2010 April PAD Challenge: Day 29

Today is the last day to cast a vote for the Poet Laureate of the Blogosphere competition. As of a few minutes ago, I was holding a 2-vote lead, though I was behind in the voting for much of yesterday afternoon. So, this could definitely go either way. If you can and are willing, I’d really appreciate you taking literally a minute or so to click on the link below and cast a vote for me. With a 2-vote margin, each vote really does count. (In fact, if you are able to spread the word in any way and feel so inclined, I would totally be in your debt.)

Whether I win or lose, I want to throw out a very special thank you to everyone. It has been an amazing experience to not only receive so many votes and so much support, but to also hear all the personal stories of how my blog and (very importantly) this community has really helped poets not only write but also find the courage to submit their work and find publication. I can only take so much credit for that, and everyone one of you deserve the rest. Personally, I have grown a lot since I started this blog because of you. So thank you–so much.

If you are willing and able, click here to vote.


We’re about to finish another challenge, and though we had various obstacles (including tech issues) we’re finishing strong and supportive of each other. I hope everyone has fun selecting up to five poems to send my way. While I haven’t been able to read everything this month, I have read quite a few that have blown my top off. Some have even made me laugh out loud. So, I am looking forward to reading those in May and June.

Click here to read the guidelines on submitting.


For today’s prompt, I want you to take the phrase “And Suddenly (blank),” replace the blank with a word or phrase, make the new phrase the title of your poem, and then, write the poem. Some examples: “And suddenly we were lost,” “And suddenly over,” “And suddenly banana,” “And suddenly sudden,” “And suddenly the poem I was writing turned into a killer robot,” etc.

Here’s my attempt:

“And suddenly you”

-for Tammy

In the morning, it’s a match across a striker
flung into a pile of leaves. No one knows
if the wind will help or blow it out. No one
notices it burning. So there is no water around
by evening when the whole forest is ablaze,
and here we are with our tanks of gasoline.


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245 thoughts on “2010 April PAD Challenge: Day 29

  1. Tim Snodgrass

    Thank you so much Hannah, Marie, Janet, Collete, and the rest of you marvelous poets that have supported and encouraged me throughout this challange.

  2. Colette D

    de jackson and marie elena ~ thanks and "Wednesdays" sounds good – I used to think, "Big deal… Emily Dickinson’s "annus mirabilus" resulted in ~365 poems. One Poem a day. Yeah right, now I know that’s not so easy. We only did it for a month!

  3. Colette D

    { This was changed; L2, S3, to demonstrate just how terrible it will be… }

    ~ And Suddenly I’m Terrible ~

    I am a terrible mother.
    I have ignored my kids.
    I have neglected to protect them
    from electronic babysitters —
    I have been so terrible.

    I am a terrible wife.
    I have ignored my husband.
    He has been forced to stay the course
    of laundry, bills, cleaning and meals —
    I have been so terrible.

    I am a terrible person.
    I have been waited upon hand and foot.
    And suddenly the PAD
    will come to a sudden halt —
    It’s going to be terrible!

  4. Matt Blair

    And Suddenly the World Was Big Again

    Every generation chooses an aspect
    of the world as a target for its hubris.
    Ours was distance.

    We hopped over mountains and rivers,
    built transient art cities in the desert,
    scoffed at oceans.

    With a passport and a credit card,
    we could be anywhere in the world
    in twenty-four hours.

    Then planes were co-opted as missiles,
    and no flight left Kansai for America
    for eight days.

    During that time, I started to wonder:
    How many weeks by ship between me
    and my ailing grandfather’s side?


    Kind of a weird, moody slog today. More background available here.

  5. Karen H. Phillips

    Robert, I felt the heat of "And Suddenly You" all the way to our hotel room in Indy.

    4-29-2010 Prompt: Write a poem titled, "And Suddenly ____"

    And Suddenly Day Disappeared

    While we waited inside, facing warehouse high
    picture windows,
    on the terminal’s opposite end
    the sun that led our car north and west,
    spanning the April afternoon,
    slipped into evening clothes.
    The same sun that lit
    all the green hills
    and fallow fields
    and lavender-flowering trees
    faded beneath a navy sky
    and left behind a trail
    of apricot.
    And we watched it set
    with no regret.

  6. Marie Elena

    Beth, Sweet Hannah, De Queen, Linda Goin (how sweet!), Amy (LOL!), Janet, and Linda Voit: Thank you sooo much for your kind, sweet, humorous, wonderful words!

