2011 April PAD Challenge: Day 30

Here we are, everyone! The final day of poeming! For this challenge, anyway. After you write your poem today, you’ll have a few days to figure out your favorite poems and submit them my way. Click here to read the official guidelines, which includes how and how many poems to submit.

If I were able to submit poems to myself, I’d probably choose some from the middle of the month. That’s when I seemed to be hitting my stride. I’d definitely stay away from these last few days, since it’s just been a test to write a poem period. And yes, poets are allowed to revise their poems before submitting–just make sure you send them in on time!

Speaking of on time, sorry for the late post. I really feel like I’ve just been trying to pull myself over the finish line with this darn strep throat. I’m glad and grateful everyone has stuck through it with me. Let’s poem!


For today’s prompt, write an “after leaving here” poem. This poem could be about leaving an actual place, a relationship, or even this challenge. We leave many places and things every day without much ado, including rooms, vehicles, people (both those we know and complete strangers), etc. And to make this poem even more interesting is that there is presumably something that will be done after the leaving, whether that’s something fun, sad, hopeful, or whatever.

Here’s my attempt:


The poet looks across the room at the open window
and hears the laugh of a couple barge in on his poem.
It was going to be a desolate poem about a desert
or at the very least a deserted island. He planned
on searching and finding no one. Perhaps, he would
even write a message, tuck it in a bottle, and chuck
it out to sea–confident no one would ever read it.
But then, a rowboat carrying two young lovers comes
toward the shore, and the young man holds the bottle
in one hand and the message in the other and yells
to the poet, “Hey, you! Is all this sad gibberish yours?
We’ve come to take you back to the real world.”


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And tweet your completion of the challenge on Twitter by using the #aprpad hashtag.


For those who still want prompts, we do have another poem-a-day challenge in November. And through the rest of the year, we meet here on Wednesdays.

I also have a few interviews and guest posts to share with everyone as everything settles down in May.

Once again, thanks, everyone! It’s been a great month!


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284 thoughts on “2011 April PAD Challenge: Day 30

  1. barbaratilghman529@gmail.com

    just in case
    if something should happen to me
    that might seem kind of sudden
    boo is to go with monique
    it should’nt be punishment for glutton
    forgive me if it seems taken lightly
    my little light is shining brightly
    if something should happen to me
    that might seem to you a little wack
    be cool cause everybody’s day comes
    and thats a well known fact
    i’m all the time tired
    can barely breathe
    in a lot of pain
    i give thanks to the lord
    i didn’t go all the way insane
    and for all who pretended to like me
    you all know who you are
    may god correct your attitudes
    and place you upon a star
    and to the ones that recognize
    ignorance is bliss
    i still send you my blessings
    along with a kiss
    to the ones that i love
    and loved me back
    may all your hopes and dreams
    come true
    for im on my way to a big brand new day
    and blessings hereafter life anew
    don’t be blue
    party party party
    i’ll watch over you
    to that i am true

    barbara tilghman

  2. Sara V

    Oh Walt, I’m all verklempt (such a great word, I had to look it up to check the spelling)…thank you for taking the time for such kind words-it was my evil twin that made me comment…

    LBC–That is wonderful, was banana the poet there too? 😉

    Looking forward to seeing the top 5’s! Robert I do not envy you the task of trying to pick the best from all these amazing folk.

  3. LBC

    mbSchied and I completed our 4th "After The PAD Challenge" ritual last night. We met at our newest favorite restaurant to choose our five poems to submit to Robert. It’s such fun to recap the April poems and comments. And..nothing complements a good poem quite like banana cream pie!
    Lorraine Caramanna

  4. Walt Wojtanik

    Sorry Sara V. It’s like I said. I was sure I would forget to mention someone. Unfortunately it was you. But the oversight does not diminish your talent and ability to touch my heart. Thank you bringing it to my attention.

  5. Sara V

    De–thank you for the love<3
    Hannah–you too! Always enjoy our Wednesdays together–
    Janet Rice–It’s been a pleasure sharing poems with you–look forward to seeing you on Wednesdays too.

