2011 April PAD Challenge: Day 11

Wow! I made it back home just in time to share today’s prompt. For those of you who don’t follow me on Facebook, I participated in a panel yesterday in Austin from 1-3 p.m., and immediately after it was finished, I jumped in my car and made for Duluth, Georgia. And I literally walked in the door, turned on my computer, and here we are.

I’ll share a wrap up on the Austin International Poetry Festival later this week, and I’ve got a lot of cool stuff to share the rest of this month as well (including guest posts, poet interviews, and more). Oh yeah, and we still have these daily prompts. 😉


For today’s prompt, take the phrase “Maybe (blank);” replace the blank with a word or phrase; make the new phrase the title of your poem; and then, write the poem. Some example titles might be: “Maybe I should’ve read the instructions first,” “Maybe I was wrong,” “Maybe the world is flat,” or whatever else y’all can muster. I admit that my brain is a little exhausted.

Regardless, here’s my attempt:

“Maybe next time”

I’ll make it a two-day trip and get
a hotel room in Shreveport, which wasn’t
what I expected. Instead of some
Cajun interpretation of Dayton,
Ohio, I found myself driving through
a mini-Mark Twain Vegas–complete
with riverboats and bright-lit casinos.
I’m not saying I’d want to gamble, just
that there’s nothing much in Mississippi.


I do apologize to anyone from Mississippi. The people there were nice when I stopped, but it made for lonely driving on I-20 last night/this very early morning.

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I want to thank Tammy for helping me with the blog while I was out of town and for being so supportive of everything I do in general. Believe me, these challenges would never be successful without her help during the month.


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0 thoughts on “2011 April PAD Challenge: Day 11

  1. K Kerns

    11 April Maybe We Will

    You say “Maybe we will”
    I say, “Not good enough”.

    You say, “Well, maybe someday”
    I say, “Well, never mind.”

    You say, “Can we talk about it?’
    I say, “We just did.” ~

  2. Michelle Lynn Guerra

    Maybe Tomorrow
    Maybe tomorrow I will have the strength to get out of bed.
    Maybe tomorrow I will not need Tylenol for my head.
    My body is weak.
    There is not even any color in my cheek.
    I am trying to push on.
    But I don’t even know what clothes to put on.
    I don’t want to leave my bedroom.
    Maybe I will just let this be my personal tomb.
    I will wait and see what tomorrow brings.
    Maybe I won’t feel then like such a toy, being pulled by strings.

  3. Diane

    Maybe He Tried to Kill His Wife

    Randy and Elaine lost their house;
    gas leak mushroomed.
    Insurance covers well.

    Elaine said they were fortunate.
    Randy’s new ski equipment,
    top of the line, worth a fortune,
    has escaped to a friend’s house.

    Randy’s favorite daughter
    was only slightly injured.
    She shouldn’t have been there
    but the softball game was canceled.

    Randy’s son, who annoys him,
    was home recovering from a sprain,
    but a friend dropped by and
    took him for a drive.

    Elaine’s own escape was close.
    She was canning jelly when the dog howled;
    she ran out–the house exploded.
    They were all so fortunate.

    Weeks later
    Randy divorced Elaine.
    She was shocked at his revelation
    of a three-year affair.

    the fortunate events
    paint Randy with suspicion.
    Maybe Randy tried to kill his wife.

  4. K Kerns

    11 April "Maybe (blank)"

    Maybe At Your Place

    You always want to come to my place
    To drink and puke and drink some more
    Maybe we can do this at your place
    And I’ll just forget to come over ~

  5. Rose Anna Hines

    Maybe I’ll take a Nap

    For years I thought naps were a non productive waste of time.
    Reserved for geriatrics, or lazy people or sluggards.

    Now I think of a nap as possibly
    a time to refresh ones body and mind
    a time to reboot
    start fresh

    You can call me more tolerant

    But, I think I’ll go take a nap.

  6. G. Smith

    (c) 2011 – G. Smith (BMI)

    I was seventeen and you were twenty-one,
    Mama said that you were too old for me;
    Boys like you were only out to have their fun,
    I said you were different and she would see…

    I told you…
    Maybe, someday,
    Soon we will be together;
    And maybe, someday,
    Soon we can live our dream.
    But Baby, till then,
    You and I will have to weather,
    A little bit of rain, but it won’t be as bad as it seems…
    No, it’s never quite as bad as it seems…

    I turned eighteen and you were twenty-two;
    Daddy said I was growing up much too fast,
    Boys like you don’t know what they wanna do,
    I said you were different and that we would last.