    My own Cara Holman Haiku! WOW! Thank you so much! =)

  7. Marie Elena

    And Suddenly, I Saw Him

    Enthralled by my shoes,
    (real RUBY – not fake!)
    I wandered away
    From the path I should take.
    The bright yellow brick
    Should be simple to follow,
    But I was distracted –
    It’s easy to wallow
    In ruby-red shoes
    That have magical powers.
    Why, I could just wallow
    For hours and hours.
    But, suddenly I
    Heard a voice yell “HEY YOU!”
    Then mumbling something
    ‘bout some sort of screw.
    My little dog, Toto
    Was yapping a LOT,
    And that’s when I noticed
    This poor guy, distraught,
    Who was stuck on a pole,
    And in need of assistance,
    And I was not one to
    Resist his persistence,
    So Toto and I
    Helped him down off the pole;
    We said our adieus
    And were ready to roll,
    But this scarecrow,
    He seemed like a pretty nice guy,
    And in need of a hand
    (he was clumsily spry),
    So we asked him to join us,
    And he seemed delighted,
    And I’d say that’s when
    A great friendship ignited.

    Hey, watch it. You’re scuffing up my ruby slippers. They’re magical, you know. No, really … they have some sort of really super awesome powers. I just don’t know what yet.

    Toto? Naw … he won’t bite.

    Well, he doesn’t USUALLY bite. It would help if you didn’t keep stepping on his poor little paws. I’m just sayin’.

    So tell me, how did you get up there on that rusty old nail in the first place?

    Uh huh …

    Yeah …

    Me? No. I live clear on the other side of the lake. But there was this tornado, see, and…

  8. Linda Voit

    Congratulations, Robert!
    And, wow, Linda G, you know how to make someone’s day – thanks for the comment! Colette D, too. Marie Elana – thanks for your comments to everyone all the time. What a lifter of poetic spirits you are.
    Nancy Posey – awesome poem.
    What a pleasure this month has been. I am both sad and relieved that it is almost the 30th. 🙂 Carry on poets!

  9. Marie Elena

    Okay, people, please forgive what this looks like. I hope it isn’t tooo obnoxious and intimidating, but …

