2011 April PAD Challenge: Day 28

We’re only 3 days from the finish line–actually 2 days after you finish today’s prompt. Yay!

For today’s prompt, write a “the world without something else” poem. If you remember on Day 3, I had everyone write a “the world without me” poem. This prompt imagines the world without something else, whether a person, place, thing, etc.

Here’s my attempt:

“Strep Throat”

No one would miss you;
I know I wouldn’t.


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And yes, I’m still very sick, but I’ve discovered I’m suffering from a severe case of strep throat, not the flu or a cold. I’ve actually slept 26 of the past 32 hours, so needless to say, my poem today was hard to pull out–even at two lines. I did get a shot and some pills yesterday, so hopefully I’ll start feeling better soon and can finish the month strong with everyone else.

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377 thoughts on “2011 April PAD Challenge: Day 28

  1. Walt Wojtanik

    Thanks PSC (you’ll always be Pamela to me). Anabolicpoetics is the new science I just invented. As soon as my infomercial is finished, we’re going multi-national! And if you buy that, I have a bridge in Brooklyn I’m looking to unload…

    Thanks Pearl. Always the uplifting lady.

    Thanks to all who have commented on my work , but more importantly the works of all other talented poets in this realm. Without your support and love, we would all be stumbling in the darkeness. Your collective light is a brilliant beacon.

  2. Beth Camp

    "World without"

    Give me a fat president,
    without deep lines marking
    his face or hair turned gray
    overnight, no more National Security
    meetings or alerts. I could imagine
    a world without war,
    no young men off to soldier,
    no more waiting for night terrors,
    as blistering as a tornado
    that lifts up a town
    for no reason.
    Reality comes in the morning
    when the storm has passed,
    and we pick up the pieces.

  3. G. Smith

    (A Haiku)
    (c) 2011 – G. Smith

    The world without death
    Would be less painful, but it
    Would be more crowded.

  4. ChapLynn

    Imagine the world without rain

    that would be completely insane
    everything would be the color of grain
    the meadows would be in pain
    the sky would lose its colorful bow
    no flowers, no grass, no plants would grow
    no ocean, no river, no sea
    only ground, only the cursed ground
    everything would be brown, dirty brown
    Can you imagine the world without rain?
    no tapping on the window pane
    no galoshes or umbrellas
    no bonnets, puddles or splashes
    no sad love songs, about how he done you wrong
    no itsy bitsy spider
    no hidden tears or flashing fears
    or thunderous sounds
    no Tornados or Hurricanes
    No Rain, hummmm?

  5. PSC in CT

    Some time to comment, since today’s prompt isn’t out yet.

    Robert – hope you’re feeling better & better.

    Prolific Walt – you’re like a poet on steroids! They ALL made me smile – and what’s better than that?
    My favorite — “No Apples in Eden”… and “A World Without Humor”… and gravity… and Joe DiMaggio… and “World Without Romance”… and I’m really hoping that if you’re contagious – you’re spreading your prolificacy! :- ))

    Jerry – sweet & visual.

    M.A.Dobson – “AN EVER AFTER (for my father)” – touched a chord with me. My father died on April 28th – 31 years ago. Your tribute was lovely.

    Autumn – without sleep – well described! Who can’t identify with that?
    Maxie Steer – love the ending. :- )

    Michele Brenton/banana – a sad piece, well done.

    Oops! I see the prompt has been posted. Time to move on to today.

  6. de jackson

    Benjamin Thomas…

    What is a PAD Poet to do?
    Come back on Wednesdays, as part of the crew.

    Massage more phrases, riddle more rhymes
    look straight ahead, and devour more poems.

    Robert does a prompt every Wednesday. Lots of us are here. If you’ll stick around…we all would cheer.

  7. Walt Wojtanik


    Left silenced,
    devoid of noise and voice.
    So much to say and yet,
    no way to make a point.
    Everyone in this joint
    awaits your next great oration.
    But, in a nation of opinion
    you’re in over your head.
    You dread that your
    rant can’t live up to the hype.
    Your lips are moving,
    and they are behooving
    you to wow them; to exasperate them.
    You do your best to placate them,
    but all you do is leave them
    breathless for words.

  8. de jackson

    Thank you, Michael Grove.

    And Pearl, holy cow! That was quite the undertaking, and quite the masterpiece. What a kind champion you have been, for all of us. Thank you so much for all of your encouragement, kind thoughts, and creative talent this month.

  9. Benjamin Thomas

    What is a PAD Poet to do?

    What is a PAD poet to do?
    For in three days the PAD will be through.

