2011 April PAD Challenge: Day 29

First, I want to thank everyone for the good wishes. They’re all very much appreciated. I do feel a little better today, though I start to break out in a sweat whenever I sit up for more than 20-30 minutes at a time. I am noticing progress though, so maybe today and tonight will bring more improvement.

Second, I want to remind everyone to check out The Big 10 poetic form challenge that has a deadline of 11:59 (Atlanta time). It’s a fun (and free) way to try and get into the pages of Writer’s Digest magazine. Click here to learn more.


For today’s prompt, write an ode. I’m thinking of odes in the more contemporary sense of being a praise poem, though if people want to get all old school with it, then that’s fine too. If I had more energy, I’d try to write a fitting ode to everyone of you participating in the challenge. This has been a terrific month (even with the strep throat). However, I had to settle for writing an ode about something else that just happened.

Here’s my attempt:

“Ode to a royal wedding”

Because there are wars,
because there are natural disasters,
because there are words said in anger,
because there are always people hurting,
because the world is so precious and unforgiving,
I am glad to see the spectacle of William and Kate.


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0 thoughts on “2011 April PAD Challenge: Day 29

  1. Dennis Wright

    An Ode to Today

    Let us now sing in praise of today.
    For there is no after nor before,
    to rain and thunder upon our head,
    to knock so loudly at our door,

    and make time stand ice still,
    an image of this moment,
    like a picture oh so pure,
    yesterday and tommorrow torment.

    Let us now sing in praise of today.
    Standing in an elevator
    or driving in an automobile
    poetry may find a creator.

  2. Mr. Walker

    Everyday Miracle

    it’s happening right now
    I look out at the Pacific
    and imagine those molecules
    gaining energy and momentum
    leaping from the ocean
    into the air – and staying there

    leaving the salt behind
    fresh water floats free
    no boiling required

    then they move closer together
    a haze that obscures the view
    subdues the blue with wispy
    curls of gray-white hair
    a summer fog that pours in
    through the Golden Gate
    cumulus clouds heaped together
    bright against the azure sky

    rainfall in February
    and then how bright
    everything appears afterwards
    as if the air has bathed
    sun shining on wet grass

    puddles for children to splash in
    rivulets running against the curb
    falling into paved-over streams
    that lead straight to the bay
    then heading out to sea
    under the Golden Gate again

    where the bonds of three dance
    preparing to leap and fly again
    more powerful than man
    changing state
    shaping earth
    supporting life

    (posted on May 3, but written and posted on blog on April 18)

  3. Dheepikaa

    Ode to secrets

    What is shared in two moments of tears
    your illness and my weakness, beyond all fears
    holy, so sacred, to be buried beneath the tissue
    of a heart. It will be medicine that will fix you.

    What is shared with a cover beneath a pair of feet,
    and a roof above when a couple make love meet
    laying a bridge of trust between two souls,
    and will die with the two when they are burnt in coal.

    What makes a human cup his truth to a golden box
    leaving only a few stars to know of his building blocks
    is something only your creator can explain
    because some truths are meant for every grave to retain.

  4. Pam Winters

    I guess that this is an ode-let…but I somehow let this one slip, and I need to post so I’ll have a month’s worth.

    Quoth the Cat Lady

    I sing of Molly, with her cloud fur,
    and the bewildered face of Bear,
    and Neko’s needle claws. My three graces,
    encircling the sofa, snoring underfoot
    like roots fixing to bust out flowers in May,
    or eyeing me from atop the refrigerator.
    Do we humans write the personalities
    of our cats, see what we want to see?
    Molly offers her opinion by affectionately
    sinking her teeth into my big toe.


  5. Michelle Hed

    Ode to Spring

    You are my least favorite season –
    But still I welcome the transition
    from winter to summer,
    the birth of new life,
    the color reborn to the
    barren landscape of winter.
    However, as I sit here
    and listen to the wind
    whip the last of the parched
    oak leaves from the trees
    and watch the snowflakes fall;
    I wonder where you are
    and what has befallen you
    to forsake coming.
    Spring! We need the joy
    your emerging color
    and growth give us!
    Please find your way back to us
    for we long to dance around
    the maypole of spring
    with flowers in our hair!

  6. Juanita Lewison-Snyder

    Ode to Teddy O’Connor
    (the Seabiscuit of Eventing)
    by Juanita Lewison-Snyder

    A pony underdog with the heart of a thoroughbred,
    chestnut with a small white star
    with blood ties all the way back to Bold Ruler
    as well as arabian royalty, Raffles
    to which Teddy would have tossed his slick head in retort
    and said, "yeah, so what?!"

    A fairytale in the making, the Seabiscuit of Eventing,
    competing against giants at the highest level of competition
    Teddy never once shied away from any jump
    for what he lacked in size, he made up in spirit and enthusiasm
    turning heads at Rolex and the Pan Am Games,
    a powerhouse in both individual and team gold!

    Short-listed for the US Olympic team,
    his likeness in Breyer plastic forever immortalized,
    this USEF Horse of the Year’s future seemed bright
    til a freak accident back home severed a hind leg,
    effectively costing his life.

    Now it’s back to the rainbow bridge for Teddy,
    hero, mentor, underling
    the little pony that could.

    © 2011 by Juanita Lewison-Snyder

  7. stephanie barbe hammer

    to the ones who last

    milk chocolate stayed
    so did brioches not croissants.
    German remained, especially Schiller.
    French left and came back, especially Rimbaud.
    the new arrived: enchiladas, t’ai chi,
    you arrived earlier than German
    after French. in between the brioches.
    sometimes we meditate sometimes we don’t.
    thank you for being here —
    hands full of sweet darkness.

  8. Susan M. Bell

    I know this isn’t right, but I’m so bad with many poetic forms. And this is what came into my head after reading the prompt, so here it is.

    I don’t know how
    to write an ode.
    "It’s very easy,"
    so I’m told.
    I sit here now,
    pen in hand.
    My mind is foggy,
    filled with sand.
    It’s almost over,
    and no words are truer.
    sometimes you confound me
    Robert Lee Brewer.

  9. Julieann S Powell

    Ode to Jesus

    Yearly sacrifices are no more.
    Slaughtered animals spilt their blood to
    Push back man’s sin one more year
    so that man could do it all over again.
    My sins were many, my sins were great, so an
    innocent animal was sacrificed for me.
    One sacrifice, an innocent Lamb,
    over two-thousand years ago
    was all it took to put an end to cruelty
    and temporary forgiveness.
    Our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ,
    took the sin of the world upon his shoulder.
    He died the cruelest and vilest death known to man.
    He willingly gave his life for me, for the world.
    His last words, “It is finished,” were only the beginning
    as He willingly picked his life back up
    to carry on his mission of love, grace, and mercy.
    We no longer need to sacrifice an innocent animal,
    to spill its blood to save us.
    The Lamb of God gave his all, one life,
    one final sacrifice, one final time to make me whole
    to cleanse my soul, to give forgiveness,
    to invite me to live in peace and harmony with Him
    in heaven for eternity.


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