    You told me…
    Maybe, someday,
    Soon we will be together;
    And maybe, someday,
    Soon we can live our dream.
    But Baby, till then,
    You and I will have to weather,
    A little bit of rain but it won’t be as bad as it seems,
    No, it’s never quite as bad as it seems.

    That was how many years ago?
    Funny how the time flies by.
    What we always knew, our little girl wants us to know;
    Can’t you hear us when she tells her guy…

    Maybe, someday,
    Soon we will be together;
    And maybe, someday,
    Soon we will live our dream.
    But Baby, till then,
    You and I will have to weather
    A little bit of rain but it won’t be as bad as it seems,
    No, it’s never quite as bad as it seems…

  7. ChapLynn

    Maybe it wasn’t lightening

    Maybe it wasn’t a storm raging in my mind
    when we met for the very first time
    But, when I looked into your eyes
    and you shook my hand
    I felt lightening
    One innocent moment changed my whole world
    Ever since that day
    I wanted to be your girl
    But you never took me in
    Maybe it wasn’t lightening.

  8. Meg

    Maybe Next Time

    I tried everything I could
    and would think of. All I did
    was think and pray for a way
    for my dream to seem and to be
    real. To feel what I wanted
    to be. I even tried not to think.
    To spare myself from caring
    too much and from praying
    too much for something
    that might just not be.
    And it wasn’t.
    And I’m okay, this way
    ’til next time.

  9. Scott Mesrobian

    Maybe Next Year

    The season ended with the hope
    That next year would bring the opportunity
    Unfulfilled in the months just passed.
    Maybe next year I would expand the garden
    With flowers and plants in place of dying grass.

    Or when the next winter’s snows arrive,
    I would play the guitar and write my novel
    And volunteer at the museum.
    Maybe next year I would ride my bike
    On the paths across the land where I live
    That still feels foreign to me.

    Next year, maybe next year, I will do
    What I thought I would do this year
    When last year was this year
    And this year was next year.

  10. Jay Sizemore

    Maybe not

    Six digits, randomly picked,
    or the birth dates and anniversaries
    of memorable moments, penciled
    into little circles like answers
    to a multiple choice test,
    between one and forty-five,
    and one in 146 million,
    a chance at changing everything
    taken for granted as normal,
    a golden ticket to the eternal
    chocolate factory behind
    the purple curtain,
    to go from ugly to perfect,
    from unhappy to ecstatic,
    from paralyzed to walking,
    but then again…

  11. Mike Barzacchini

    (notes to a diver)

    I don’t know you,
    but I have to ask:

    Did you notice the moon shine
    on your damp arms?

    How did the midnight water taste?
    Cool and sweet?

    Was this escape or expression,
    Painting smiles on the waves?

    Did you hope to get caught?
    Was it better alone?

    And finally, the most
    obvious question:

    Why did you bother to keep
    your socks on?

  12. Arrvada

    Maybe One Day
    Maybe one day
    I will finally have the car of my dreams
    An early 70’s muscle car
    With an engine that roars and a
    Trunk that will fit
    All the things dear to me
    Maybe one day
    I will finally start the engine
    Listen to it growl and set out
    Alone with camera in hand to see
    The world that the highway spreads out
    Before me
    Maybe one day
    I will be as free as I want to be

  13. LBC

    Maybe There Will Be Sunshine

    On this umbrella day
    birds flutter to the feeder
    wind beneath their wings
    crash landing,
    settling for soaked seeds on the deck railing
    before seeking shelter amid the leaves of the rhododendrons.
    On this umbrella day
    the dog noses her golf ball across the living room rug
    knowing there will be no triumphant walk up the fairway to the 18th green
    content to cozy in front of the fireplace
    dancing flames comfort the chill.
    On this umbrella day
    creamy chicken vegetable soup simmers atop the kitchen stove
    thick and hearty, flavoring the blandness of gray emotions,
    cinnamon sugar crumbly-topped apple muffins sweeten the bitter gloom
    giving rise to the possibility that when this umbrella day is washed away
    maybe there will be sunshine.

  14. Jolanta Laurinaitis

    Maybe You already know

    Here I go
    I’ll tell you
    What you want
    To know
    That mists are
    Carried on by
    And from it
    We always rise
    The drop in the
    Sand is too far
    But reach out
    And snatch it hard
    Hold the grain
    By your feet
    And rest your head
    Slumber and sleep
    Maybe I’ll tell you
    The voices are low
    But maybe you
    Already know…
    Maybe you
    Already know.

