2011 April PAD Challenge: Day 25

Wow! The reaction to yesterday’s prompt really was something wonderful. There was engaged discussion about faith and lack of faith in which everyone seemed to respect each other as poets and human beings. For me, it showed the best of how we can respect each other while still revealing ourselves through the written word. I’ve long felt that Poetic Asides is a haven for all poets, regardless of their experience, world views, etc. As long as you’re willing to be respectful of others, you’re more than welcomed and embraced here. Anyway, this is just a wordy way of me saying that I’m so lucky to have each and every one of you here. Thank you.


For today’s prompt, write a falling poem. This could be about the physical act of falling (like someone tying your shoelaces together), or it could be symbolic falling (such as falling in love). With only five days left (after today), we’re quickly falling out of another poem-a-day challenge. Make these last few days count, or at least, fall forward toward the finish line.

Here’s my attempt:

“On waking”

Clutching my sheets,
my breathing heavy,
I’m glad I’m no longer
falling, though I can still feel
the whole world rushing around me.


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0 thoughts on “2011 April PAD Challenge: Day 25

  1. Autumn N. Hall

    Actually, the Buck Stops Here

    the civilization fell when

    the empire fell when

    the soldier fell when

    the bullet fell when

    the dollar fell when

    the market fell when

    the Towers fell when

    the corporations fell when

    the leadership fell when

    the voters fell when

    the responsibility fell

    to us

  2. mbschied

    Disregard first post

    Can’t get up

    Help, I’ve fallen down the rabbit hole
    and I can’t get up

    from this topsy-turvy world
    where big is small and small

    where cats fly and dissappear
    save the saucy smile
    lingering a


    the blue coccoon
    croons a drowsy tune
    while smoking

    didn’t his mother teach him better?

    as she taught the flowers
    of the garden to sing
    infusing life into the earth

    cadenzas of crysanthemums
    and marigold melodies
    harmonize with hyacinths
    to create a symphony of splendor
    in nature’s concert hall

    and hopping through it all
    a hare-brained courier
    obsessed with temporal reality
    chants in frenzied tones
    "I’m late, I’m late"…

    …echoing the stacatto shrills
    my digital alarm emits

    as the harsh light of day
    invades my fanciful illusions

    the curtain pulls back to reveal
    I’ve fallen asleep again
    and can’t wake up

  3. mbschied

    Can’t get up

    Help, I’ve fallen down the rabbit hole
    and I can’t get up

    from this topsy-turvy world
    where big is small and small

    where cats fly and dissappear
    save the saucy smile
    lingering a


    the blue coccoon
    croons a drowsy tune
    while smoking

    didn’t his mother teach him better?

    as she taught the flowers
    of the garden to sing
    infusing life into the earth

    cadenzas of crysanthemums
    and marigold melodies
    harmonize with hyacinths
    to create a symphony of splendor
    in nature’s concert hall

    and hopping through it all
    a hare-brained courier
    obsessed with temporal reality
    chants in frenzied tones
    "I’m late, I’m late"…

    …echoing the stacatto shrills
    my digital alarm emits

    as the harsh light of day
    invades my fanciful illusions

    the curtain pulls back to reveal
    I’ve fallen asleep again
    and can’t get up

  4. J.lynn

    de, Marie Elena, Paula, Karen H. Phillips, Catherine Lee, PSC in CT—if I offered you a word of thanks you would weave it into a thing of beauty while I only murmur a simple thank you. I think the lot of you could write the ingredients on a cereal box and I would gorge myself on each word you pen.

  5. Sara McNulty

    Very upset to learn this morning that my comments and thanks did not post yesterday. So here they are:

    My most heartfelt thanks to Elizabeth, de, Marie, Buddah, and Nina. I am overwhelmed.