    Massage the temples, fiddle my thumbs
    look at past days and nibble on some crumbs.

  10. Benjamin Thomas

    What is a PAD Poet to do?

    What is a PAD poet to do?
    For in three days the PAD will be through.

    Massage the temples, fiddle my thumbs
    look at past days and nibble on some crumbs.

  11. M.A. Dobson

    Pearl, I wish I had written The World w/o Sleep but that distinction goes to Autumn Hall! Happy to find my name there though!

    And thanks, de, for what you wrote. Means a lot.

  12. Kim King

    Pearl- You are the master! Love how you included absolutely everyone. Makes me feel guilty about neglecting so many people with my pathetic comments. Perhaps when I am retired from teaching, in about 10 years, I’ll be able to do this forum justice. Thanks, on behalf of all of us, for keeping the love flowing throughout these past 29 days.
    Love to you! Thanks!

  13. Carole Katsantoness

    Without Thinking

    When we last spoke moodiness
    was apparent,
    Ease, comfort, tranquility amiss.

    Yearning to discover the
    persons of interest, the events
    that altered our connective bliss.

    I reach,you shun, bristle and turn.
    Silence, distance are not mending

    We’ll find the ground our
    dripping blood pours out on,
    this tension’s fade into a deep

  14. Benjamin Thomas

    World without TV

    The world without TV
    a very productive place
    I’d actually know my family
    Appreciate their face

    No movies, cable, bills
    or all the movie shows
    We have to open up,
    talk to one another
    I hope, I suppose

  15. Elizabeth Johnson

    Wow, some great additions here overnight!

    Andrew, Melissa, Nina, Michael Grove – thanks all for your lovely comments!

    Cameron – trees are my inspiration, and I could never live in a world without them! beautifully written- calls for multiple readings!

  16. Benjamin Thomas

    A World without You

    A world without you
    simply would not do
    There would be no one
    to lift me up
    none to pull me through

    A world without you
    simply would not do
    For I’d be without
    My poem PAD crew

  17. Benjamin Thomas

    Without two sugar, without one cream

    Without two sugar without one cream
    Coffee so disgusting
    I’d barf or scream

    Without two sugar, without one cream
    A day of brain farts,
    Another to redeem

    Every thought on stand-by
    Every nerve rebel
    Sighs, yawns, grumpy spells
    Everyone could tell

    Medium coffee
    Two sugar, one cream please….

  18. Benjamin Thomas

    Iain D. Kemp: Hi Iain, enjoyed reading your moosehead poem and your experience chugging coffee. It inspired to write another prompt.

    Take care!

  19. Walt Wojtanik


    Stroll the beach,
    no one within reach;
    no friend, no lover,
    no other person striding
    beside you. Just you
    and this God-forsaken stretch
    of rocky sand. You wish there
    was a hand within yours
    grasping for your touch
    and hoping to feel your heart.
    But, the beat is faint,
    barely alive; you are alone.
    The surf crashes, no gentle
    wafting of a slow and tentric
    seduction. There is just a reduction;
    an erosion with each explosion
    of the tide. The skies
    are muddy, a ruddy palette
    of a depressed artisan; no man
    could ever feel this desparate.
    The gulls screech, an intrusion
    on your solitude; an annoyance.
    The buoyancy of dead fish brings
    an accompaning stench and the
    bird droppings detract and you
    react in utter horror. You notice it.
    Reality slaps a cold hand across
    the perception of your solitary life.
    Without romance, it’s just a dirty beach.

  20. Marie Elena

    Thanks so much to Mike and Nina for the mentions! Mike, you added more haiku … love them all.

    Nina, your work is top shelf.

    Pearl, I can’t believe you stayed up all night for that labor of love! Well, I take that back. You have enough love in you to keep the fingers and hours flying. You and Janet amaze me. Thank you!!!

    Iain, thank you for your "slain" admission! So funny, and SO ME! LOVE Phoenix Rising.

  21. Iain D. Kemp

    Dear Moosehead,
    That’s more like it! Way better.
    Hey, can you imagine a world without baseball?
    Me neither and baseball without the Yanks?
    Unthinkable – like Mac and no cheese, like P and no J
    like Abbott and no Costello, like Crosby with no Hope.
    That’s what the world would be – hopeless!
    Hey do me a favour and keep the harpies another week
    will ya? I’m really enjoying my freedom. I’ll be even happier
    if we can show them no-good Sox from the Windy City
    a real lesson in baseball tonight. Pick me up at 6,
    it’s your turn to spill for the beer and dogs

    Yours seeing the light at the end
    Ringo the Howler

  22. Iain D. Kemp

    *slain! it’s slain! I’m sitting half awake chugging coffee wondering why spellcheck doesn’t like slayed and then the caffeine reaches the right part of the brain and I get it. Sometimes I think I have no right to be an English teacher!!! At least not before coffee!


