2011 April PAD Challenge: Day 15

After today’s poem, we’ll be half the way to completing this challenge. (Oh yeah, and some people might have to do their taxes today–just a reminder.) Also, I want to let you all know that nominations are currently being accepted for the 2011 Poet Laureate of the Blogosphere. I was awarded this honor along with Sina Queyras last year, and I’ve personally nominated Jessie Carty this year, because she’s a great poet and a force for poetry. Of course, I could say the same of many Poetic Asides members. Many of you do so much for poetry online and in person. In fact, click here if you’d like to nominate anyone (including yourself–if you really think you’re all that).

Since I’ve already won the honor, I’m not eligible, so please don’t nominate me. However, there are many great poet-bloggers who work in this and other poetic communities.


For today’s prompt, write a profile poem. When I think of a profile poem, I’m thinking of social media profiles. Personally, I have one for Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, and other sites like the Writer’s Digest Community website. So you could write a poem that is your own profile, or that of another person (like what would Edgar Allan Poe or Emily Dickinson put in their Facebook profiles). Of course, I’ll accept other takes on the prompt, such as describing a physical profile, or a piece on criminal profiling, etc. As always, the main thing is to write a poem.

Here’s my attempt:

“Robert Lee Brewer”

Writes, reads, and makes babies. That is,
when he’s not editing books or websites.
Or leading den meetings. Or changing his
appearance, though he mostly looks like
a person with a face, two arms and two
legs. He tries to be honest and sincere,
but his greatest fear is not being able to
help others. He rarely drinks booze or beer,
which seems to contradict his last name,
but he puts more stock in his middle one,
though lees would make it kind of the same.
He writes poems while there’s still a sun
around which the planet Earth can gravitate,
and he believes in ideas like love and fate.


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0 thoughts on “2011 April PAD Challenge: Day 15

  1. K Kerns

    15 April Self Bio

    Appreciates laughter
    And wide eyed babies
    Enjoys long drives
    Open roads
    And passing landscapes
    Loves writing
    And reading
    And proofing
    And writing
    And cats ~

  2. Claudia Schönfeld

    my profile on my new blog…

    i try to think big and love recklessly
    but i prefer to small-print my way
    along everyday trails;
    always in awe,
    always hoping to find traces
    of poetry between the clouds,
    the useless, the ugly, the twilight
    and the chirping of the birds…

    really nice to meet you..

  3. Diane


    He carries the weight of a man,
    the height of a pre-teen,
    the face of a child.

    He is over fifty but
    perpetually young in appearance.
    Short cropped hair
    makes its gray color less noticeable.

    He is a well beloved child of six
    in the body of a man.

    I wouldn’t trade anything
    for the privilege of knowing him.

  4. Arrvada

    My Profile

    High forehead,
    Denotes intelligence they say
    Large nose,
    At least from the side
    Little mouth,
    Sometimes too stern and frowning
    Chin that slightly recedes,
    Makes me seem British
    Though I am not supposed to be.
    Hair shaggy on the top of my head,
    Like a My Little Pony’s mane
    Covers eyes and hits the top edge
    Of the black square glasses I wear
    My lips are always unpainted
    A little dry
    I should drink more water.
    Profile moves down,
    A long neck, slender into shoulders
    That carry some extra weight
    Large breasts,
    Too big,
    They don’t fit my personality.
    I look at myself, look in the mirror
    Before I never saw me looking back
    Now I see me, with
    A little too much padding

  5. Angel V.

    Facebook Profile

    Angel’s merely a mask to muffle
    the memories of peers who remember me.
    Hobbies and Interests are accessories
    to make faded high school clothing sparkle
    like the current trends, which I say I read.
    Photo albums flaunt snapshots of celebrities
    I paid hundreds to meet. One even hugged me!
    She’s the one whose lyrics I tweet.
    I check in at clubs I pass during drives
    and post updates about fabulous nights
    I have with imaginary friends.
    Finally, I am beautiful! The truth
    might not be so pretty, but no one will see it.