    Some of my favorites:
    Joe – All! – I love your poetry.
    Jerry – Free Rain Shine
    Janice – FAlling Rain – ("tides of emotion dance in harmony with the moon"); Cascading Falls
    PSC – Phantom Pain
    Jane – Waking
    LBC – Shattered
    Nancy P. – Old Soul
    Walt – Kites Fall – Agree with Marie about the words working as well as the concrete
    Michael Grove – Loved the 5 Haikus

  6. Claudia Schönfeld


    they fell from the trees
    and we threw them from bridges
    just to see ’em spin and drift like
    sailors drunk with gin, circling
    on the tongue of the river, then
    disappear, faces hot

    with sweat and dreams
    of the real ones,
    smelling of big adventure,
    Platoon and Apocalypse Now
    with names like Cobra,
    Black Shark or Mangusta

    that would take us
    to places we saw on tv with
    bold men fighting for what
    we hoped was right and
    all afternoon, dirty hands and

    scratched knees we let them
    fall and fall until the sun came down
    and our knees started bleeding

    until the rotors spun in our heads
    until we were almost there and

    until the trees had lost all their seeds.

  7. Penny Henderson


    Time has now begun to tick.
    In slow-mo horror
    reality plummets past
    and then vanishes.
    The moist fertile soil recedes.
    The air is drying.
    Prickles emerge on that pale
    green and purple plant.
    Wolf bares his vicious fangs.
    Rabbit learns to run.
    Eve teaches herself to sew

  8. Joseph Beckman

    2011 April PAD Challenge: Day 25
    Robert, I have thoroughly enjoyed this all month.

    For today’s prompt, write a falling poem.

    Male Bonding: Reprise (falling down)
    First, i remember, my mother’s touch.
    after so many years, it’s all i have.
    life can be hard she warned.
    love of a mother can’t be everywhere.
    i used to laugh at those without homes.
    never did i think i would be a “them”.
    gall it must be to shave in a public repose.
    damn! i cut more lip than mustache.
    ow! straight blades, only for apendectomies.
    what are you staring at man?
    not another condescending bastard.
    first comes the guilted face with mouth open.
    a “ platitude is a trite, meaningless, … statement, often presented as if it were significant …”
    let go of just one dude.
    laughter will be my response.
    is “this better?” he asks.
    not what i expected.
    gives me an old swiss army knife, with scissors!?
    dad, just like our boyscout days.
    or ”the screw may just go?”
    what was he talking about?
    nice guy, I guess.

    © April 25, 2011 by Joseph Beckman

  9. Hannah Gosselin

    You’re so special , Janet! Thanks for making me smile. 🙂

    I’m so pleased you enjoyed it , Marie, thank you for your kind words!

    Lori, thanks a bunch for the mention!!


  10. John Pupo

    de – thanks for the shoutout!

    To everyone – With my hectic schedule, I’m lucky if I get to write and post my poem every day, but I want to mention that there are so many talented poets here! When I do get a chance to read through
    I’m always amazed. I wish I had more time to individually comment!

  11. Heiberg

    @Janet: Hopefully you also see that I’m directing a lot of love in your direction. And your concrete poems – I’m amazed.
    @MiskMask: When I saw your comment, I prayed – please, be the one with the red piano – and you are. MiskMask, your poem is wonderful. Thanks!

    @to all: Please forgive me, I cannot read all the poems – there are so many, many great ones and sometimes when I sense a rhythm that intrigues me, I don’t know precisely what the words mean, it’s not only there mere translation, but most of all the connotation. But ever so often I can pronounce the words and it gives me such a pleasure to get the feeling of a specific sound and rhythm. So I might read a poem several times, in fact many times, using my dictionaries to get it right – and when also the content match what I like – then you make me so happy and grateful.

  12. G. Smith

    (A Kautata)
    (c) 2011 – G. Smith

    One hundred years tall
    The heart of the forest leans,
    Gaining speed on the way down.

  13. Marie Elena

    Thanks so much, you guys: PSC, Connie, Ivanius, Janet, and Misk.

    Misk: that bit about the record cracked me up! Especially your mom’s response. 😉

    Janet: you’ve got quite the creative, artistic streak going with your concrete poetry! Lovely! (I can’t get the code to work for me, either.:( ) And I want to say AMEN to your “speaking one’s truth” sentiments. Beautifully well stated. What a lovely heart you have, and it shows consistently.

    Catherine: I like to call De Jackson “De Queen,” but I like “De Bomb” every bit as well! De has a style like nobody else I’ve read. I’d love to get inside that brain of hers and borrow some.

    Ivanius: Welcome! What an entrance you’ve made with your “edge of the bed” piece. I admire that it says SO much in so few words. Yowzers!