    Robert: Do you know how refreshing it is to “see” absolute soul mates so in love like you and Tammy?
    Kim Cameron: Welcome! Too bad you haven’t been with us all month. Hoping to hear more from you. Robert posts a prompt every Wednesday after April ends, and we milk each one dry for a solid week. Join in the fun!
    PArtner: What a year. What a year. *shaking my head, and smiling with my heart*
    Chev: Strange, indeed! =)
    Anders: I don’t know how you did it, but you sure DID did it! How in the world does that thing know what comments are meant for each one of us? And DE?! Outstanding! Thank you, thank you, thank you!
    Pam: LOL!
    Beth and Earl: Hardy amens to you both!
    Laurie: Horrifying. Sudden is just so true … our lives can change in a nano-second.
    Sweet Hannah: You take my breath away.
    Carolee: “you are left with only wonder at how the others collect grief .in sidewalk pools” and “misery runs off you like water.” Beautiful.
    Taylor: Beautiful as well.
    Crazy: … and I’m likin’ your stuff. 😉
    Roseann: “I know the pain of first steps of sun in sleepy eyes of wanting too much too soon” Great line. You have a very poetic voice. Nice work.
    Linda Goin: Joy, Joy, Joy! Good stuff!
    Annie: You also have a very poetic voice, and a style all your own. I’ve enjoyed your work all month.
    RJ: I wouldn’t want a single day without you to make me grin!!
    De Jackson: I’ve noticed you are spending a bit more time here with us again, and I’m LOVIN’ it BIG TIME!
    Joseph: My daughter did that in NYC, believe it or not! LOL! I gotta read your poem to her … it’s right up her ally.
    Oh, Tammy. Oh my goodness … so, ditto what I said to Robert at the top of my comments. You two are just absolute kindred spirit. SO refreshing!
    Patricia: LOL!!!
    Rachel: Nice! All the best to you!
    Walt: “Suddenly it’s too late” … LOL!!
    Maria: I’m going to look up “Imagist” poetry later. You’ve got my curiosity up. =)
    Mark Christopher: I don’t recall your work here before. Forgive me if I’m wrong. But the compliment I’m about to give you is one of a most high order: I thought I was reading De Jackson’s work at first. Excellent.
    Connie: Great acrostic!
    Stephanie: “they show what’s possible and what sleeps under even the most ruined skin.” Great line.
    Michelle Hed: What an interesting take. Fascinating!
    Margaret: Oh, do I know THAT feeling! Great portrayal of an emotion we probably all feel.
    Amy: LOL! Thanks for the creative compliment! But if I am the pasta, you are the meat. Your words carry so much weight. Today – as every day – great work!
    Sheila Deeth: You leave me wanting more.
    RJ: Sweet memory.
    Demsy: Yours is another naturally poetic voice. I’ve enjoyed your work this month.
    Mr. Atwater: “expeditious flumadiddle thingumabob doovers” gave me the giggles! =) How fun is that!
    Anders: I always enjoy your “music,” but “suddenly I’m yours” is my favorite this month. Wonderful.
    Marcia: Yours is another that leaves me wanting more. Powerful piece that tells us much without telling us really anything. Nice work!
    Mjdillis: Excellence, as always.
    Patricia W-J.: Stunning!
    Gretchen: Beautiful and poignant piece.
    Pearl: That one is a wow. So much alliteration. So much imagery. Such a statement. Beautifully done.
    LBC: “demanding cookie cutter answers of children who dare to be entertaining.” Way too true. Love the poem. EXCELLENT line.
    Paul: “a boom-bap jazz slap of brushes on the cymbals the timbre of the symbols the semiotic jingles, signifiers syntactic fires, distilled desires” LOVE IT!
    Donald: Glad you tried something new. It works beautifully!
    Sara Gwen: Nice. I could never write in the style you do.
    Theresa! I’m jealous! Oh, wait … Keith and I will be alone together for a whole 5 days. Okay. I’m okay now. 😉 Seriously, have a WONDERFUL time!!
    Shannon: How sad! Bless your little heart … your words made me tear up for you, hon.
    Marian: What an amazing story! Thanks for sharing it, and congratulations on your nearly 50 years. Wonderful!
    John Newmark: Okay, so that’s a story I know I need to avoid! LOL! Good job. =)
    Joe! LOL!
    Cara: I nominate you for a Haiku Oscar. Or Stanley Cup. Or the Pillsbury Blue Ribbon. Your haiku offerings have been consistently beautiful … speaking to me each and every day. Thank you.
    AC Leming: Oh, wow! =) My absolute FAVORITE romantic line EVER is “You intoxicate my soul with your eyes.” Mmmmmm…
    CJillFriend: Mostly I find your writing to be intriguing … and mostly over my head. I’m finding that the more I read poetry that is akin to abstract art, the more I am developing a taste for it. I hope you’ll keep feeding me.
    Sheila Harris: Fascinating!
    Bruce: How in the world you could manage to take such vastly different titles and write a piece that works as well as this one did is beyond me. Nice.
    “A faint squeeze of a clutching hand flashed the image of your "hero" walking you across the street for the first time. Now as he crossed, it was your grip that led the way.” Walt, I seldom choose standout lines from your poetry. Mostly because your poetry simply all stands out. But this line really got to me. When I think of my own father, and the inevitable … well, this is just a transfixing image.
    Doctor: I hear ya. Nice work.
    Brian: Stunning. Sooo appealing.
    Linda Voit: Simple and profound.
    Theresa Williams: Gripping.
    Lytton: …and speaking of gripping…
    Colette: You are another poet I’ve thoroughly enjoyed this month! Such consistency … such quality. Hoping you’re planning to stick around after April.
    Connie Lard: Nooooooooo! Not “old,” simply wise, and wonderful with words. =)
    Iain: Amen, brother. I’m with ya! The Doctor will join us.
    stu pidasso: Another name I don’t recall … I hope I’m not wrong. Nice work.
    MSchied: I can relate all-too-well. Thankful for my Garmen! Well done.
    Daniel Ari: Always, always quality from you. Without fail. I particularly like “poised to detonate its shockwave of milk across the floor in a flash, causally” Perfect.
    Andrew Kreider: Well done. Hoping you’ll continue to post after April.
    RJ: My aunt had a similar experience with Paul Newman! Niiiiiiiiiiiiice…
    Kimiko Martinez: Love it!
    Salvatore: Mmmmmmm … lovely. Amen.
    Linda: Happy birthday again! Nice piece today.
    Kim: Yes, please do stick around after PAD! I wrote you a note toward the top somewhere, which is now too high to see. 😉
    Buddah: Love it!! True?
    Tim: Oh my. Such emotion welled and spilled onto the page. You’ve touched my heart … I’m glad spring came.
    Sara: Another 9/11 piece. Were you there?
    FangO: You and Alice are just so darned cute! You’d make fun neighbors, for sure. You are another one I must say that I hope you stick around after PAD.
    Debbie Pea: In my opinion, this is Debbie Pea at her best. Flawless rhythm, and great faith. Bravo.
    Amy: Angering. Anguishing. Something that, thank God, I cannot even fathom. You are amazingly strong for what you’ve been through. Bless you, hon.
    Margaret: Beautiful images in your rainbow piece.
    Barbara: But … how do you REALLY feel about crows? LOL! Nice work, as always.
    Willy! LOL! I gotta show this one to my Keith…
    But, but … SaraV! You can be here every day from tomorrow through next April and beyond! Please do?
    Sam Nielson: Lovely! And the Cedar Waxwing is one of my favorites.
    Barbara Nieves: Beautiful.
    Brenda Warren: We didn’t get our usual April snow up here in NW Ohio. Would you believe I rather missed it? Flowers and buds peaking through snow is just stunning.
    Andrea: I read yours twice. The first time, it got by me. The second time, I saw the brilliance.
    Patti W.: I don’t often see a rhyming haiku. Nice!
    Nancy, I commented out at ICL, but I truly do love “No telling – cause it shows.” Wish I’d written that line! And Thanks so much for doing this with me. You’ve been my good bud throughout this month. You’re a peach!
    Rick Lime: Coming around after April PAD ends, I hope!
    Sara Joyce: Lovely!
    Janet: Wow. What an incredible story. You tell stories so well, my friend!
    Nancy Posy: Wow. So well-written. So evocative.
    Kim Yvonne King: Quite meditative and well done. I’ve come to expect quality from you.
    Omavi: So endearing!
    LOL, Sheryl K!!
    Jennifer: Well done!
    Genevieve: So true!
    Mary Kling: Your wisdom and outlook on life shine in your work. Love it!
    J. Hugh: Huge amen!
    Darryl: Beautiful.
    Amy: “Spirit” is Lovely and amazing!