    All the best to everyone–even Walt, who forgot I’m a 3rd year too…;-)

  6. Dheepikaa

    I posted this and then thought, may be some of you are wondering how my post is related to the prompt. Here is how: My brother is getting married in a couple of Months and the girl is from Chattisgarh. It is going to be a joyful journey to bring her home. Since I have been traveling and at home when I am writing this, I realised I will go back immediately after this challenge to the wedding. It has been a wonderful month all! Let’s meet on wednesdays till then. 🙂

  7. Dheepikaa


    I will travel a journey towards mangal sutra
    somewhere somewhat in the middle of India
    to bring a family home, an additional member
    looking forward to drenching in rain all November.
    Carrying a dream with babies in it, I hope I will
    soon become an aunt and fit the ‘old’ bill
    embracing uncertainties and moving forward
    light a lamp, every moment after will then be raptured.
    Girl, I will sign in as responsible for one third
    of keeping us intact, let’s sing songs like birds
    dance like angels, teach our children together
    what we believe in, that love is like a feather
    you can fly when you want to, but it is so delicate
    it can get hurt if you overwork it.
    Let’s lock ourselves in weekend dips,
    be grounded together in every airstrip.

  8. Rose White

    and then she thought
    of life without light
    he’d stole her thunder
    and lightning strike
    his love had pierced
    a wedge in her heart
    and now they must never
    be apart

  9. de jackson

    RJ! Thanks for the fun new form. I cutty-pastied into a poem doc, for later perusal/musing. I’m a bit of an Irish girl, and in addition to loving trying new forms, this one’s got my name in it!

    Your poem is grand, mi’lady. You rocked this challenge. Have loved reading you. Gonna be sure I’m subscribed to your blog!

  10. G. Smith

    MR. DONE
    (c) 2011 – G. Smith (BMI)

    If I walk out that door
    You won’t see me no more,
    I’ll just keep on goin’ till the road runs out;
    I’ve tried to give us a chance,
    But I’m tired of this song and dance, And in case you have any doubt…

    You can~
    Call me Mr. Done,
    Call me Mr. Through,
    Call me Mr. Finished,
    Or Mr. I’m-So-Over-You,
    Call me dirty names if you wanna,
    Call me a liar, ’cause that’d be true;
    ‘Cause if you call me, Baby,
    I’ll come running back to you.

    If we can’t make things right,
    We don’t need a big ol’ fight,
    Been there, done that; so what?
    It’s still not too late to try;
    Say, "No," I won’t ask why,
    I won’t be happy, you know, but…

    You can~
    Call me Mr. Done,
    Call me Mr. Through,
    Call me Mr. Finished,
    Or Mr. I’m-So-Over-You,
    Call me dirty names if you wanna,
    Call me a liar, ’cause that’d be true;
    ‘Cause if you call me, Baby,
    I’ll come running back to you.

    After leaving here
    I won’t shed a tear,
    I may stop for a drink,
    But I won’t stop to think,

    You can~
    Call me Mr. Done,
    Call me Mr. Through,
    Call me Mr. Finished,
    Or Mr. I’m-So-Over-You,
    Call me dirty names if you wanna,
    Call me a liar, ’cause that’d be true;
    ‘Cause if you call me, Baby,
    I’ll come running back to you.

  11. Pam


    First off, I hope you’re recovering now that there’s a pause in the Poetry Month tumult.

    Second, I have a question about the "favorite poems" challenge: Are we allowed to edit the poems and, if so, how much? I’m sure that a lot of us have gone through numerous revisions of some of the poems we cared most about.



  12. Rose Anna Hines

    Picking a favorite or even 5 favorite Poems

    Is a bit like picking your favorite child
    or going to the rescue center and picking one animal
    this is why I stopped going to shelters
    and why I have a menagerie of pets.