    Gerardine: You’ve got me sitting here at my computer, all by myself, giggling out loud! Too cute!

    J. Lynn: I’m becoming more and more intrigued with not only your poetry, but your strength. Amazing.

  14. vivienne Bake

    Fluffy white clouds floating
    over nodding daisied lawn.
    Time to hang the washing out
    this breezy blue sky morn.

    Clouds turn nasty, grey and thick.
    Rain starts falling: quick!
    Rush to fetch it in again,
    doesn’t it make you sick?

  15. Iain D. Kemp

    Dear Moosehead,
    Well knock me down with a slugger!
    We pinch it in the 11th!! Amazing
    Looked for a while like we might fall at
    the last hurdle. I hope you’re not getting
    too much grief from those crazy females.
    Me and the mutt Jeter are getting on just fine.
    I’m gonna take him with me in the cab today
    and let him run around the park later.
    Who says I ain’t got no love in me?
    What I ain’t got love for is the Sox – let’s hope our
    boys can show them a thing or two this week.
    Pick ya up at 6 – your turn to spin for the dogs and beer.

    Yours enjoying the freedom
    Ringo the Howler

  16. Iain D. Kemp

    …and the walls came tumbling down

    when my life was falling apart
    you held me together

    when I was falling for a heartless witch
    you pulled me from the brink

    when the sky fell in on my world
    you gave me strength

    when the walls I’d built finally fell
    you were happy for me

    when I’m flying high
    I know you’ll catch me…

    …if I fall


  17. Uma Gowrishankar

    Falling Dreams

    Pale desires with gentle breaths

    when they fall
    flecks of light through darkness

    fragrance of distant moon that pours
    between sheets of sleep

    if kisses could have wings
    that’s what they are

    these gently falling neem flowers.

  18. MiskMask

    Big thanks for mentions to Walt, Cameron, Lori, Elizabeth, and Jane Shlensky.

    A few that made me sit up and say WOW!
    Joseph: Dive.
    Lori: Fear of Falling — so try. The old joints just don’t compress and spring back like they used to.
    Rob: Oblivion is what I did yesterday. Went for a drive to nowhere and turned on the satnav to see me back home.
    Michael: Falling Waters — a stunner.
    Elizabeth: Reverie
    Marie Elena: mosaic heart haiku, and "Corelle" – as a child I repeatedly bent an ‘unbreakable’ 78rpm of the Teddy Bears’ Picnic until it finally broke in half. I demanded an explanation from my mother, who explained that I was a very silly little girl.
    RJ: Defying the Law
    Mike: Free Falling — I really liked this.
    Walt: Enjoyed all but found a fondness for Fall Guy
    Nina: Your ice skating piece is precious.
    Rachel, Fear of Falling.
    Genevieve: Falling.
    de: Liked both versions.
    Pearl: Fear of falling is exceptional.
    Nancy: Old Soul

    And so worth mentioning are: Wanda: "Skiing in Zakopane", Connie’s falling down the steps, Andrew, PSC, Janet RC, Heiberg, Cameron, Michael Grove (Woah!), JSP, Kim’s haiku, Jay Sizemore.

  19. Angel V.

    Late, but I’m still awake, so here we go…

    Flying at Great America

    Pulled from the Earth by a single bungee cord,
    I clutched the purple harness wrapped around me
    as faces became blurry specks, their shouted
    words carried off by the park’s commotion.
    The concrete below had never appeared
    so menacing as it did from above.

    Two hundred feet later, the apex of my
    ascent, a stillness followed suggesting
    possibilities that turned every creak
    into a crisis. All I heard up there
    was wind. My friends below couldn’t hear if
    I screamed, not that I could’ve through clenched teeth.

    The woman below with the megaphone
    says “3, 2, 1, go!” I slip shaky fingers
    through the metal loop and tug. It releases.

    I fall fifty feet
    in a single second–
    limbs flail for support–
    the ground zooms at me–
    then the wind catches me–
    it cradles me back
    and forth as faces
    below shrink and grow–

  20. Gretchen Gersh Whitman

    PAD 2011- April 25
    Prompt: Falling

    Strange that the falling light

    in my father’s eyes as he failed & nothing
    could pull him back, returns at
    dusk on a warm spring day.