    Believe it or not, I’ll be back…

  10. Linda Goin

    The decision was called, according to an email just received from BloggingPoet.com…Robert has tied with Sina Queyras for 2010 Poet Laureate of the Blogosphere. Congrats to them both (but especially to Robert!!!)

  11. Amy Barlow Liberatore


    Glassy glaze, leftover gaze of mom’s last days
    Pulling myself to bed with a comforter
    which brought warmth but little comfort

    Rolling around in the dark, unsure
    where covers ended and my body began
    Wanting needed craving praying for sleep

    How do you pray when you have no faith
    Whose name do you call when all you hold true
    has fallen apart, splattered on walls
    absorbed by mounds of tissues
    scribbled in journals destined for the recycling bin
    meaningless, empty

    In the dark in the night at a crucial moment
    I called the name God
    saw a crack open, a sliver of light
    Called the name Jesus
    and floodgates burst open
    I was held cradled loved
    Part of an effervescent, boundless loving truth
    Privy to a sanctuary, a safe haven known only to
    the truly broken

    At that precise moment my life changed
    My world made sense
    And every day since that night has been a prayer
    of gratitude for the One who saved a broken, desperate single mom
    and showed her the way
    back to her own heart

  12. J. Hugh MacDonald

    And Suddenly We See

    It happens at a different point
    For every one who is so blessed,
    Someone or thing affects our lives,
    Makes us take pause and realize
    How all the portals of our souls
    Have gotten clogged with frenzy,
    So that our purblind eyes look down,
    And watch for boulders in our path.
    And thus miss the world’s best views,
    ears always focused on pounding hearts,
    block out the vibrant music nature serves.
    Our stress binds muscles tight in knots
    We are islands no one wants to touch.
    And we have turned allergic to the earth
    The colors all around us wash out grey
    Concrete is the perfume of the world
    We gobble meals while on the run
    Wash then down with sugared drinks.
    Then one day I look at you and know
    Our private world is flying upside down
    Together we decide to stop the ride
    And now we’ve much less in the bank
    But every day we have time to breathe
    To be aware that life is our sole gift
    It’s ours to fully know in all every sense.

  13. Mary Kling

    Robert, I voted for you as often as I could! You deserve to win, whether you win or not.

    To people who don’t recognize me this time around, I’ve been simply Mary K before. I realized this after using the search tool.