    How does one choose?
    One might be cute
    another deep and thoughtful
    another cleaver
    yet there sitting in the corner is the shy one reading
    there is the athletic poem that jumps high, runs fast
    there with tissues is the one that feels everyones pain
    the birthday girl with all her friends at her party
    her sister who is out at a homeless shelter feeding friends
    and on the phone the talker who is setting up an event
    the curious one taking everything apart
    the painter who images are breath taking landscapes of emotions
    the musician that burns your ears with words
    the child that makes you smile, chuckle and snorting laughter
    the dancer that twirls, spins and whirls to your utter amazement
    little red head holding onto your skirt and sucking her thumb yet

    I don’t know how to pick or judge well
    and wouldn’t what to judge this event
    because in any day this month I could pick 50 poems
    that I liked and touched me.

    In this group their are Linguistic Masters.
    Dancers, Architects, Painters, Comedians,
    with a breath taking capacity to stir memories,
    evoke laughter and tears
    to hold your hand and rock you.
    to reach out across the air with support
    encouragement, and prods, pokes and challenges.

    What an Amazing Group
    of teachers, mentors, models.
    In this ballroom of dancing champions
    and all kinds of music,
    I have been delighted to dance at the fringes
    and bump into many.


  13. RJ Clarken

    And de…(and anyone else interested)…the Deibhidhe form’s rules are as follows:

    Deibhidhe (jay-vée):

    Each stanza is a quatrain of seven syllables. Light rhyming in couplets. Alliteration between two words in each line, the final word of line four alliterating with the preceding stressed word. There are at least two cross-rhymes between three and four.

    B x x x x x a’
    x x x x x x’ a
    x b x x x x b’
    xx x b x x’ B

  14. RJ Clarken

    Thank you Robert, for all your hard work – especially as you were so under the weather. You rock!

    Congrats to all the poets who took part in this year’s PAD – and for your astounding and astonishing poetry. I may not have commented much, but I did get so much out of our shared time together here, and I am much richer for the experience.

    Finally – Sorry I didn’t get to post until today, but here’s my final PAD poem. The form is Irish: Deibhidhe.

    Not Really a Goodbye…A Deibhidhe

    After the final farewell
    where we bid goodbye, we tell
    ourselves we shall see and hear
    each others’ poetry. Clear-

    ly, it’s not really goodbye.
    Instead, no sad dread nor sigh
    will cause the cessation of
    our precious and treasured love.


  15. Rose White

    my true love once he courted me
    and stole away my liberty
    he sent sad missives via the breeze
    to lure me back for him to tease

    the sad strange music filled her ears
    and lulled her into a sweet soft dream
    til rogue rant reason knocked at her door
    get out of there and head for the shore

    and sometimes late in quiet of night
    she reads his magic by pale moonlight
    the words they sing in harmony tinge
    she eyes and smiles and thinks of him

  16. Pam Winters

    An Imagined Death at 3 a.m.

    There will be no cord blood, no cordwood,
    after leaving here. There might be footprints,
    maybe an echo (if I’ve been good)
    of laughter. There will be no scent,
    no finger smudges. There might be
    a memory or two, lodged in the back
    of someone’s personal attic, a crumpled paper
    with a few blots. Someday, that person
    will hold the page to the light,
    squinting, asking
    what on earth does that say?


  17. Buddah Moskowitz

    Perhaps it was the emotionally charged goodbye scene that either made me especially affected by the writing, or raised everyone’s game, or both, but the list of stand outs today is long and great:

    de jackson
    Jacqueline Hallenbeck
    Nancy Posey
    lori thatcher
    Sam Nielson
    Joy Cagil
    Katrelya Angus
    Autumn N. Hall
    Jerry Walraven
    Connie L. Peters
    Rose Anna Hines
    Jane Shlensky
    Shannon Lockard
    P. Wanken
    Daniel Paicopulos
    Laurie Kolp
    Michael Grove
    Jo Lightfoot
    Nikki Markle
    Andrea Boltwood
    Andrew Kreider
    Linda M. Rhinehart Neas
    Catherine Lee
    MaryAnn McCarra-Fitzpatrick
    Walt Wojtanik
    PKP aka Pearl Ketover Prilik
    Karen Legg
    Katie Dixon
    Nina B Lanctot
    Tanja Cilia

    Thanks to everyone who wrote everyday. Even more gratitude to those who read and commented on my writing. It means a lot to be seen.

