2010 November PAD Chapbook Challenge: Next Steps

I haven’t even posted the next steps post, yet I’ve already received my first chapbook manuscript via e-mail. I expect many more to be sent my way between today and January 5th at 11:59 p.m. (Atlanta, Georgia, time).

To read the original guidelines post, click here.

If you’re lazy, here are the basics:

  • You have until 11:59 p.m. on 1/5/2011 to submit 10-20 PAGES of poetry (no more than one poem per page, though one poem can stretch over multiple pages). This means, of course, that if you wrote more than 20 poems during the month of November you’ll have to make decisions about which poems should make the manuscript and which shouldn’t.
  • Manuscripts should be submitted as either .doc (not .docx), .txt or .rtf files.
  • Send them to robert.brewer@fwmedia.com with this subject line: My 2010 November PAD Chapbook MS
  • Poets can submit a manuscript even if they did not post poems to the blog during the month of November.
  • Manuscripts can include a poem or two outside of November, but the majority should be poems inspired by the November prompts. Using the honor system here.
  • Poets can submit multiple manuscripts, but poets improve their chances if they focus on one stellar manuscript as opposed to several mediocre manuscripts.
  • Manuscripts will be judged by myself and my awesome poet wife, Tammy Foster Brewer.

Any other questions, leave a comment below (and/or send me an e-mail).


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24 thoughts on “2010 November PAD Chapbook Challenge: Next Steps

  1. ina

    Robert, Thanks for putting this challenge together – it was so much fun.

    Everyone who posted, thanks for sharing so many amazing poems with the rest of us. I love the challenges because I get to read words that it never would have occurred to me to put together. It’s a real blessing.


  2. Joseph Harker

    A note: I will make clear if certain poems were written outside of November (I have one or two that fit into the theme I used), but a couple that I might use were, I think, deleted in the Great Comment Purge of 2010, and I hadn’t reposted them. Shall I re-post so you know they were part of the challenge? I’ll make a note of them too in the DOC file if desired…

  3. Elizabeth

    Thank you so much Robert, not just for the challenge and the prompts, but for the experience as a whole. I have done a poem a day on my own, but this was so much more, and the awareness that so many were doing the same thing was a high incentive that was certainly missing when I did it alone. Of course, I also have to admit that I had several conversations with you about how and why you chose those particular prompts at that precise moment, and I’m glad you are blithely unaware of them, lol. Thanks again,


  4. Mariya Koleva

    @dennis – if you are using MS Office 2007, your files will be .docx. In any of the older versions, they will be .doc. You will know that when a Word document is getting opened and an initial small window appears announcing the Office version you are using.
    another way you can check is when you hit the Save As button, because you will be prompted to save you doc somewhere of your choice and in a format of your choice, too. The info that appears in the dialog box, will be the status of you file "as is".
    hope it is helpful.

    @robert – Thank you very much for the challenge and for so carefully chosen prompts. it was a great invigorating and inspiring experience for me.

  5. Dennis Wright


    On the rule,

    "Manuscripts should be submitted as either .doc (not .docx), .txt or .rtf files."

    I need to admit I am computer illiterate enough not to know how to tell what kind of documents my word processor creates. I think my files are .doc files, but don’t know the difference between .doc files and .docx files. How could one tell?

  6. Marie Elena

    Thanks again, Robert, for all the time, energy, and passion you put into this site.

    De, I had a similar experience during the April 2009 PAD, resulting in my first publication. It was a thrill, for sure. However, not everyone looks at it the same way. I just received a message today from Lyrical Passion Poetry E-zine that everything I post to this site and my blog are considered "published," and they will not accept them. 🙁 Bummer.

  7. vivienne blake

    Robert, thank you for the clarification. In a way I’m relieved, although I have spent a large part of the day putting my chosen poems in order and heading them with date and prompt. Doing it like that means that any fragile theme there might ever have been is lost in a jumble, so I may go back to the drawing board tomorrow.

    I feel like a knotless thread now without the time pressure of PAD, and thank you from the bottom of my heart for the wonderful inspiration you have been throughout November.

  8. Willy

    MANY thanks for all you do, Robert. Although time constraints prevented me from commenting during November, your efforts afforded me some much-needed mental exercise (and respite). Love PA Street and all its occupants/visitors. W

  9. stu pidasso

    Besides having the opinion that this is really cool for you to host this PAD and allow all these writers a chance to corresponde and share work with each other; I just simply enjoy the poems. There are many talented writers here on your site.

    Thank you, RLB.

    stu pidasso

  10. Robert Lee Brewer

    Don’t worry about labeling each poem. I don’t need to know which poem was written for which prompt.

    Pam, that sounds fine. I just expect poets to use their best judgment and not just submit a bunch of poems that weren’t written during the challenge.

    Alfred, you can determine the order. It can be chronological, but it doesn’t have to be. It could be ordered in any way that you prefer.

    To everyone else, thank you! Y’all make this a truly enjoyable experience and motivate me so much.

  11. bc

    As the rest have said, thank you for truly challenging me!

    On the flip side, should we label which prompt each poem went with in case it isn’t obvious, or just assume it doesn’t matter?

  12. RJ Clarken

    Robert – thanks! It’s been an awesome month. I enjoyed the challenge thoroughly, both from a writing/poeming perspective and also from a reading/being inspired perspective.

    I’m delighted to hear about your good news, and hope everything goes smoothly and healthfully! (Is healthfully a word?) ☼

    Best wishes for a happy holiday season!

  13. Elizabeth Johnson

    Thanks Robert for putting the whole PAD challenge together! It was an amazing experience for me… it felt wonderful writing SO much and SO frequently, although I think some of my later ones were rather thrown together rather haphazardly. But I learned a lot about my own abilities and preferences, and enjoyed reading everyone else’s entries.

    Will you be giving us some pointers on revising or are we on our own for that?

  14. de jackson

    PS, Robert: For those who have concerns about posting on your site being considered "published," I would like to throw this into the ring: I just got a little poem published online BECAUSE I posted here. Someone saw it on your Palindrome prompt, liked it, and asked if he could publish it on his site. So there ya go. ; ) And also: THANK YOU, for this place to see, be seen, and knock words together, together.

  15. de jackson

    Robert, thank you for the guidelines, and for all your hard work on this adventure. Just wanted to say thank you to all who poemed, commented, encouraged, made me laugh and cry, and held the bar so high. Good luck to all, you amazing poets, you.

  16. Pam Winters

    Thanks for the guidelines, Robert.

    Can you clarify "outside of November"? I have a draft now that contains 20 poems. All of them were written in the past month.

    At least 14 are from the challenge–they were posted in the blog comments–but as many as 6 were written extracurricularly, as it were. (I have to recheck the archives to confirm which ones were part of the challenge.)

    Is this within bounds?

    Thanks, and good luck, all–



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