into the next plane
    with no fanfare and even less resistance

    But now that I am sick
    a fierce affection wells up in me
    Where did it come from?
    Who knew I was so attached to living?
    My accomplishments have been few, and
    I have not been treated kindly
    So why do I cling to it with every fiber of who I am?

    The dark, swollen clouds today are lovely
    The damp, smashed cigarette butts
    on the sidewalk ache with a poignancy
    I didn’t know they had
    Even things like tax audits and anorexic lingerie models
    don’t anger me the way they should –
    the way they used to

    Suddenly I’m in love with everything
    I want to hold it and hug it and
    subsume it into all that I am:
    the shredded billboard sign on the freeway
    the bum in the striped leg warmers
    by the mini mart, crossing against the light
    my menial secretarial job in all its meaningless glory

    even you, reader
    even though I saw you with your finger
    up your nose in your car
    even though we may never
    meet or speak
    to one another
    I feel you out there

    The weight of your presence hangs
    around my neck like a sparkly locket
    that I touch sometimes when I remember
    I am dying
    and it whispers to me
    in your voice:
    not just yet

  8. Joseph Harker

    I’ve had issues with posting, but I think I’ve figured out a good method, if anyone’s interested…

    First, write your poem elsewhere; email drafts, word processing program, blog, whatever. On the PAD entry for the day, as soon as it loads, hit "End" to get down to the bottom of the page at once, and plunk your poem into the box. The code that shows up (if it shows up) seems to be valid for about one full minute. On the occasions where it didn’t work, it seems to be because of server load taking the comment more than that time limit to send, OR because someone else is trying to post at the same time. You can immediately check if it worked, because the page will reload, and you can hit "End" again to see if it says "Please enter the code as shown" or whatever.

    I don’t know, I’ve never had to re-try it more than three or four times so far. Hope that helps out somebody. 🙂

  9. MSchied


    A fellow poet and I were discussing this. We are impressed by the volume and quality of many of the poets on here. However, when we signed up for this PAD challenge, we had the mindset of 30 Poems, 30 Days, ie, 1 poem per day, our best work, greatest contribution, so to speak. Some of the other poets seem to be taking it as 30 Poems PER Day, and we think this might contribute to the posting difficulties. We applaud others poetic efforts, but next year, maybe some limitations should be put in place, and people are always able to link to their own personal blogs for those of us who are poetry freaks, and just can’t get enough of the good stuff. This is just our opinion, and we don’t want people to stop writing by any means, but because of technical difficulties, this might be a solution. Just a suggestion. Cheers!



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