  23. Iain D. Kemp

    Phoenix Rising

    The Sad Monster is dead
    the demons inside
    that tormented the soul for decades
    are slayed
    banished from creation
    and life is good
    life is sweet
    yes there are bad days
    sometimes there is bad news
    there are trials and tribulations
    there are hurdles to overcome
    but they are faced with resilience
    with a smile and a song on the lips
    a golden joy in the heart
    and the knowledge that
    anything is possible
    and nothing is so great
    that it will allow for the evil to return
    the world without demons
    without the Sad Monster
    is a good place


  24. Tracy Davidson

    A World Without News

    Turned on the TV today,
    looks like we already have it.
    The only thing happening, it seems,
    is some wedding.
    Bored now.

  25. Tracy Davidson

    A World Without Colour (oops sorry – Color!)

    looking black and white,
    with shades of
    grey between.
    At least we women wouldn’t
    need as many shoes.

  26. vivienne Bake

    PAD 28 prompt: The World without …..

    Unimaginable – a world without poetry.
    Unthinkable – a world without love.
    Improbable, but greatly to be desired –
    a world without war, religious intolerance, hatred.

    I may come back to this one and expand a bit.

  27. Gretchen Gersh Whitman

    PAD 2011- April 28
    Prompt: the world without something else

    When it seems all is lost

    in the storm, after the deluge,
    sun glows like a silver
    chalice through clouds.

    The rain stops, unlike
    the year an uprooted willow
    slides down the road.
    Waterfalls churn on the hill,
    & the first green buds of
    dogwood burst. A crow

    caws & streaks across
    the lush hushed brush. Crocus
    glide in purple mud. Tulips pink as
    a hare’s eye flare in twilight.

    The day shines as if Apollo
    steers his gilded chariot with
    six white horses through the
    haze to claim the prize.

    Yet the hours are drab &
    lack luster. Something is
    missing without you.

    Gretchen Gersh Whitman

  28. PKP aka Pearl Ketover Prilik

    Buddah…before I sleep…thank you for the inclusions and all the fun…would almost be enough but for the fact that you are an extraordinarily talented writer. Look forward to your new writing venture and of course the cokes and wings. Thank you "buddah" you have made this experience extra special just by being you!

  29. PKP aka Pearl Ketover Prilik

    Perhaps things do happen for a reason I came back on because I felt badly remembering two names of the more I am sure I must have inadvertently omitted and find A LOVELY BIRTHDAY WISH FROM YOU! THANK YOU and sleep well!

  30. PKP aka Pearl Ketover Prilik

    Okay folks… Here’s to NINA AND GEORGINA who perhaps
    Because you somewhat rhyme stayed floating in my mind’s predawn foggy mist
    And as I drifted realized thought you were not on the PA LIST!
    Sure rough iPad now on hand and bleary-eyed I realized dear compatriots in poeming
    I failed although I tried… To you and the inevitable other slips of mind but not affection or admiration
    I apologize, thank you for sharing with me and wish you happy poeming…. Goodnight!

  31. PKP aka Pearl Ketover Prilik

    A World Without Poetic Asides Fondly Called By Some The Street
    Would a World Emptied of Images, Rhythms, and Poets to Greet