  6. Jay Sizemore

    Boring the Profilers

    Have I been boring the FBI,
    all these years I’ve been kept on their list,
    since buying a copy of Catcher in the Rye?

    No strange purchases of trench coats
    or fertilizers, no publishing of communistic rants,
    requests for handgun licenses or attending
    of protests against government censorship.

    I haven’t been arrested for standing on the lawns
    of celebrities or on the sidewalks of courthouses
    shouting obscenities into the wind. I’ve never
    threatened the pope, or set a pile of Bibles to blaze.

    Once, I masturbated in a bathroom stall
    while thinking about someone else’s girlfriend.
    But the FBI doesn’t know about that.

  7. Caren E. Salas

    Me – In a Nutshell

    Completely mental, impossibly hormonal,
    Partially Irish, chemically blondish,
    Beach bumming body boarder,
    Bike rider, book hoarder,
    Family loving, dog walking,
    Turtle hugging, crazy woman.

    Taxi driver, housekeeper,
    Homework teacher, coffee drinker,
    Loves crepes, and creme brulee,
    Hates peas and medications,
    Writer, poet, dreamer, artist.
    Loving, caring, passionate heart.

  8. G. Smith

    (c) 2011 – G. Smith

    Child of a mixed marriage:
    Southern Methodist from Alabama,
    Irish Catholic from Pennsylvania,
    Born in New York City,
    Raised below the Mason Dixon,
    I like Bruce and I like Hank;
    I like the beach and I like the mountains;
    Could I be more American?

  9. G. Smith

    (c) 2011 – G. Smith

    Child of a mixed marriage:
    Southern Methodist from Alabama,
    Irish Catholic from Pennsylvania,
    Born in New York City,
    Raised below the Mason Dixon,
    I like Bruce and I like Hank;
    I like the beach and I like the mountains;
    Could I be more American?

  10. shann palmer

    Rose Marie

    More a legend than lyric,
    she dances in her kitchen
    after the last dish is dried
    and put away, like she is,
    used and in her place.

    Each time she spots
    her reflection in a spoon
    or silver platter she marvels
    at the stranger looking back,
    they might have been friends

    once, something so familiar
    would have made her cry,
    though now, she has forgotten
    just enough to smile, to bow,
    to twirl unhappiness away.

  11. ChapLynn

    My Profile ing

    Just because she looks like me
    doesn’t make her guilty
    So what?
    She has huge hips and fat legs
    swollen lips and a round head
    big breasts and a small waist
    That’s not her face
    Mistaken Identity
    She ’bout to catch a case
    You got the wrong lady, sir
    Your artist needs to retrace
    Can you loosen these handcuffs, please?
    I did not do this crime
    I told you that the last time
    Every black girl don’t look alike
    especially at night
    How in the world did your witness see clear?
    especially through her fear
    I can hardly see through my tears
    How long are you going to keep me here?

  12. Virginia Snowden VSBryant

    About Me

    I am a mother of two
    A career woman, student, and writer, through and through
    I like horror movies and vampire stories
    My music vocabulary is extensive
    From rap, to rock and roll, hip hop, pop, and an alternative stroll
    I hope to be published and make a few movies one day
    I want to run my own business, which will help brighten the world’s day
    For now I keep pushing and reaching for my goals
    Standing strong for my girls, while teaching them to stay on their own two soles

  13. Meg

    I am Megan

    I am Megan.
    A wife, a mother
    A daughter, a friend
    A former athlete that still dreams
    about what could have been.
    A musician on hold
    until children have grown.
    A mother-in-training
    everyday on the job.
    I am passionate about –
    my family
    my faith
    frozen yogurt
    doing a little good
    and being a little better –
    and I write about it
    when I’m not talking
    because for some reason
    I think that someone
    somewhere, out there
    cares, what I have to say.

  14. Sam Nielson

    Sara McNulty and Domino,
    Thank you for your kind words. It is nice to know that my efforts actually are read and meaningful to someone.
    Thanks again.

  15. Kimiko Martinez


    Grandma swore a whole lot.
    Mom and Dad did not.
    She smoked and cussed and
    the Little Me feared her
    fierce, loud love.