  15. S.E.Ingraham

    Maybe Not

    Maybe, she thought
    It’s nothing
    Maybe it’s just a bug
    A malingering cough

    But nothing
    To be concerned

    After all
    Hadn’t she done
    Possible to
    Rid herself

    Of the nuisance
    Cold or whatever
    This was

    Seeing the doctor
    Three, four
    Half a dozen
    Times at least
    By now

    And still
    Every day
    Her breathing
    Grows more laboured
    The coughing fits
    More pronounced

    Did she imagine
    The shadows
    Behind her doctor’s

    Or a real note of concern
    Sounding through
    His words
    As he filled
    Out forms for lab tests

    She tried to ask him
    Calmly if there
    Was anything…

    He quickly hushed
    Her — told her
    To just go have
    The tests — then
    “We’ll see”.

    Maybe everything would
    Be just fine
    Maybe not.,

  16. Doug

    playing a desperate game of catch up … sigh!

    Maybe grounded

    maybe i have spent
    too much time
    in the shadow-trees
    root grasping

    my fingers anchored
    in the shades,
    dirt delving for an anchor

    and maybe i have forgotten
    how to branch
    in the light and the wind,
    the curl of truth painted
    on foliage and sun

    i do not
    forget the treachery of ravens,
    the claws of abandonment
    the silence cloaked
    in shunned plumage

    i feel it

    through the bark,
    rough uncaring skin

    and maybe
    i need to learn how to fly
    despite broken wings

    ©DPugh April MMXI

  17. Salvatore Buttaci


    Papa used the word
    like a writer uses
    the art of suspense
    something to keep me
    on my toes
    make me do his bidding
    can I go to the movies
    (not yes or no)
    could you raise my allowance
    (not how much or sure
    or what do you think I am
    a bank)
    like something
    hanging over my head
    a fence straddler
    a middle-of-the-roader
    a neither here nor there
    (maybe not)


  18. Sarah Joyce Bryant

    Maybe Tomorrow

    The world might stop spinning,
    the sun cease to exist,
    the moon could crumble
    but somehow we always forget this.

    I would tell you the truth
    if I thought it were true
    that these weren’t the last moments
    of what’s been me and you.

  19. Corinne

    if I let go of
    how perfectly the Ink Spots did maybe
    I can answer this prompt
    and get up to date
    and the song will stop running
    incessantly in my head.

  20. Margot Suydam


    A scab growing
    in my pocket
    tethers me
    to wasteful pursuits
    tapping and tilting
    at hawks that float
    and dive on breezes,
    the mislaid missives
    of widows. Deafening
    cattle-call of music,
    rattling in my breast,
    entitles me to ask
    just one question,
    digest the response,
    then send it out
    on a bird’s wing
    with hopes it never
    returns: Will you
    ever vacate my heart
    or can I palm
    walls for a hollow,
    dig out with one
    fingernail, maybe?

  21. Joseph Beckman

    2011 April PAD Challenge: Day 11

    For today’s prompt, take the phrase "Maybe (blank);"
    Just Maybe.
    Maybe Dad, you can stretch time backwards for eternity.
    Maybe Dad, you can be here early in the morning for to see me.
    Maybe Dad, you can come laugh with me before school envelopes me.
    Maybe Dad, you can come be with me for this eternity.
    Maybe Son, you can slow time to make it grow more gently.
    Maybe Son, you can be there where you are, longer, to suit only me.
    Maybe Son, you can play longer for soon your life takes you from me.
    Maybe Son, you can play with me to ease my heart’s grief gently.
    Just Maybe.

    © April 10, 2011 by Joseph Beckman

  22. Brian Slusher


    beamed to our living rooms
    are now playing on some
    alien receiver 60 light-years
    off, where a multi-eyed
    monstrosity is lounging as
    it tries to understand the
    fashion sense of Star Trek
    or the frantic machinations
    of a biped they name Lucy.
    And in the years to come when
    they have seen the pastel
    flash of Miami Vice and
    noted how much autopsies
    and home makeovers
    dominate our imagery, they’ll
    seek across the vacuum in
    their gleaming space RV
    to find the source, a by then
    plundered and paved over
    rock where man has shot
    his final episode and only
    cockroaches well up
    to greet the cosmic tourists
    with stories not of Gods
    but of the ones they call
    the Un-antennaed, how
    these disconnected giants
    spent their lives staring
    deep into a box of light

  23. Earl Parsons

    Maybe I’m Wrong

    I know I’ve said on many occasions
    That Jesus is the only Way to Heaven
    That salvation through His blood
    Is the only real salvation
    Could I be wrong?