    There would be no Robert Lee Brewer
    Our fearless leader whose pens through
    A “Strep Throat"
    No Walt writing of “A World Without Poetry”
    “There would be no beauty if poetry was not…” it would come to an end
    No De Jackson writing “Sans” of “Hearts that won’t mend…”
    There would not be Sam Nielson’s humor as in “Without Wind” writing how “There are those who say – I am like an unwanted wind”…
    There would be no Chev or Jerry either – no words of “The World Without Dandelions”
    no indented lines that showed wishes floating away
    No Gloria Bostic… who pen no poems about the sons never born
    Nor Mariya Koleva – musing on “The world without its center?”
    No Kit Cooley – no “Bee-less” images of flowers blossom
    No PKP and “Dr. Kulachs’ Piano Recital”
    No musings of Michael Grove penning on “Hate No More” or “peace …that rise from oceans floor.
    No chuckle poetic flirtation between Daniel and De who would not have “this prompt so…promptly
    No De Jackson and her wide range – no “Poof” …(abracadabra) Wave of wand, ..All gone.
    No Mike M. pondering a still life “Without Storms
    No Marie Elena’ s sweet membership in the commentary team that have gotten many including this poem to return and boosted esteem
    No souls would be held as Gloria’s father
    No M.A. Dobson writing “The World Without Sleep…” in the throes on insomnia vividly
    There would be no Autumn N. Hall’s unique twist removing the “E”
    No Anders Byland … and his wonderful search instrument nor his knowledge” about why the cage bird” does sing
    No Zeb with his enthusiasm playfully “Imagining a World without Z”
    No Linda M. Rhinehart Neas no “ The World without PAD”
    Nor Maxi Steer or “The World Without Slime”
    No Patricia Hawkenson with a range from the celestial to “The World without Casseroles
    nor “curry” nor mush…
    No Michele (Banana) penning “Hopeless” “as things are calmer now…”
    No Walt imagining a world “Without Gravity”
    Gone Joseph Harker – and his “Sonnet For Peak Fuels”
    No Walt continuing on – no “WHERE HAVE YOU GONE, JOE DiMAGGIO recalling an era’s jewels.
    No Katie Dixon and her “Ambrosia" no “from the night on the rising steam.”
    No Dare Gaither, no “Poison Ivy” Without Temptation
    Nor Shannon Lockhard sweet “Temptation”
    No Rose Anna Hines and her piercing “ A World Without Taste”
    No Marie Elena and “These Things I can Do Without” from “brussels sprout to falling out” they would not exist absolutely no doubt.
    No Janet Rice Carnahan how could that be? No “WORLD WITHOUT ANTS” and all her commentary
    No Ivanius just come me to know …none of her poems “No Blanks” how would that go?
    No meeting of Jane Schlensky and “The World Without You” a richness of images what would we do?
    No Mike Maher and his multiple attempts of the day as “The World Wihout Something Else” whatever could one say?
    No Pamela Murray Winters waxing on “In a world without clouds”
    In a world without clouds
    No Beth Rodgers as the world falls silent in “The World Without Music”
    Nor Elizabeth Johnson in “Without dogs”
    No Linda Voit taking up no cause because there’d be none and so no “Without Labels Taking the Lead” and no Losi S.
    No Joe writing actively of “Monotony”
    No Nancy Posey no prompts, no “World Without Weather”
    No Margaret Van Pelt sweetly combining “Strep Throat” and kisses
    No Catherine Lee who this year has come and then “No World Without Rhythm… what a vacuum
    No Bruce contemplating “less terrifying” “A World without Tornadoes”
    No Connie Peters imagining “A World Without Flowers”
    No J.D. MacKenzie “Without a Place to Call Our Own”
    No Richard-Merlin Atwater or “A World Without Love”
    No Justine Hemmestad “with no reason for expression” in “A World Without Passion”
    No Kim King who could not leave “The World Without Poetry”
    No Mike Bayles in a “World Without Music”
    No Karen Legg to wittily imagine what “A World without Will”
    No Nikki Markle who I can never read without hearing my favorite poetic word sparkle – no “Starless Shadorma”
    No Taylor Graham – no lush language of “Fleas”
    Thursday, April 28, 2011 6:14:03 PM (GMT Daylight Time, UTC+01:00)
    No Gil Gallager – no Stephen King of PA no today “Without Sky”
    No Rob Halpin pointing to the perils of our “PAPERLESS SOCIETY”
    No Rachel Green would e’er be seen and no “One Demon Less”
    Nor Marian Ververka in “A World without Music”
    No Andrew Kreider and no “The World Without His Genius” a place of far less caffeinated flash and fun.
    No Autumn Hall nor “A World without Proselytizing”
    No Katreylu Angus no one to write a poem of a world “WITHOUT ANIMAL RIGHTS ACTIVISTS”
    Nor Mbschied in “a world without whining”
    No Dheepika – No passionate poem no “ A Surrogate Mother”
    No M. Wood – none of his intellect no “Without” speaking of “Books molder on shelves.”
    Nor Chimnese and therefore “ No World Without Homophobia”
    No J. Lynn giving tribute to the tornado victims “Home” …falling-…into the center
    of the earth.”
    No Michele Hed and no “Blue” oh how sad that would be if she were not here, true
    No P. Wanken creating an empty reality without her “Without You”
    No prolific Walt .. and so no giggle at “NO UNDERWEAR”
    No LBC and then No “World Without Sound
    Nor Sara V? how could that be no “Staunching the Flow”
    No Marcia Gaye finding a poem by James Gaye Jr. thinking on “The World Without Dress Codes” and how that all might be
    No Sheree Rabe to think “On Utopia”
    No Arielle Lancaster-LaBrea! This “new-to-me” voice of brilliance no today of “Without that morning at your house”
    Nor Heiberg and never “INTO ACROBATICS” having me smiling still
    No Barbara Young no “world without walls…”
    No Lori Thatcher penning “A World without Us”
    Nor Joseph Beckman who can write a poem “Sans Inspiration” which of course inspires
    No Hannah Gosselin no fairies, creatures, and such things as “A World Without Marshes”
    No RJ Clarken and her unique take. No “World Without Sticky Notes”
    Thursday, April 28, 2011 8:47:28 PM (GMT Daylight Time, UTC+01:00)
    For today’s peculiar poem, I decided to use the form Novelinee. Per The Poets Garret:
    No “meeting” Domino and no “The World Without Lies”
    Mariel Dumas – No “Projection-less World”
    No Miskmask- and then no “A World Without Arthritis”
    No ACD and as it would be no “Without Fear”
    Nina B Lanctot and none of “THE WORLD WITHOUT AGENCY”
    Nor Joe or “A World Without Lovers”
    No Kyhaara or a “World Without Chocolate”
    No Daniel Ari’s 3 “Without Judgment"
    Nor Angel V and a “World Without Sin”
    No “meeting” for me Andrea Boltwood and never reading terrific “A World Without Onomatopoeia”
    No Sara McNulty! “No World Without Your Smile”
    No De Jackson – hard to imagine the shrinking of scope no “Bumble”
    No Ideurmyer and therefore no “Gripers and Complainers”
    Running out of steam and want to be sure to include everyone I read… please forgive if truncated…. And HUGE APOLOGIES IF SOMEHOW YOUR NAME OR POEM WAS SKIPPED!!!!!!! (If it matters to you please let me know and I’ll include )
    No Ann No “I heard the black crows” a voice that finds the light in the dark
    No Annie McWilliams. No “at the edge of the world”
    No Genevieve Fitzgerald. “No World Without Words”
    No Benjamin Thomas . No “A Dog-less World”
    No, Amy Barlow Liberatore!! No Advocacy! As in tonight’s “No Gay Men” how would that be?
    No Salvatore Buttaci –No “Worlds Will Grow Silent” ????
    No Michael Grove – such kind words directed to me no “family” or “my baby, baseball..”
    No “meeting” PSC in Ct wonderful poems and commentary No “The World Without Goodbye”
    No Jacqueline Hallenbeck sensitive as all heck. No “World without gossip”
    No Sandra Robinson – new to me on PA street – No “World Without Sports”
    No Buddha Moskowitz – no lists – no scintillating lines? “No Color TV”
    No Melissa Rossetti Folini one of the most beautiful names on this street.
    No Karen Phillips – coupling of lines and images in her own style
    Nor Jo Lightfoot – a distinctive voice that lingers on
    No Cameron Steele – remember shedding a tear
    No Judy Rodney – a wonderful blog site and great visiting there
    No Rose Anna Hines – tender heart, writing of difficult times
    Nor Kendall A Bell – No “Imagining a world without hippies”
    No John Pupo – No “Stevie Nicks” who I distinctly remember someone no being able to sleep til she found
    No Robin Morris – new I do believe welcome and sound
    No A.C. Leming and not tonight’s “The Last Straw”