    She would offer them a drink.
    And the ice would clink
    as she recanted the faces and
    places she’d loved
    so fearlessly.

  16. Kimiko Martinez


    Grandma swore a whole lot.
    Mom and Dad did not.
    She smoked and cussed and
    the Little Me feared her
    fierce, loud love.

    She would offer them a drink.
    And the ice would clink
    as she recanted the faces and
    places she’d loved
    so fearlessly.

  17. Iain D. Kemp

    Dear Moosehead,
    Gimme some o’ that Fried
    Chicken amigo!!! One more
    stuffing for the fowl Os. I am
    feeling good and ready
    for the Rangers. You know how
    I feel after last year’s disaster…
    …on the crazy front the women
    are strangely calm and spend the
    whole time messing with Jeter –
    yeah! I named him after our main boy!
    Pick ya up at 6 – it’s guacamole time!

    Yours whooping and hollering
    Ringo the Howler

  18. Iain D. Kemp

    In Profile

    Likes bamboo
    eats shoots and leaves
    eats, shoots and leaves
    but not often enough
    likes bamboo
    favourite colours are black and white
    quite fond of green
    doesn’t like kids
    confused by E words like
    evolution and extinction
    likes bamboo
    850,924,673 friends (who keep leaving messages in Mandarin)
    can’t read or write
    likes bamboo
    favourite charity
    favourite animal
    skunk (great colour scheme)
    likes bamboo


  19. Pam

    I’ve been away from consistent computer connectivity since late Thursday night, so I’m running to catch up…

    The Memoir Teacher

    Tall, softly rectangular, so like a man
    at first blush, but
    there’s something so woman of her.
    How does one tell? Sturdy shoes,
    clothes too loose to reveal concaves, convexes,
    voice of whole grain. It’s not the kindness
    in her eyes; men, too, are kind.

    Call it a sense, not unlike scent or taste,
    though it’s neither: oranges and grapefruits,
    fog and fine rain, red wine and white,
    rose and smoke.

  20. Melissa Rossetti Folini

    “Fun-loving with Furry feet”

    The stoutest heart
    with quickest wit
    a friend to elves and men alike.
    A simple pleasure that
    comes in pints,
    a very hearty appetite.
    Trouble can’t seem to be avoided,
    they are drawn to it like a magnet.
    These words describe none other than
    the mischievous, lovable Hobbit.

  21. Margaret Van Pelt


    She cheers for the underdog when no one else will
    and enjoys simple pleasures, like walking barefoot
    in the grass and feeling the wind blowing through
    her hair. An unknown life is bursting within.
    She shares people’s joy, but feels their pain.
    She’s here, there, and everywhere,
    but doesn’t know where or how to begin.
    Beneath the surface, a dreamer resides.
    She wants it all, yet needs nothing.
    She’s an identity in crisis ~ a kaleidoscope.

  22. Judy Roney

    “Judy Evelyn Roney”

    Married for forty-one years to Bill
    and looks forward to the next forty
    or so. She has two daughters and one
    son, four granddaughters, three great
    grandsons, and one great granddaughter.

    Her daughters are following their
    dreams right now. Her son died
    at the age of twenty-three. Since his
    death it’s been a rough road from
    unimaginable grief to a deep sadness
    which she finds she can bear. She plans
    to write about that.

    Judy is originally from Tennessee but
    now splits her time between the ocean
    of Florida and the mountains of North

    She is a poet, writer, painter, photographer,
    and an avid reader. That is, when she’s not
    traveling, seeing her family, or meeting her
    friends. She has been known to join groups
    just to make friends and go out to eat.

    She laughs most days and enjoys each day
    of her life. She feels like the luckiest
    of women. “Life is good”, but that’s not her
    motto, her motto is “It is What It Is”
    because it just is.

  23. J.lynn

    trying to play catch up, loving every minute but can’t seem to find the end.

    Have a handful of jr. high boys to keep track of today. (how do you say in jr. highese so they’ll understand: please for the fourth time don’t let the guinea pig out of its cage?)

    de jackson, Marie Elena–thank you a little late for your kind words.


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