    In a baseball cap, he could light up a room with
    tales of pirate gold in the bowels of the city. An
    anecdote tucked between each slice of salami on rye,
    followed by a good apple.

    The last shaft of day bleaches the tufts of
    grass, like those he tended. A crow dives
    at a mangy squirrel, with fury like his.

    The falling light softens behind pink trees, like his
    unyielding gaze. I always thought the World Trade
    Center collapse pushed him over the brink.

    But if he were here, I would regale him with
    details of dogged brick by brick renewal & the
    tart green apple days that drip with each bite.

    Gretchen Gersh Whitman

  21. Janet Rice Carnahan

    I just want to say that speaking one’s truth whether it is in response to the heart, a prayer, poetry, the daily prompt or how their day went is a basic freedom that is so supported on this page. It takes real courage to know how or what one feels, thinks, believes and to know their own best expression of it! We are given that opportunity here through Robert’s great efforts and the kind willingness of all who post here. Yes, yesterday could have had great conflicts arise yet with such a compassionate, caring, and respectful community, people were free to speak their truth and be at peace with it. What a great testimony to what is possible. How beautiful is the word “unity” in community! Thank you all!


    Sweet Hannah

    I think just writing your name would come out as lovely as each poem you pen! Your way with words is absolutely fantastic! Thank you for your gentleness, kindness and genuine care! It comes through all your writing, Hannah! I appreciate your mention regarding the “gift of Grace.” And it is good!

    Happy your enjoyed the mystical moon, too, Hannah. Somehow, I thought it would speak to you too!

    Marie Elena

    You, too, delight me each and every time! Thank you for your ever so kind comments! Winks and nods all around, Marie Elena! Glad to see your voice is coming back here! You always bring that unique touch! Thank you!


    Happy to hear you enjoyed the Easter parade, Miskmask! It was fun to find a way for everyone to find their place and join together to make it happen, kind of like what we do each morning of the PAD. I just knew you would take us to task! Thanks, Miskmask . . . appreciate your thoughtful comments.

    Jo Lightfoot

    You are very welcome for the Easter parade! It was fun to write, just kind of watching how everyone lined up. Thank you for your kind commentary, Jo! I appreciate it!

    Debra Elliott

    Thank you for your kind mention! Glad you loved the parade! You were definitely there! Thanks, Debra! Appreciate your kindness!

    De Jackson

    WOW! De! Thank you for your wonderful comments about the parade. It was just fun to see how things would line up and line-up they did! It was like a real parade, a few players came and all the rest caught their own momentum. I appreciate your sweet remarks! Yes, De, rock and roll!

    M.A. Dobson

    So happy you enjoyed the parade, M.A.! You helped to make it as part of a PA poet!! I think I see now how Dr. Seuss got on such a roll. Poems can take a life of their own. Thanks for your comments, M.A.!


    Ice berg delivered . . . it froze right on the spot! Guess they are just that way! Got quite a chuckle out of that, Heiberg! Thank you for your positive comment. It was a joy!

    Jane Shlensky

    Jane, thank you for your thoughtful words about the parade being an inclusion poem! That was one of the intentions. Poets put great faith in their everyday words and it takes real courage to give them voice. It feels quite correct to include as many as possible because we all have a reason to be heard. I appreciate you sharing, Jane, thank you!

    Paula Wanken

    Thank you for your kind comment, Paula. Happy to hear you enjoyed the Easter parade . . . it just seemed to roll along on its very own course. I appreciate your comment, Paula, thank you!

    Corinne Dixon

    Thanks for your appreciation of the parade, Corinne! Thanks for sharing that you didn’t vote for Nixon. It was the best word to use to rhyme with Dixon. Thanks for working with it and yet letting me know you are Canadian. Thanks, Corinne!

    Michael Grove

    WOW! Your comments are a poem all by themselves! Oh, wait . . . it was a poem! Ok, then, many, many thanks! I am touched, Michael, really! Thank you, oh so kindly for your comments. You have been on quite a roll yourself lately. Go, Michael, go and keep following those poetic thoughts!

    Thank you also, Mike, for your kind words about my “artwork” and the cascade poem! I so appreciate your comments and also your writing. You write like the wind and it is blowing mighty steady these days!