    And finally in the way of all mortal beings hard to imagine especially on tonight the beginning of a special day that there would be no PKP no

    World Without From Here To Eternity

    A world without the crashing waves
    Of Lancaster’s from Here to Eternity
    Would have left this April baby
    With a different paternity

    I mis-estimated the time this might take and looking at the clock see that I’m in the process of an all-nighter to take which would be my pleasure which would be my joy to somehow even for only myself to synthesize the month into the now … but today is a day that others want to celebrate and so I must leave as Janet might call this pearl necklace for it is late. I thought that I’d say much more witty and light as I begun that this street would be emptied, cold and deprived of much light, if even one single voice here was not heard, read, created into a post, a time of community, of sharing of dedication and perhaps a kind of collective like-minded poetic love most…

    To all a good night – happy poeming – forgive the truncation of this tribute to what we all would be missing … on just this one night multiplied thirty times over!

  32. haiku love songs

    feel better soon! here’s my haibun ~

    "monsters under the bed"

    from the day the twins were born, Joey and Jodi were inseparable. only when they were older did they tell anyone that when they held hands they could make the monsters disappear. or at least go sleep at the neighbors.
    what more can we want
    than a world without monsters
    a safe place for all

  33. haiku love songs

    feel better soon! here’s my haibun ~

    "monsters under the bed"

    from the day the twins were born, Joey and Jodi were inseparable. only when they were older did they tell anyone that when they held hands they could make the monsters disappear. or at least go sleep at the neighbors.
    what more can we want
    than a world without monsters
    a safe place for all

  34. Jay Sizemore

    A starless sky

    is eventual, the black yawn
    of an emptiness before dreams,
    the moon a dead white eye
    that slowly closes
    like a coffin lid on the night.

