2011 April PAD Challenge: Day 14

Wow! What an avalanche of feeling yesterday. While I was on a panel in Austin recently, we talked about poetry as therapy, and I think that is definitely one of the benefits of poeming. Poetry has helped me tackle several problems, big and small, over the years, and I’m sure I’ll use it again. Onward and upward!


For today’s prompt, write an “ain’t none of my business” poem. This poem could be about something that is none of your business. Or a poem about something with which no one else should be concerned. It could be a poem about someone ignoring something that maybe they shouldn’t. It could be a poem that’s silly. Or a poem that’s serious. It ain’t none of my business what you decide to write about, though I admit I’ll still be interested to see what develops.

Here’s my attempt:

“Crashing the party”

I hear Will making sounds in his bedroom,
but when I try to peak inside, he gets
upset and says, “No, no, no.” I assume
he’s up to something, so I softly step
outside his door and listen intently
to what he’s doing, but he surprises
me by lining up his ducks and froggies
and having them say, “Hello,” and then, “Please,”
before having the froggies spin the ducks
in circles as they dance around the floor
while Will starts singing, “Shoo-eee, shoo-eee, yuck,
stinky poop.” The ducks and froggies dance more,
but then I let my attentions be known,
which caused a mad Will to say, “No, no, no.”


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0 thoughts on “2011 April PAD Challenge: Day 14

  1. Rose Anna Hines

    They say it’s none of my business,
    but next to my cubby hole
    Coworks have frequent phone conversations
    full of shouting animations
    of their personal situations
    which invade my concentrations

  2. Diane

    Famous Flaws

    I would rather not hear
    the flaws of a famous person
    as if we were truly shocked
    to discover his imperfection.
    Unless there is danger from deception
    such news is never news,
    and it ain’t none of my business.

  3. Laurie Kolp

    He Says It’s None of Our Business

    The skunk sneaks and slinks through scattered trash.
    Furtively he gathers tidbits from each source,
    trailing stenches strong enough to bowl one over
    in gross disbelief. Bystanders scoop their chins
    off filthy floors, try to force rabid mouths
    shut. Harsh words drool empty-promise puddles
    to make things better for the innocent kids,
    when all the pest really wants is more money–
    lime green slime seeps through secret manmade cracks.
    Dirty politics within the school district,
    concerned parents and taxpayers want to know;
    why this man, the leader of the clan, hurls
    junk at them and acts like an unruly onus
    flinging rotten food across the lunch table.

  4. K Kerns

    14 April None of My Business

    The Faded Tower

    I live in a tower and late at night
    I hear others doors squeak open and slam shut
    But, it ain’t none of my business ~


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