2011 April PAD Challenge: Day 27

I apologize for the late prompt this morning. I’m battling either a severe cold or the flu and was having trouble even getting out of bed this morning to take medicine and drink liquids. Sigh.


For today’s prompt, take the phrase “In the (blank) of (blank),” replace the blanks with a word or phrase, make the new phrase the title of your poem, and then, write your poem. Some possible titles might include: “In the Heat of the Night,” “In the Heat of the Moment,” “In the Middle of a Heated Argument,” etc. Of course, you don’t have to use the word “heat” in your poem title; blame my fever for coming up with all those sample titles.

Here’s my attempt:

“In the poem of the poem”

There’s a string that connects one can
to another, but I can’t make
out any words. I know trying
doesn’t mean doing, but I keep
making my bed in the morning
and dreaming throughout the day. I’m not
sure what else I can really do.


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309 thoughts on “2011 April PAD Challenge: Day 27

  1. Dennis Wright

    In The Middle of The Street

    Children hold races
    and play tag or toss
    footballs between cars
    parked near the curb.

    So carefree they play
    on this dead end street
    where the traffic is
    of only mild danger.

    From their carefree play
    appears a rhytm,
    sense and meaning.
    Poetry abounds.

  2. c. denise simmonds medina

    Can you think…of a way to stop the suffering and pain of all the poor people? Think about it okay…I try to another way with the attached letter. You might differ with it. But it is another way I tried.

    Poor people need help to end their suffering and pain

    Our dear elected officials, your constituents need your help – because some of you need to…please stop sacrificing the poor as offerings to a certain numbers of big giants? These big giants who behave as big bad wolves oppressing school children, college students, the elderly, the poor employees, the innocents and people with disabilities. Please stop tormenting the poor for these giant’s lavish lives?

    These giants’ laughs at the poor – with big belching and loud snoring at the expense of the poor. Because some of you allow these giants with their big hands to knock
    out the poor.

    Some of you are connected with these giants who use the poor by starving children and making kids too sick to learn their education…then take away the resources to go to college, suppress their grandparents to the grave to make room for giant’s big feet to roam the earth – and then let giants little giant children bulldoze and enslave the poor never to grow.

    All of your voters’ cares for you – but you need to let your fingers vote on behalf of all the poor and needy who help build this country too – and you should lead by true standard.

    Which one of you…which politicians, which governor, which mayor, which legislative, which senator, which institution, which club or group, which corporation, which business or which government said that they care about the poor but their actions worked against the poor so badly.

    What would you do if you find out that you have not given your poor voters what they believed you had agreed on in your initial political address? They believed you would be their hero leader. Instead…these giants trampled them into deeper poverty. How about taking some time to pay attention and listen to the poor voters who believed your promises to do right by them, to cradle them, to take good care of them, to be there for them, stand by them, to have their back, to be good by them, to be a good person and to make up for the errors of your predecessors.

    Maybe this is the time to step up everyone, who said they care about the poor and vote your fingers to defeat poverty for sure.

    The poor cannot find enough pennies on the ground to accumulate a dollar and afford dollar store purchase.
    The poor cannot afford to wash dishes, clean home, wash clothing and wash their bodies much less afford the fragrances to have a reasonable smell.
    The poor cannot afford toothbrush and tooth paste much less afford the doctor’s co pay.
    The poor cannot afford the public transportation and they are not healthy to walk for miles and miles to their destinations and back home especially in the cold

    The poor are without home, without utilities, without pots and pan, without utensils, without beds, without sleep, without lavatory, without toilet paper, and chairs…the bankrupt home owners are without your cares and without your help for tomorrow.

    Can you please look at and hear the sound of whimpering cry of babies suffering and in pain, and the cry of the destitute for food, for clothing and for help with their illnesses and diseases to get well. Their cry for you their representative not to look down on them – but for you to do more than what you said you would do before you were elected.

    All of your voters are happy for you – but you need to let your fingers vote on behalf of all the poor and needy who help build this country too – and you should lead by true standard.