    An absence of wonder
    suffocates the stillness,
    a black void where wishes
    go to die and prayers
    fumble toward heaven
    like blind dogs
    following the scent
    of a ghost.

    The vampires stay inside,
    drained of romanticism,
    bled like the light
    from the Milky Way,
    watching re-runs,
    falling out of love
    with electricity,
    counting the days,
    until the last sunrise.

  35. Michael Grove

    Thank You so much de jackson. Gather inspiration anywhere. Couldn’t imagine the world without my baby or baseball today.
    Thanks for the praise Gloria Bostic, Amy Barlow Liberatore, Nina B. Lanctot, and Janet Rice.

    Today, I Really enjoyed PKP aka Pearl Ketover Prilik (Esp War), Joy Cagil, M.A. Dobson (father), Patricia A. Hawkenson (zombie food), Marie Elena (I’ve got a funny one about brussel sprouts), Elizabeth Johnson (dogs), de jackson (several incl. let’s), Jane Shlesky (Water), Walt (Eden), Andrew Kreider (Coffee), Janet Rice (procrastination), M Wood (Without), Nancy Posey (Similes), Hannah Gosselin (Marshes), Nina B. Lanctot (Agency A++ My fave read of the day – either revision), Angel V. (sin), Benjamin Thomas (dogs), Salvatore Buttaci (Silent), and Cameron Steele (trees)

    Haiku (5 Without)

    A world without love.
    Not worthy of existence.
    A world without life.

    ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

    Enough to nourish.
    A world without poverty.
    Equality feeds.

    ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

    Love lost forever.
    Look right around the corner.
    New love may be found.

    ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

    Must have the water.
    Cannot live without the light.
    Need to breath the air.

    ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

    With no amusement.
    Such a boring world it is.
    Must play a little.

    By Michael Grove

  36. Janet Rice Carnahan


    You made me laugh with your comment about procrastination! Thanks for joining me in not finding it either . . . well, not yet anyway! We will though, we will! Anytime now to be sure! You are welcome for the comment, btw! Thanks, Ivanius!


    So happy to help make your day! It is like morning coffee around here! “Brewed” strong, plenty of it and enough to last you all day with cups overflowing with joy! Not to mention the GREAT buzz that gets going! Come on in! Thanks for the comments, btw! I appreciated, Hieberg!

    Elizabeth Johnson

    Loved your comment about procrastination . . . now, let’s see where were we? Oh, yeah . . . because? Ok . . . just get back to me! Thanks, Elizabeth, loved it!

    Sweet Hannah

    Yes, a world without negative thinking would be a much brighter place indeed! Keep up those BIG smiles!!! It offsets any clouds that damper that positive possibility! Thanks for your Sweet Hannah touch today!

    De Jackson

    Loved your comment today! Thank you, De! Yes, I am a pro-procrastinator too. Wait! I jumped right on this! I didn’t stall or put it off or delay! Hummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm . . . ok . . . ah, this feels better!

    Andrew Kreider

    Yes, those pesty ants just get everywhere, don’t they, Andrew? Thanks for your kind mention today! I appreciate it, Andrew, I do!

    Nina Lanctot

    Wow, Nina . . . you got on quite the roll today! Quite the impressive list of comments! I appreciate the shout out that you, “GOT IT”! Glad that you got it but not quite sure what you got! In any case, you got what you got . . . and I sincerely hope it is not what everyone else today seems to have caught! Thanks, Nina!

    Buddah Moskowitz

    WOW! Making your list is like being kissed on the 4th of July, with apple pie covered in vanilla bean ice cream and fireworks high in the sky! But, seriously, Mosk . . . I’m ok with Coca-Cola, Buffalo wings and knowing you’ll miss me! Really, I’m good with that! Yes, let us know about your online poetry adventure. Yeah, always a feeling of missing the community as the PAD winds down! Semester ends is a great example. It has class, you know! Thanks, Mosk, I appreciate the mention!

    Jo Lightfoot

    Hey, Jo! Thank you so much for your kind mention today! It was, you guessed it, “1- wonderful” comment! I appreciate you taking the time to post your comments! Thanks, Jo!