    I’ve also proclaimed with confidence
    That there is a Heaven and a Hell
    And that we’re going to one or the other
    When all is said and done
    Could I be wrong?

    I’ve railed against the theory of evolution
    There’s just no way this all just happened
    A Supreme Being must have been involved
    Creationism makes more sense
    Could I be wrong?

    Maybe this is all there really is
    Maybe we live and we die and that’s it
    Maybe life is all just one big crapshoot
    Maybe I’ve been fooled all along
    Maybe I’m wrong

    Maybe not

  24. Linda Simoni-Wastila

    Maybe if in the moment

    Maybe if in the moment
    before I blew my cool
    I recognized the trill
    of lava building behind my ribs
    the yellow stillness of air
    I could take myself away
    fly on silver clouds behind the sun
    and wait this instant out.

    Peace, Linda

  25. Juanita Lewison-Snyder

    Maybe (I’m Wrong)
    by Juanita Lewison-Snyder

    I’m wrong
    and should spot you a chance
    to make up for the lies and the hurt.
    A risk to redeem
    and do the right thing
    and prove wrong
    all these worries and doubts.

    I’m wrong
    and owe you a stake
    ‘stead of thinkin’ and expectin’ the worse.
    A gamble at best
    and lay down to rest
    all these red flags a wagerin’
    maybe not!

    © 2011 by Juanita Lewison-Snyder

  26. Kimiko Martinez


    Maybe I’d know what your
    lips tasted like
    if I’d stuck around longer.

    Maybe I’d have noticed the
    way you licked
    your lips as you stared.

    Maybe I’d have seen you
    pull out your
    chapstick and look away. Soothed.

  27. Laurie Granieri

    Maybe She is Grateful

    He is a stranger
    slightly silly
    in a New Age way:
    a lank ponytail dangling from a balding head,
    all the hairs his pink scalp can muster;
    the talk about auras and crystals
    as the sun rises
    and illuminates
    a strand of clouds.

    He plucks
    a white blossom
    small as a thumb
    from his truck,
    the jasmine
    in your palm, intones:
    "The universe thanks you
    for appreciating her beauty
    this morning."
    He is performing the random act
    of beauty his bumper sticker

    You turn back
    to the sun, fold your fist
    over the petals
    as if to shelter
    the fragile bloom and its
    thick fragrance.

    You wander for hours
    along the water,
    twirling the flower
    between your fingers,
    stopping to nuzzle it
    like a puppy.

    You wonder how long
    you inhale
    its sweetness.

  28. Sara McNulty

    A late reading produced:

    Joseph – Maybes and Might-Have-Beens – I loved it!
    Catherine Lee – Skinny jeans & stains – Great poem
    De – Maybe the Moon – Beautiful
    Michele (Banana) – Wonderful
    Walt – Loved them all as usual, but particularly Poets, Mayberry, and So Maybe Poetry Doesn’t Pay

  29. Sam Nielson

    Maybe Save All Questions Until The End

    They exist there in your head.
    Right next to the question
    About whether your car will
    Live much longer, or about a
    Child’s trajectory across life.

    Perhaps those are the ones
    We most long to hear, most
    Wish we knew, wish we had
    An aerial perspective of,
    Those questions buried

    In there somewhere like
    That Cessna impacting
    Earth at full throttle.
    We have aclimatized to them
    Often forgetting they exist.

    That tour you take to see
    The historical sites and the
    Guide, out front, refuses
    Any interruption, until those
    Questions no longer need an answer.

  30. Mike Bayles

    Maybe Rain

    A little breeze calls me
    a little overcast the skies
    overhead when the forecast
    calls for a little chance of rain,
    a familiar refrain this spring,
    questions about what weather
    will bring, and whether or not
    I should take a walk, but maybe,
    when I think, Maybe rain.

  31. Maureen Babcock

    Maybe That’s Why the Angels Weep

    Over against the wall in jagged pieces,
    Lie the tired sighs and the peaked eyes
    Who sought a simple smile, a warm caress
    Or an accepting touch,
    And found but cold stone and empty music
    That twanged a cacaphony of pain, not peace
    In the pale silence of the abandoned Hearth.

    By Maureen Babcock

  32. shann palmer

    Maybe (Okay) in 2 parts

    Prelude to the poem

    (I didn’t start the day angry,
    when I opened my eyes
    I may have laughed, or not.

    The sky is grey, but not raining,
    temperature unseasonably warm,
    a welcome relief from chill.