    Pearl Girl

    Smiles accepted and smiles returned. Hope the root canal went well. I see that you also have a birthday coming up on the 29th! Oh, wait . . . did I say that?

    PSC in CT

    Thank you for your kindness and a wink! I love your word, “Seussical”! Indeed it was similar to his pace. It certainly had a life of its own! Glad you were a part of it, PSC! Happy to have you there! Many thanks again!

    Catherine Lee

    You are welcome . . . some great writing out there! You go, Girl!

    Andrew Kreider

    Thanks so much, Andrew, for the comments today regarding the moon, rain and truth. All things that move my soul! I appreciate your kind mention!

    Walt Wojtanik

    Many, many thanks, Sir Walter . . . for your wonderful Walt mentions and especially the concrete poem guidance. Just playing with them but I see they take real mastery just like any good construction. Your positive touches are always a welcomed addition to these posts! Appreciate you on so many levels. Happy Anniversary on the 27th . . . ours is the 29th! Celebrate that Leo . . . you know she’ll love it! 😉

    There were so many poems to choose from yesterday that were each moving in their own way. I just have two to highlight here that jumped in strongly, in their own tender way.

    Shannon Lockard

    I loved, “Prayer of a Poet” because it said so much in so few words. “Please fill me with words which transcend the page, touch the heart, massage the brain, are more than just a soulless phrase.” I thought this was so beautiful, Shannon. It was the true prayer of a poet. To “transcend the page, touch the heart and massage the brain”, there was nothing soulless about that! I just found it be so sincere and precious, really! Wonderful job, Shannon! So glad you shared it!

    Nina Lanctot

    “Images for Praying” was stunning, really. It was so touching, beautiful, sincere and written so tenderly, Nina! “I pray for my fellow poets this day: Like stray dogs, take us each one in whimpering. Love us to calm again, with good and gentle guiding hands, and soothing voice, God, take us in.” What a lovely salute to all the PAD poets and the efforts here. Your kindness just flows right through, Nina! In your next stanza, we see more of the same. “I pray for my fellow creatures this day: Like radiated rice fields farmed by hand for eighteen generations in Japan, soak our toxins away and tend, in Nature’s time, our seeds to spring.” You write so beautifully with such a sincere expression from what’s in your heart! Very moving piece that would no doubt bring peace to many! Great job, Nina, just a wonderful prayer!

    Almost too tired now to fall asleep and yet . . . and yet . . . ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZzzzzzzzzzzzzzz . . . now where was I? Ah, yes, falling and falling and falling and besides which, it is almost 11:30 p.m. on the west coast so the next prompt will be here soon! Ok . . . night all! Onward and Up Word! Thank you!

  22. Tanja Cilia

    Never Fall Into Marriage…

    To avoid having to use birth control.
    Children are not gambling chips.

    To be an adult.
    A gold band makes no difference if you are that puerile.

    To be free from parents.
    You may wish yourself back with them one day.

    To be happy.
    That is a state of mind, not a civil state.

    To be like your friends.
    Who says they have made the right choice?

    To be something other than a spinster.
    These days, anyway, the word is single.

    To beat your sister to it.
    Especially if she’s older and wiser.

    To ease loneliness.
    Being alone when half of a couple is worse.

    To fall in love with him as you go along.
    You don’t live within book covers.

    To fulfil a promise you made long ago.
    You may live to regret it.

    To fulfil someone else’s promise.
    This is even worse.

    To get a Green Card or equivalent.
    It will be your ransom.

    To have a companion in your old age.
    Who says you’ll live that long?

    To have a go at interior decoration.
    Do it on your computer instead.

    To have a handsome husband.
    His looks will fade – and so will yours.

    To have access to his money.
    If you don’t have it now, you never will.

    To have sex.
    It may be the only thing you’ll ever have.

    To have someone to fulfil your dreams and desires.
    He might expect the same of you – touché’.

    To mitigate an unplanned pregnancy.
    A baby is a reason, not an excuse.

    To thank him for his love.
    You are not a chattel.

    Never marry because…
    I told you so.

  23. de jackson


    Arielle Lancaster-LaBrea- Falling for it again…been there, felt it.
    John Pupo: decoupaged memories. lovely.
    Andrew Kreider: love this…There’s a singular generosity
    In the act of falling – or being felled.