    I wrote a few short "Suddenly" poems tonight. I enjoyed everyone’s poems today. What a wonderful community this is. Feel free to connect with me on Facebook.

    after long and cold
    winter left
    spring appeared
    I feel renewed
    again, though
    one year older.

    I realized it is not
    about what others do
    but how I let it
    affect me.

    I knew what love was
    for the very first time
    in my life. Better
    late than never
    to know true love.

    I realized two small dogs
    had claimed my heart
    as few humans have.

    Suddenly I really
    appreciated what it is like
    to be two years old and
    to be able to proclaim
    to the world that one
    can do it oneself!

    Suddenly I felt sad
    that April was almost over
    that there would be no more
    poetry prompts until November
    and then it would be autumn
    leading to winter and I didn’t
    want to wish time to pass.

    Suddenly I woke up and found
    myself to be an age I never
    pictured I’d be, still find it hard
    to realize I am and don’t feel.
    How did I become grandmother
    when I still feel so young?

  14. Genevieve Fitzgerald

    And suddenly he understood the concept of proof

    And suddenly he realized
    That while ‘The dog ate my homework’
    Was a tired old line
    No self-respecting teacher
    Would swallow,
    ‘The new puppy had an accident
    On my paper this morning.
    Look at the picture I took
    With my cell,’
    Was the next gen solution
    (Go ahead, use the zoom feature if you want to)
    To every school boy’s prayers.

  15. Linda Goin

    I’m going to sorely miss reading all this poetry…hopefully we’ll see each other oot and aboot both here and elsewhere…

    Patricia…the title was wonderful…I read the poem before I read the title (me bad) and when I read the title about Buddhism I rolled laughing. Great.
    Amy, congratulations! It’s a thrill to be published…proud for you! (PS. I’m NOT afraid…why fear difference??? =D)
    Connie – clever and nice contrast between ‘suddenly’ and patience.
    Anders — Boy, I miss the salt breeze. Thanks…I could feel it, totally inland.
    Hannah, Beth, Colette — Yep, simplicity bores the crap out of me. I wander…thanks for seeing this!
    Paul Grimsley — Love your Web site and your poetry. I’ve knocked on your FB door.
    CJillFriend — "wolfed in darkness" "weeds in mirrors" the whole poem…
    Daniel Ari, Linda V and Sheila Harris — I’m sorely going to miss your poetry. I look for you three every time I come to these pages to see the gems you leave. Thanks!
    Colette — LOL, you work slut. Love that poem.
    RJ — "And suddenly I saw Rex Harrison…" is classy. Cool.
    Linda re: the poem of a child grown too quickly grabbed my heart.
    Happy birthday to Linda and Pearl! (Janet, it’s not me! I don’t have birthdays anymore…)

    Robert. Thank you for your persistence, your beautiful poetry, your energy and your willingness to be out there, touching so many lives. I needed this month badly. Thank you thank you.

    And to the rest of the poets here…thank you for all your work, your inspiration, and for sharing your joys and sorrows.

  16. Jenifer McNamara

    And Suddenly Roses

    Seeds sown so long ago
    over in yonder meadow,
    wonderous life weaves
    multitudes of colors
    and odors which filled,
    stockings hung by the
    chimney, with love and care,
    until they disappear!

  17. Sheryl Kay Oder

    And Suddenly Suds

    Suds slithered down
    the front of the dishwasher.
    Soon they were crawling
    across the kitchen floor.

    They might have met us
    in the living room had we
    not wanted to watch the
    operation of our new appliance.

    We had never seen a dishwasher
    up close nor used one. Who knew
    there was a specific soap designed
    not to be so sudsy? How boring.

  18. Kim Yvonne King

    To all poets,
    Congratulations on a wonderful month of energy and poems! I got bogged down with work and posted later for the past week, so I’m behind on reading them all. They got better every day!

    Thanks Robert! Another awesome PAD challenge!

  19. Omavi

    "And Suddenly Diamond"

    She enters my life and turns it all around
    Upside down and inside
    And out she turns me out
    I can’t even explain the extend of her hold on
    Me as she does to me all the things
    She was apt to do to anybody
    I hold no belief that she is all about me
    The things I do for her
    Are just meeting her basic needs
    Feeding her tummy and the soul
    That lives within
    Playing and running
    Are all the things she asks of me
    She molests me in the morning
    When I wake from a good sleep
    And when I come home from work the first
    Voice I hear sight I see
    Leading to the things she really needs
    High maintenance and demanding
    But still she gets the best from me
    Scratches and cuts may come
    From the things we enjoy each day
    Every once in a while she goes away
    I let her have her space
    Let her do what she needs on those days
    And as the night falls
    I know she will be right there next to me
    She will purr for me
    I will know
    She wants to be around me
    Even though I restrict her meals
    To make her a more healthy
    A slimmer and more fit pussy

    “Omavi está muerto.®” Thursday, April 29, 2010
    ©2010 Omavi Ndoto. All Rights Reserved.