    Michael Grove

    I loved your list of takeaways! A world without them would be One Wonderful World! Agreed! Daddy-Daughter Day sounded like pardon me truly, a ball! Enjoyed it! How cool you could take her out to the ball game! (Yes, singing here!)

    Benjamin Thomas

    Yes, support here matters and where in the world would we be without it and poets, indeed! Thanks, Benjamin and you’re welcome! 😉 Your kind words have been a delight to read. So glad you found us all here!


    Michelle Brenton/banana

    I thought, “Hopeless” was a beautiful and sincere description of true human emotions, Michelle. I know you know human challenges and you spoke here with such an experienced compassion. “Things are calmer now, no ups nor downs, heart-thumping anxiety, recalled but not understood, the feelings are so long gone.” When calmer times return after too much angst a feeling of normalcy is such a welcomed improvement. “I think it’s true to say, I’m happier these days, of peaceful equilibrium. I start the day and end it on the same solid note.” I loved this line referring to stability and strength after the storm. Your ending was also beautifully expressed. “There is nothing left to fear, I am entirely settled, it’s more comfortable to live, a life without hope.” With your ending, it seems there are a possible two perspectives here. One, you are making a case for accepting one’s situation instead of always just hoping that things will continue getting better. And two, it is better to live then to have a life without hope. Either way, you wrote a beautiful and moving poem around genuine feelings of hope and fear. Very nice, Michelle, very nice!

    Mariya Koleva

    “The World Without its Center” was a lovely little poem that had a giant message in the middle of it. “Anyway, what’s in the center? Is it a thing, a person, or a thought, otherwise incapable of getting identified?” What profound questions, Mariya, and how very human to want to know what is in the center! It begs greater exploration! “And should I try to find, a single one, instead of blending all the world around its missing center?” I like this line because it shows our human nature and how if you leave it to us humans, we try to land an answer to every question. Your ending was fabulous, Mariya! I love this line, “Around the edges of the absolute”. Such a beautiful way to look at this very BIG question! I am glad you took the time to go into it and see what you could find! Totally delightful quest! Way to go, Mariya!

    Karen Legg

    I loved, “A World without Will”, Karen! At first, I thought you meant Prince William! I apologize because clearly it is a tribute to William Shakespeare! I got a kick out of your beginning! “Shall I compare thee . . . (oh, wait, not that), now is the winter of our discontent (no, not that, either).” I found this most amusing because you are right, it has been done! Your respect for him and his writing was so evident. “I could search all the corners of the world, forever and a day, and not find words, uninspired by the Bard.” Your next line showed me clearly why. “He has seeped into the very marrow of our language . . . there would be no rhyme or reason, without the words he wrote.” I loved your line, “I would cheerily be a borrower, not a lender be worthy of note.” You are so right he can’t be compared to anyone. “Comparisons are odorous, but not much smells as sweet as the roses he left. Poem without Will? That way lies madness, not method. For me, Shakespeare is such stuff as poetic dreams are made on.” Wow, Karen, such devotion! Truly remarkable! Thanks for sharing this! Bravo!


    “The World Without Sound” spoke volumes! “Without sound, the world revolves around actions speaking louder than words. Read lips, left to visual, interpretation, make soundless love red hot.” I love “soundless love red hot”! I agree actions are louder than words when there is no sound. We get to employ our imaginations full tilt and because of the way they are built, anything is possible. Given how much noise is out in the world without obvious meaning, a quiet world can seem much more preferred. I truly loved your ending, though! “Silent world sounds perfect but for the absence of an occasional sha boom, she bang!” Yes, in a perfect silent world, we would never hear the “sha-boom, she bang”, so how much fun would that be? Some sounds are worth listening to indeed! Great job with this poem, LBC! It made a fabulous sound within silence!

    M Wood

    “Without” is a beautiful poem about what could happen if we went without teachers and all the wonderful things, necessary things they provide. When it all breaks down, everything depends on teachers being essential for our learning on every level. I quite agree! “Reading, always considered difficult is abolished, math becomes a new frontier, divided into the three territories of Algebra, Geometry and Calculus, nobody goes there. Barter is established as nobody can count money anymore.” Behavior and social appropriateness is also affected. “Idol worship becomes vogue, music is a memory, art is apostate, conduct is cruel and indifferent.” Even, “Maslow has taken back the other six.” Your ending is touching and makes your case so clearly. “The ages are darker, when the light is snuffed out, in a world without teachers.” Ah, so true! This poem said so much about the meaningful place the world has for teachers, M Wood! Thank you so much for sharing this important poem! Great job, A+!