    Falling asleep. Can’t.Stop.Reading.

  24. Benjamin Thomas

    Thanks to Connie L. Peters, Michael Grove. Sorry if I missed anyone.

    Buddha: I’m liking the cosmic banana Peel. Its the story of my life. I kid you not, I have about 3 a day. About broke my neck at least 4 times today from near falls.

  25. de jackson

    Goodness. You ALL have me falling in love with poetry all over again. As if I wasn’t already obsessed enough. I desperately want to list a line from each and every poem, but do not have the patience for this little type-y box. THANK YOU, all, for sharing your amazing talents here. A few specific shout outs…

    Michael Grove: I got a real kick out of Overcoming The Fear of Falling

    Kendall A. Bell: love…
    release my grip from anything,
    that pulls me to the edge.

    J.lynn: adore…
    No one told me that aging is a
    of losses and there’s a trick to a
    release, like the emergence of
    doves from a magician’s

    Jay Sizemore: "Gravity," especially…
    It’s the architect of diamonds,
    the creator of canyons,
    the unforgiving mistress,
    the humbling parent.

    Benjamin Thomas: loving your PAD tributes

    Linda Simoni-Wastila- god breathes, a cloud floats

    Gracias: Nina B. Lanctot, Michael Grove, Buddah “Banana Peel” Mosk, Katie Dixon, Walt, Jane Shlensky, Elizabeth Johnson, Marie Elena

  26. Gerardine Baugh

    I feel like the rabbit in Alice in Wonderland checking my watch..Here’s my a falling poem.

    “Why is it”

    That the mailman
    can reach out
    his car window
    and stuff my
    mail box full,
    without a single
    letter falling out?
    Then I come
    and drop all
    my bills in
    the drainage ditch
    next to the
    storm drain, where
    the skunk sleeps?

  27. Michael Grove

    A form of found poetry


    I have fallen..
    Miracles have been know to occur.
    Sick people do get better.
    A little faith can nourish
    Words have the power to heal.
    Forgiveness is graceful.
    Anyone can be crucified.
    Even the King.
    Their words not mine.
    I have fallen.

    “Father, forgive them,
    for they know not
    what they are doing.”
    I guess I asked for it.
    Too many people talked,
    and there are always
    the skeptics.
    But, you believe so,
    “Today You will be with me
    In paradise.”

    Mother, you never gave up on me.
    “Woman, behold thy Son.”
    Nor did she.
    “Behold thy mother.”
    But I too would doubt for a moment…
    “My Father, My Father,
    Why have you forsaken me?”

    But knowing that He has not
    and that all was
    now accomplished’.
    “I am Thirsty”
    I shall drink the vinegar
    and give my humble spirit to You.

    “It is finished.”
    This suffering has ended.
    I am free at last.
    into your hands
    I commit my spirit.”
    Accept me now into your love
    where I can rise again
    in humble greatness
    with empathy and
    eternal forgiveness.

    The one whom
    I have loved the most
    and whom has loved me,
    has set me free.
    I have fallen,
    and I was down,
    but now,
    I am rising.


  28. Bruce Niedt

    Not on much the last couple of days, between the holiday and my mini-vacation in Cooperstown, NY. So her’s my better-late-than-never offering:


    The needle turns perceptibly
    to the left as an air mass approaches,
    carrying thunder over the lake.
    The face of my instrument reads
    “Stormy”- as if I must be informed
    of this when rain batters the windows
    and raw light slices the late evening sky.
    I do not take weather well –
    my mood and courage fall
    with the pressure, as colder air
    slices in like a battalion, battling
    the milder forces with artillery.
    I hunker lower, waiting for
    the skirmish to end, as it pushes
    the needle farther downward –
    29 inches, 28 – then just as suddenly,
    stops, the storm rumbling off
    to another county, and me regarding
    the face of my barometer, which already
    has begun to creep into “Change”.

  29. Ivanius

    People, you are amazing and fast. Hope to have some more time to read tomorrow. For now, some quick (not quite, I fear) thoughts.

    LBC: Brrr. And then I wake.

    Joe Harker: "the artistry of the first three seconds" — Wow.

    Michael Grove: Blink! Blink!

