2011 April PAD Challenge: Day 18

A poet in Australia brought it to my attention that I was recently featured in an article on Jane Friedman’s There Are No Rules blog in her post “5 Innovative Poets to Watch and Learn From.” Also, a poet from Virginia brought it to my attention that one of the poems from my collection ENTER was featured on TweetSpeakPoetry.com; click here to read.


For today’s prompt, take the phrase “Like (blank),” replace the blank with a word or phrase, make the new phrase the title to your poem, and write your poem. Some example titles might be: “Like Superman,” “Like Criminals,” “Like a Poem,” “Like Whatever,” etc.

Here’s my attempt for the day:

“Like children in the street”

We chase each other and call names until
something bigger swings around the corner.
After it passes, we collect again
in the middle and debate what our next
steps will be. Some of us make bold statements,
while others just listen. When the cars come,
we scatter. When our mothers call, we run.


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268 thoughts on “2011 April PAD Challenge: Day 18

  1. S.E.Ingraham

    Like Confetti, Pieces of Souls Rained Down

    I thought I would have to visit it
    Ground Zero – so close – how could I not?
    Once nearer though, I grew disenchanted
    With the notion, decided I would not go after all

    Quite by accident, I stumbled close to the site
    Lost—again—on the Metro—surfaced, to get
    My bearings; an elderly man urged me closer
    With his cane, asked me – was I looking for it,
    “the place”?

    “No, no,” I protested, sounding weak and indecisive
    In my own ears – hadn’t I come up less than a block
    From the memorial? The old guy’s eyes glinted
    In the sun as he stared at me, then said softly

    “You wanna set a bit?” he patted the bench
    Beside him and suddenly weary, I slid down
    Resting my head on my overlarge suitcase
    Smiling gratefully at him as he smiled back

    “It was a purty day, much like this one, y’know—”
    My bench-mate spoke so softly I had to strain
    To hear him and it was unclear if he was
    Speaking to me or just mumbling to himself

    “Sky as clear as this until, like confetti, pieces
    Of souls rained down …” I felt drops hit my hand
    And in wonder, touched the wetness –
    Then looked into his tear-filled eyes, felt my own

    Sting, as he continued, “Imagine – I was passed
    Out that whole day long, didn’t wake up ‘til late
    Afternoon when everything was changed – them
    Big ol’ towers were crumbled to dust and all those

    Poor people—” We sat there in silence then
    Me, trying to imagine how that must have been
    For him, and him, patting my hand, trying —
    I don’t know what he was trying to do but whatever

    It was, it worked: when I walked away from him
    I felt revived in a way I’d hadn’t expected
    Funny but NYC’s always been kind to me that way …


  2. Dennis Wright

    The Day After Tomorrow

    Like spring time that seems like summer weather,
    Like sunshine that warms like noon at the dawn,
    Like a preacher who lost his calendar,
    Like a singer who speeds words in a song,
    Like a carnival ride swinging our weight,
    Like mountains with ever blooming laurel,
    Like guest arriving too early to dine,
    Like a story pressing on the moral,
    Like a poet with much to say ten lines,
    Today seems the day after tomorrow.

  3. Susan M. Bell

    "Like, Totally Gnarly Dude"

    Oh the 80’s
    How they sometimes
    Come dancing into my mind

    Big hair
    Blue eyeshadow
    Shoulder pads
    Leg warmers
    The mullet

    We’ll never forget
    Any of it

    Beta machines
    Roller skating
    Valley talk
    The Moonwalk

    The best of times
    The worst of times

    So many memories

  4. Diane

    Like the Sweet Scent of Clover

    Her gracious smile delights.
    Her kind words encourage.
    Her joy of life infuses all,
    like the sweet scent of clover blossoms
    carried on a spring breeze.