    You are all invited to participate in my project hosted at

    The premise is simple: call 951-665-8161 and leave a recording of you reading your poetry, and I’ll post at the virtualpoetryreading. I’ve had the site for a few years and I want to jump start it with new talent and that means you!

    Also, come visit me at ihatepoetry.blogspot.com.

    Until… Wednesday, onward!

    Your Humble Servant

  18. Caren E. Salas

    No Regrets

    If I should ever have to go
    Before I say good-bye
    Please always know my love for you
    Will truly never die.

    Don’t worry if the last thing said
    Was harsh or insincere
    Sometime the words you didn’t say
    Were those I chose to hear.

    Don’t think about the gifts forgotten
    For various holidays
    Your hugs and love and happiness
    Were what mattered anyway.

    Though I’ve no plan for leaving soon
    When I do, have no regrets
    That I love you and know you love me
    Is what you must not forget.

  19. Jerry Walraven

    Marie and De. Thank you very much for your kind words. My brother actually died a few years ago from liver and pancreatic cancer. I did not mean to make it sound as though it just happened but, when the prompt came out, it was the first thing in my mind, that trip back from Michigan. It is some days still so fresh.

    Please know that I am OK and am better for having him as a brother, even for what now seems like such a short time.


    p.s. I’m pretty fond of the name Chev too.

  20. Taylor Graham

    Joseph: It’s on the coast of Cornwall between Land’s End and Tintagel– Perranzabuloe (unlikely name for an English town). Poem’s loosely based on Elihu Burritt’s visit in 1864.

  21. Jay Sizemore

    Thanks to all for the nice comments. Sorry I don’t comment very much myself on pieces, but know that I was touched by many of your poems over the month. This has been one of the best April’s I have ever participated in. See you around on here. I usually don’t do many of the weekly prompts because I try to work on other things throughout the year, but I will try to stop by a little more often. Might even try the November challenge this year. Until then, keep writing, keep creating, keep expressing the truth you see.

  22. A~Lotus

    After leaving here…

    I drive home taking with me
    a trail of stars and the many phases
    of the moon lost in the car exhaust.
    Your smile becomes a firefly I try to look
    for among the heavyset midnight purple clouds
    or a cicada song I try to hum in the depths
    of my heart. But it all becomes
    more difficult to find you
    that way each time I measure
    our distance by highway signs,
    and so I lose myself in dreams each night
    hoping as the day gets closer
    and the roads get shorter,
    I am once again melting
    against the vanilla scent
    of your skin, your lips, your arms–
    all of which I know will never leave me.

  23. banana_the_poet

    Have to say I feel honoured to have ‘met’ the poets I’ve learned so much from over the last few years – you have all made (and continue to make) a real difference to my life in ways you could not possibly have imagined – thank you – m/b XX

  24. Michelle Hed


    After I am gone,
    my body burned to ash –
    Will I cross through
    your pearly gates
    and be infused with the wisdom
    of the ages, past and present;
    Existing on another plane,
    seeing old friends,
    companions –
    Will I have something to do?
    A worthwhile pursuit?
    Will feelings of hate,
    fear and anger leave me?
    Will I be the embodiment
    of all my best qualities?
    After I am gone…

  25. Hannah Gosselin

    banana!! lol Hugs to you!

    See you Sara V.! I look foward to it. 🙂

    Thank you Walt! I feel the same way!

    I second this: "And THANK YOU to anyone who’s taken the time to comment all month long, on mine or anyone’s poems. We need each other. This is an incredible place." De J.! So true! Thank you SO much for your kind and loving comment earlier. I know that from one mom to another you "get it." Big blessings to you friend!

  26. banana_the_poet

    I’m not going anywhere.

    I’m not
    leaving here
    so there’s no reason to write
    and say goodbye.
    So I won’t.
    I’ve put my words
    on the page
    of this site
    and I’ve left myself
    in them all
    and you might
    think there is an after
    but there isn’t
    there is only now
    and here I am
    and here I’ll stay.
    You don’t get rid of me
    that easily!

    ((Hugs)) to everyone.


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