    Marie Elena: Reading, Reading, Reading…

    Rose Black: Inhabited by images.

    Beth Rodgers: And try we must.

    Lori Thatcher: We still get up, remembering.

    Rob Halpin: I felt a chill.

    Linda M. Rhinehart Neas: The wind tried to help.

    The Doctor: …and then there were wings.

    Jerry Walraven: Water as a jewel for every creature. Great image.

    Michael Grove (again!): Eternity flows.

    Dhepikaa: For an eager puppy, a fall is small price.

    PKP: Dark, but did the runner get to the finish line?

    Elizabeth Johnson: Another day, another poem.

    Marie Elena (again, yes!) A heart bonded is not bound.

    Many thanks to Andrew Kreider, Walt Wojtanik and Katie Dixon for their welcome words. Look forward to learn a lot from all of you. I’ll try to read and comment faster. Cheers!

  30. Connie L. Peters

    It would have been easier if I would have said I liked them all, which I did, but my favorites are: Joseph Harker’s Dive, Marie Elena’s Boo Boos Mend, Beth Rodger’s Deeper, Lori Thatcher’s Fear of Falling, Rob Halpin’s Oblivion Comes, Linda M R Neas’s Leaf Upon Leaf, The Doctor’s Cliff, Jerry Walraven’s Free Rain Shine, PKP’s The Fall, Marie Elena’s Mosaic Heart, Taylor Graham’s Elevator Down, RJ Clarken’s Defying the Law, The Doctor’s Computer, Walt’s Falling for You, Sally Jadlow’s Dear Husband, Nancy Posey’s Towers, Patricia Hawkenson’s Perennial, Rose Anna Hines’s Fallen Leaves, Marian Veverka’s Help I’ve Fallen, Andrew Kreider’s Falling, Michelle Hed’s Falling Leaves of Spring, Michael Grove’s Overcoming the Fear of Falling, Benjamin Thomas’s I Cherish the Sound and PAD Poets, Linda Voit’s Hello LifeCall, Buddah Moskowitz’s Cosmic Banana Peel

    Thanks to those of you who commented on my poem.

  31. Catherine Lee

    Pearl – only you could pen a brilliant root-canal inspired poem. mine would have too many expletives. 🙂

    Buddah – I call dibs on the bend-y straw!

    A big merci beaucoup to Andrew Kreider, Walt, Joseph "Don’t-Hate-Me" Harker, Marie Elena, de Bomb Jackson, Jane Shlensky, Katie Dixon, Melissa Hager, Michael Grove, & Daniel P. Sincere thanks for taking time to comment.

  32. Jane Shlensky

    You’re on fire, folks.
    Richard Atwater, The Cascade was a lovely tercet.
    Buddah-loved the Cosmic Banana Peel, proof that karma has humor.
    Nancy–Old Soul is a relative.
    Kendall Bell–the Falling (I’ve been falling on every trip I’ve taken with my husband since we married. What can it mean?)
    PKP-your romance with Nitrous Oxide has been duly noted and applauded. Your poem was a gas…that made me giggle;-).

    Thanks bundles to PSC and Katie Dixon. Katie, taking a semester off enhanced
    both sleeping and waking for me. No clock, just voluntary revival. Excellent.

  33. PKP aka Pearl Ketover Prilik

    Mhmmm root canal today…. Just added in a few poems …but have not read since first thing this morning:(
    Going to stroll now on my favorite Street until …how did I almost miss that pun?…. " fall" asleep

    Falling Asleep

    On PA street
    Your words scattered on my pillow
    Pulled about me as a soft comforter
    Not needed to be seen to be
    Known as lucious
    Falling asleep to
    The lullabye of all

  34. PKP aka Pearl Ketover Prilik


    Tossing as a filly
    Pawing at the gate
    She throws her mane
    In his direction
    Mindful of the hairpins
    Pulling her sacrificial scalp

  35. PKP aka Pearl Ketover Prilik

    All Fell

    For a moment
    Return to melt
    One onto another
    In giddy loose limbed
    In one tickled tone
    All fall down 

  36. Janet Rice Carnahan

    Walt Wojtanik

    Thanks for your postive concrete comments! I appreciate it! Here’s the thing, though, Walt, my computer just doesn’t work to move the letters or symbols to where they need to go on Robert’s page here without the dashes, etc. Is there a way to design these that would work better? You are the Concrete King! Some poems are just too perfect to not use the concrete form. It’s just fun to try to work with all the styles and forms! Any help would be appreciated, Walt, thank you! You are my go to guy, concretely speaking . . . of course!

