2011 April PAD Challenge: Day 13

As many of you are aware, I just returned from the Austin International Poetry Festival earlier this week after being a National Featured Poet. The event was a whirlwind of poetic activity, and since there were several things going on at any given time, I only experienced a slice of it. Click here if you’re interested in reading about my slice.


For today’s prompt, write a poem that remembers an old relationship. This relationship does not have to be romantic. It could be a departed (or estranged) family member, old friend, former teacher, or even just someone you briefly encountered. And the relationship may have even been one-sided or seemingly insignificant to the other person. So let’s all dig deep into our memory banks and see what we can draw out today.

Here’s my attempt:

“Big Matt”

He dropped me on my head 8 times,
but I thought I was being tough.
I asked for it, it was no crime;
he dropped me on my head 8 times.
Though now I have trouble with rhymes
and my childhood seemed kind of rough,
he dropped me on my head 8 times,
but I thought I was being tough.


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0 thoughts on “2011 April PAD Challenge: Day 13

  1. Dennis Wright


    I took home hens and chickens
    after the last day I saw you.
    I put them in the ground
    but they seemed to miss you.

    Since that day I’ve planted
    many a growing flower,
    and watched them rise to life
    during my most a pleasant hours.

    "Treat the earth well" you said,
    "It will take care of you".
    Much as you worked your garden,
    in the end its gifts did not save you.

    And right is right, like we said,
    and wrong is a damn shame.
    I remember those hens and chickens
    as I remember my own name.

  2. Michelle Lynn Guerra

    Remembering Dad
    He had hidden pale whit skin, under his farmers tan.
    His black hair, that he considered dark brown.
    His light green eyes, which shadowed mine.
    The way he walking the sidewalk slowly to and from work.
    Remembering how he loved his thick mush dash, and how he losted it after the radiation.
    How he loved to make chilli on Sundays.
    Until he lost his taste buds and never made it again.
    His ability to keep strong for all of us.
    Until the pain took over in the last few days.
    Remembering what he wanted us to remember him as.
    Remembering the old dad.
    Remembering my strong dad.
    Remembering our dad that is no longer here.

  3. Diane


    She has longed all day for this moment.
    He is home!
    She climbs into his dusty lap,
    gazes into his pale blue eyes,
    returns his smile.

    She doesn’t mind his thin white hair
    or the wrinkles on his pale hands.
    He is her hero,
    and for her this time is
    the priceless treasure of each day.

  4. K Kerns

    13 April The Old Relationship

    He was three years old the day I was born
    Plus one month and one day
    There was 21 inches of snow on our world
    And as I heard it told a dozen times
    He come up to my crib, stuck his hand
    Through and said, as his chubby little boy fingers
    Patted mine, “You is ok Baby. And I want you
    To know I’ll allus be heer to lookover ya, cuz
    I just come through almost 2 feet of powder
    Jes to look atchu”

    Today I made 85 years which means he is 88 years
    Plus one month and one day
    He has been widowered twice
    And I was widowed 21 years ago
    His children and my children are grown
    We even have a couple of great-greats
    Running around and he still pats my hand
    Mostly though when he needs the comfort
    I wouldn’t have it any other way
    Because he is my oldest friend ~


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