  5. annie mcwilliams

    lawd yes, baby cakes

    i’m from a long linea wim-men
    i’m from a long linea first folks
    i’m from a long linea good friends
    i’m from a long linea strong hope

    i’m from a long linea chaos
    i’m from a long linea peat moss
    i’m from a long linea big fools
    i’m from a long linea old skools

    i’m from a long linea smart cooks
    i’m from a long linea lean looks
    i’m from a long linea dark broods
    i’m from a long linea solitudes

    i’m from a long linea roulette
    i’m from a long linea big sweat
    i’m from a long linea dumb luck
    i’m from a long linea great pluck

    thank you, thank you
    lawd yes, lawd yes

  6. Arrvada

    Like Knowing

    It’s like waking up
    And knowing that today isn’t your last
    It’s like knowing you’re going to continue
    That you have a chance to make things right
    That you have a chance to change
    To grow and to finally achieve
    Everything you have wanted to
    It’s knowing you have the power and the strength
    To take control, to say no if you want
    To say yes if you choose
    It’s knowing you have the control when you need it
    The faith when you don’t
    It’s knowing you’re not finished
    It’s knowing that if you fail today
    There’s still tomorrow

  7. Taylor Graham


    I walked out of April and
    into dim and chatter. Mouths
    moving in and out of tables, 5 plasma
    TVs pontificating cheering
    reporting color-commentating talking-
    heads, sitcom talking-tails even
    the dishes in the kitchen klatsching
    walls repeating every babble
    the very rafters rattling eaves
    dropping flows of words and gibble-
    gabble who could understand
    a singlesentence in the garble of
    so many mouths moving in and out
    of munchies overpriced in
    ambience and dim and dropping
    forks and words and at last
    here comes your friend in quotes
    the blatherskite to drum
    the eardrums from my skull.

  8. Jay Sizemore

    Like Living

    Fingernails digging into orange peels, will
    get juice on the skin, sticky palms smelling
    like a truck-stop bathroom, evidence of
    the kill, life consumed to keep us breathing.
    The slivers of skin are a broken shell,
    white insides like cotton, a puzzle with
    no solution, a world without a core.
    Chainsaws and bulldozers cutting across
    a hill, will get smoke on the skin, a stain
    of progress, peeling the Earth like an orange.

  9. alana sherman

    Like That Apple Tree

    This hard winter
    the old apple tree
    in my yard came down:
    uprooted, branches
    snarled everywhere—
    sudden, fast, it didn’t
    make a sound—just
    gave up, taking a
    rosebush with it.
    When I clambered
    around to autopsy
    the damage, I saw
    tight buds that now
    would never blossom.
    What sadness a fallen
    tree evokes:
    old love, an image
    of my brother, gone
    so young, so fast
    and no time to process
    what was happening
    to him, to me—simply
    here, then not, triggering
    a huge crack in the universe.
    Like that apple tree
    laying there, all life
    bleeding out into
    life underneath it:
    a mouse nest, spring
    dandelions. Life, death,
    life again, phoenix
    from the ashes,
    destruction clearing
    the way for whatever comes.

  10. Taylor Graham


    I’ve prepared a nice steamed salmon
    with wasabi, and poured a crisp chardonnay.
    Toasts and “how long it’s been!”

    So much catching up to do. Did we actually
    like these people once? Clear the table,
    put plates down on the floor for prewash.

    Boogie’s almost human, after all, and savors
    every scrap. Plates licked clean,
    I put them right back in the cupboard.

    Show our guests to their room.
    Assure them they won’t be lonely. Boogie
    loves to leap on the bed and cuddle.

    Not to worry about his scratching –
    it’s just fleas. And if there’s knocking against
    the sliding door, that’s sweet Sophie

    the sheep, who thinks she’s family. So far,
    she hasn’t busted through the glass.
    We’re all family here, we treat our guests

    like next-of-kin out the door.

  11. shann palmer

    Like (Artists and Models)

    Take over whole rooms
    with the canvas of a walk
    to fight for square footage
    sashay over the fallen
    as if they have the right
    because they
    each movement
    illuminate what others cannot
    at first glance
    they are snobs
    wrapped in themselves
    tarted up
    in the vanity of vision
    the pretense
    of art
    reeks where they were
    though they
    have gone on ahead
    we don’t know we want


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