  37. Nina B. Lanctot

    Thank you, friends, for kind mentions today. The "air" felt quite different than yesterday. Some "free falling." Loved so many, but I had to stop at 20….SOOOOO many great angles from which to fall…

    @ Connie L Peters – THINGS THAT FALL: Thanks for this catalogue poem that reflects the range of writers and angles for this prompt in such style. WOW
    @ Taylor Graham: ELEVATOR DOWN – I will remember poetic anxiety. “Repeat Schnellzugzuschlag 
quickly ten times.”

    @ Joseph Harker: DIVE – from in the skin of the diver to in the inner world of those fascinated with falling. Love your work daily.
    @ RJ Clark: DEFYING THE LAW – great use of intro Einstein quote.
    @ Nancy Posey: TOWERS – the image in our national psyche that holds all our fears
    @ Marian Veverka: “HELP, I’VE FALLEN AND I CAN’T GET UP”—
    “taking small,
    Mincing steps as if you had aged fifty years
    In one little tumble. “
    @ Sarah McNulty: SENSATION – a gem, concise AND evocative.
    @ LBC – SHATTERED – the extended image worked well for me –
    “fragile tattooed above my heart”
    “Perhaps handled with care,
    I might not have shattered
    when you let me fall.”
    @ Joe & Joe – POET NATION – I totally connect. Feels like a tribe at times. A good tribe. I am feeling for the entry ritual. And FALLING FOR IT. Yeeeeah! I get that!
    @ AC Leming: KAZUSHI – so great to read a picture of something I would NEVER do, yet imagine its strength, and you truly loving it. Hard to imagine some choose to fall and to take down others for discipline and fun.
    @ Dare Gaither — Ex Nihilo Ad Nihilum (From Nothing, To Nothing) – the inner psyche dream hell like metaphors here then boil down to nothing. Anxieties trigger. I got it…
    @ Jane Shlensky – FALLING OUT OF SLEEP – I am a fan! Loved this soft photo of dawn.
    @ Walt, Walt! — loved IN HIS CHAIR (pathos) and TRUE LOVE. I have been reading your heart healing. Hard, good work…
    @ Kyhaara – FALLING IN AND OUT – tried to explain your image to my husband as we tried to imagine making a tree house with a pool! Great playfulness and images.
    @ Cathering Lee – GRAVITY: loved the play between the moon and the water and you.
    @ Gill Gallagher – FALLING: I am not sure I understood all here, but was drawn by the dilemma of children, truth, falling and hope.
    @ Ivanius – LOVE OR GRAVITY – I am so glad you were tempted into sharing this gem of a poem, every word counting, great ending “on the edge of the bed.”
    @ Andrew – HOW FAR CAN YOU FALL? – So, wouldn’t it be great if we got our fantasy life for real for at least one day? Would you pick the wedding? It’s hard to imagine you topping that one!
    @ de Jackson – FALLING INTO WHITE: loved…
    “sometimes it’s precisely like trying to capture
    a cumulus cloud with an invisible spoon. “
    @ Buddha – COSMIC BANANA PEEL – even the title gets me going toward humor and humility, your hallmarks, I think.

  38. Catherine Lee

    More that I admire today:

    Nancy Posey – "Towers"
    Taylor Graham – "Elevator Down"
    Salvatore Buttaci – "Where Once"
    Patricia – "Perennial" – spring and nookie. Enough said. 🙂
    Marian Veverka
    Katie Dixon – "Alice and I"
    Andrew K – "Falling"
    Khadija – my heart raced reading your true story
    Chuck Pucket – I remember!
    Ivanius – thank you for sharing your beautiful poem
    Rachel Green – "Fear of Falling"
    Gil Gallagher – Wow to your vaillanelle
    Jane Shlensky – "Departures and Arrivals"
    Cameron Steele – "Young Girls"
    J.lynn – "Falling Son"

    Pearl – I hope you made it out of your root canal alive. 🙂


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