    This is just an example, but it is apparent that it cost much more to recover the economy from a terrible natural disaster. And these giants have to rebuild by coughing up their hidden treasures. Would you not rather spend the money to save the economy through supporting justice and mercy for the poor? Would you not rather fix the economic problem through the reality of physically taking care of all the poor – by letting them have jobs, homes, education and good health to spend money to recover the economy?

    Who was it that said that they love their neighbors as they love themselves? Where are your neighbors? Right now you are not living in poverty like your neighbors – humiliated low down and poor like your neighbors. You are not stripped and restricted of your employment rights as your neighbors. The above is your neighbors. Do you profess that you still love your neighbors as yourself?

    Who was it that said equality under the flag? Who was it that said they are more patriotic than others. Who was it that said their love for their country is more than everyone else? Where is the justice and mercy for the poor under the flag? Be like our wise and great founding fathers humbly and patriotically embrace the less fortunate and visitors of this country for better and for good fortune.

    All of your voter’s want the best for you – but you need to let your fingers vote on behalf of all the poor and needy who help build this country too- and you should lead by true standard.

    However or whatever our status are, we all want success and peace for the world, for our country, our state, our city, our county, our town, our community and for each other to survive:


    Remember Hope…
    Hope is right here and will never leave
    Hope is good thought
    Hope is good feelings
    Hope is good at heart
    Hope is forever and will never end
    Its heights cannot be measured
    Its deeps cannot be reached
    Hope is in the heart a promise for the future.
    C. Denise Simmonds Medina

  3. chanel handbags

    a crashing wave over her fingers
    as words dance across the computer
    screen. A cherry blossom-scented candle
    kisses the shadow of the bamboo on the
    windowsill and merges with hers.
    Her stuffed animals mirror her life–
    how friends easily come by but are hard

  4. A~Lotus

    In the Room of a Poet

    The clock ticks away the pages
    typed on scents of honey and citrus.
    Autumn sunlight permeates the walls
    while a mockingbird sings dreams into
    her mind. Before her are thoughts
    of freedom and love, lust and loss–
    each a crashing wave over her fingers
    as words dance across the computer
    screen. A cherry blossom-scented candle
    kisses the shadow of the bamboo on the
    windowsill and merges with hers.
    Her stuffed animals mirror her life–
    how friends easily come by but are hard
    to keep up with and how she is still alone,
    even lonelier with her thoughts befriending
    only the silence late into the night.
    A trophy case holds bookends of her childhood
    where she proved her worth to her parents
    which at the time meant something to her.
    But everything had lost their glimmer
    some time long ago somehow. A spark
    of sunlight centers the room where her bed
    fits a princess with Midas’ touch. Her pillow
    still holds secrets and tears no one has heard.
    But even better than asking for a tooth fairy
    to come, a rosary instead lies under her pillow–
    heaven never so far away yet never close enough.

  5. Juanita Lewison-Snyder

    in the thick of it
    by juanita lewison-snyder

    well she got what she wanted
    and darn near what she thought she deserved
    though she would have liked better
    in order to feed the greed.
    she’s glad that it’s over
    and pleased with the end result,
    eager to put it behind her
    and live like there’s no tomorrow.
    a little like winning the lotto
    or luck on a roulette wheel,
    a face made for poker
    a brain made for bookie games.
    she’s proud of the scammin’
    and thirsty to leave her mark
    in lust with the notion
    of being in the thick of it.

    © 2011 by Juanita Lewison-Snyder

  6. MaryAnn McCarra-Fitzpatrick

    In the Midst of You

    in the midst of him,
    stopping to remember all those
    afternoons color-coded by ticket-
    stubs, their falling, an accidental
    rainbow, from her wallet, the
    films, museums, they frequented, smiling
    as he stole a kiss just
    out of sight of the security guard
    minding the old masters while
    he walked with his young….

    eyes, that is what drew her
    to you, those eyes staring
    through her like an x-ray,
    irradiating her dreams
    until they glowed


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