    I listened to music, not the news,
    ate a slow breakfast, read mail,
    did a load of wash, the dishes.

    No one intruded with a sad tale,
    I didn’t dredge through hurts,
    yet, my fists clenched, my jaw.)

    The poem

    The things we carry bind us
    as sure as if they rise up whole,
    spread out in the living room

    making themselves known
    again, wearing precious details.
    We cut to and chase them down,

    eagerly wallow in the ridiculous,
    words we never said, or if we did
    our pitiful bleats went unheard.

    Of all the wounds I bear, you bring
    the most pain, the greatest test:
    your cocky smile, so sly and sure.

    You are the football team God
    lets win, though my prayers
    just as fervent, are equally right.

    You smell of rose and oranges,
    I hold the stink of resentment
    behind my tight wire mouth.

    I want to blame you for
    everything, or someone like
    you, carrion that almost won,

    tripped me on the path
    to accomplishment, to good.
    This rage always surprises.

    I am the enemy, of course,
    offering my throat every time,
    clawing my heart out, again.

    We watch as it slowly beats
    in my hand, you never wanted it,
    did you? You didn’t even know.

    “And, scene!” the mad director shouts.
    Nothing changes, the birds still sing,
    I freshen up, wait for what comes next.

  33. Linda Armstrong

    Maybe I’ll Be Better

    Maybe tomorrow I’ll
    follow all the resolutions
    I make with so much sincerity
    as I slip between the covers
    and pull up the blankets tonight.
    Maybe I’ll walk a few miles
    in the morning, write dozens
    of pages, and after dinner
    skip the cookies.
    Maybe I’ll be kinder, wiser,
    and more beautiful tomorrow,
    or, maybe, I’ll wake up
    and be my same old self
    for yet another imperfect day.

  34. Nina B. Lanctot

    Maybe the three red foxes dead on the road

    Maybe the three red foxes dead on the road
    are a sign.

    Gretchen made us stop on the Chaco road in Argentina, August 2009,
    to take a close look at the long legged fox the size of a wolf,
    rare, with its eyes already eater out.
    We stood and paid vigil.

    Gary’s brother told me at the meeting for his mother’s funeral
    that he stopped and turned around on US 131 south of Three Rivers
    to see the dead fox by the side of the road.
    That same March week I had seen the same orange fur, but had not stopped.
    I can’t remember why he brought it up, but he made me wished
    I had paid respects as well.

    Going past the third fox, one mile from my house today,
    I took in a sharp breath at beauty and wondered why, again,
    this secretive creature, darted into the deadly path.

    Is this a suicide pact, a woodland solidarity,
    protesting to death so that my heart would un-numb to the handfuls
    of raccoons, skunks, squirrels and deer, the crows and vultures who attend them littering my way as I plow through the country in my 95 horse power
    Toyota pick-up,

  35. Katrin Talbot

    Prompt: maybe

    May be,
    if requited
    was more common than
    there would be
    less art, more science
    –definitely less opera;
    arias would
    lose their beloved
    ‘if only’ patina
    and the plight of country western
    lyrics would be monumental;
    crooning about
    lost hound dogs
    might eventually become

    And I just might be
    in your arms as you
    read this…

  36. PSC in CT

    Too wet to walk outside — and no prompt yet, so… some time to read & comment:

    Walt – “Maybe Baby” – short, simple, but says a lot. And: Your muse is never tired for long. I think she’s on steroids. 😉 “Maybe Tomorrow” – I like this!, “YOU MAY BE RIGHT, I MAY BE CRAZY” – Yes, but in a GOOD way! ;-))

    Linda M. Rhinehart Neas (Maybe Things Will Change) – Like this! Looks like we took the same walk.

    Pam – “…Trucker” made me smile. Plenty poemy! 😉

    de jackson – “Maybe the Moon” – beautiful, as always. AND: “Maybe at Some Point This Will Turn into a Poem”? – How about now? 😉

    Jerry/Chev – “creating opaque thoughts that even a poet cannot see through.” – love this! And: “… cough syrup…” – :-))

    Anders Bylund – ;-))
    Elizabeth Johnson – “Someday” – lovely and sweet!
    Nancy Posey – “Lost” – I’m right there with you! Well captured.

    And a few others I enjoyed: D. Gilson, Terry Stewart, Catherine Lee, Eve Brackenbury, Andrew Kreider (Wonders…), Gil Gallagher, M Wood, ina, Kit Cooley, A.C. Leming .

    Well… looks like today’s prompt has been posted, so I’ll have to quit for now, and hope I get back later to read some more. 😉


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