    Judy Roney

    Yes, a world without computers is almost hard to imagine at this point! Do we even know how to identify ourselves without one? I really enjoyed your poem, “The World Without Computers”, Judy! “Live without my computer? I’d have to refigure my life, would sit with pen and paper, no online friends or support, no research materials at my beck and call.” We get spoiled with so much available at our finger tips now! “I wouldn’t know as much, do as much, or be as much. How great life would have been if I’d had a computer in my childhood or while raising my kids, but I’ll just be thankful I have one now.” Well said, Judy! I have thought the same thing many times. Especially with children at home, some computer time for support and connection would have been useful. Yes, thank goodness . . . we have one now! I am with you, Judy! Totally functional now and so much faster! Yeah for technology! How else to do PAD too? Great going, Judy . . . you are connected now!

    My world is now without a good cookie and a soft blanket because I am right here, right now . . . with all you good people! And yet . . . signing off as we speak! A few more days left and away we go! Onward and Up Word to us all! Sleep well and have pleasant poetic dreams tonight! Thank you for letting me drop in on your poems yet again!

  37. de jackson

    Inspired in part by Michael Grove’s amazing game of “Takeaway”…


    Lose lies
    Demolish pride
    Misplace prejudice
    Efface evil
    Cancel cruelty
    Obliterate hate
    Eliminate illiteracy
    Eradicate hypocrisy
    Expunge judgment
    Execute murder
    Remove violence
    Shake off spite
    Scoff at offensiveness
    Bash bigotry
    Starve poverty
    Destroy disease
    Negate negativity
    Erase rage
    Wage war on war
    Abolish anger,
    Demolish doubt.
                                  (Just do without.)

  38. de jackson

    Whew. Today was a day ‘without’ much margin. But I had to stop in for one more peek. Tonight I also got “snagged” by (thanks, Jo Lightfoot for the awesome analogy)…

    Stephen S. Whitaker:
    where one’s name changes, unfolds, rather
    like a pair of wings

    Benjamin Thomas: Thanks so much. Lotsa truth, but ancient. I still sometimes write of a 20-year old heartache, long healed. Those fault lines are part of me now, and I embrace them. Thanks for your kindness.

    Jo Lightfoot: Loved your “consideration” piece. And thanks for your wonderful info/insights on the bees.

    Sandra Robinson: sweet “sports” tribute, I assume to your own father. Wonderful.

    M.A. Dobson: Glad writing is helping bring some healing. Hope you won’t disappear fully after April, though I can understand the relief of going back to editing. Your voice would be missed. Come Wednesdays!

    Salvatore Buttaci: Powerful, and a sad and chilling thought.

    Michael Grove: what a sweet Daddy Daughter date moment. Loved it.

    Linda Simoni-Wastila: The Kissing Tree. Wonderful. There used to be a tree between Vegas and Reno we dubbed The Shoe Tree. One of those where people have inexplicably tossed their pairs of shoes all over the branches, like so many shoelace birds. Last year on our twice-annual journey, the entire tree was gone. I felt, as you so eloquently penned, exactly like I had lost a friend.

    Thank you, Mosk. Excited to explore your poetry venue. Was toying with the idea of tackling a day of the week prompt that other sites don’t cover, but not entirely sure I could keep up with it. Keep us posted!

    Jacqueline Hallenbeck: I’m with you. Shel-less would suck. Can’t wait to explore your site. And thanks for the kind words on Bumble.

    Kendall A. Bell: Loved the tone of your “hippies.” Especially that last line.

    AC. Lemming: Powerful piece on pain, called out in such a scientific way, but the pain still felt so personal. Praying healing for you.

    Amy! So great to see you here. Have missed your voice. Today’s did not disappoint.

    Hannah: Your “marshes” piece was just beautiful. You’re such a gorgeous naturalist poet. Also: thank you.

    Nina Lanctot: Loved Agency. And thank you. And how wonderful that you made the time to comment on so many today!

    Andrew Kreider: Your coffee piece was a fun eye-opener. And thanks for the kind words.

  39. Jane Shlensky

    Rather than my usual list, I had time only to read like the wind today, but let me say how glad you all make me to be among you here. Your ideas of the world without everything from underwear and liars to coffee and slugs have only scratched the surface of your capacity to imagine and to communicate that. You humble me every day, the lot of you.

    That said, I appreciate the lovely comments of PKP, Marie Elena, Nina, and Andrew, and I’m again honored to be on Buddah’s list, what with the icy Cokes and buffalo wings. Robert, I’m trying to imagine a day without this challenge and not enjoying the feeling. I’m hooked now, man, I can’t go cold turkey. Ween us off the challenge, will ya? Love you guys.


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