  20. Kim Yvonne King

    And Suddenly New Grass

    She did not care if time or minutes waned,
    still stuck in emerald visions, leaves unfurled
    across her lids, to depths of wanted aches.
    She pressed her lips on his, the challenge thrilled.
    She sucked his air, he breathed her breath, the want
    was hurting both. Their ecosystems, green
    and pure, affected plants and soil. But guilt
    unrolled its sod to cover dirt, the strips
    of green repaired the damaged turf. A douse
    of water, soaking through, revived the lawn
    and yet, she sees the patches over there.

  21. Walt Wojtanik


    A nice view I have here.
    High, I can see right over these…
    …you know, I wonder just how high
    an elephant’s eye really is!

    Ack! Crows! Shoo! Scat!
    A beautiful day anyway.
    Azure sky,a smattering of clouds
    Ha! Azure. Smattering. Big Words;

    make me sound like a smart guy,
    uh, sort of. I can see for miles.
    Some folks come this way,
    and some prefer that way.

    Still others…what the…?
    Someone’s coming from over there!
    What a hideous beast! A real dog.
    And the thing on all fours ain’t much better.

    Blue Gingham? Who the hell wears gingham?
    Did she see me? She didn’t see me!
    I’ll just hang around here for a while longer.
    I wonder what’s in the basket?

    Hey you! You, with the red shoes!
    The bent nail in back, can you…
    Ahhhh! Who? Dor-a-thee? Hey Babe,
    what’s with the gingham? Uh, never mind.

    You’re going where? Emerald City?
    You’re not messing with my mind, are you?
    Go with you? Eh, sure why not!
    Let’s go! HEY DOG, I’M WALKING HERE!

  22. Nancy Posey

    It looks like another day when I tried to post on the run between classes and failed. Here it is again:
    And Suddenly

    And suddenly I saw myself through your eyes,
    just a glimpse as I dashed out the door,
    a blur never lighting long enough to belong
    in this room, in this house we built for us.

    And suddenly I heard my voice as you must,
    one more explanation, why I’m running late,
    why you’l l ear on your own once again, alone,
    sure before I ask that you won’t mind.

    And suddenly I saw your heart beat pulsing
    in your skin, a breath held, words stifled
    even your usual I love you too seemed
    tentative, each word a cold, smooth stone.

  23. Janet Rice Carnahan


    “I must see you now!”
    Moments after walking in the door,
    Young child tugging on her sleeve,
    “Let’s watch the movie now with Daddy.”
    All her instinct and intuition said this visit is important.
    Telling her son it will have to wait,
    She stood quietly waiting for the rest of the message.
    By then the doorbell rang.
    In came the sixteen year old looking frightened.
    From the moment she sat down,
    To study more carefully what was going on,
    She knew this was big, very big.
    After an hour of discussion and,
    A deeper look at the situation,
    She knew the river held the answer.
    Grabbing only what was necessary,
    They headed out with her husband’s blessing to watch over,
    Both children until she came home.
    Called to the banks of a fairly fast flowing stream,
    The girl found a particular “wand of wood”,
    In the water, which was a gift related to the mystery.
    Once the girl held it to her heart,
    They both received the next part of the message.
    They were drawn to a large illuminated cross,
    On a hill in a cemetery and never having been there before,
    Suddenly saw how to get there, directly.
    Again she felt the mystery of the night surround her,
    They drove, parked nearby and found their way in,
    To be closer to the bright light and to this place,
    Where clearly they had been led to be on this night at this time!
    There were stone steps to sit on and views of the city.
    They took all the time necessary in prayer,
    Until the young girl became,
    Cold from being wet and announced she was finished.
    She knew deep inside her, she couldn’t leave,
    Until much, much later!
    The young girl, who just got her license agreed to go home,
    Inform the husband the night had taken a turn,
    That his wife would be home in the morning,
    The young girl promising she would return to pick her up.
    Rest of the evening was magical and so many moments,
    Just happened without any explanation . . . or fear!
    Finally at 3:00 a.m., she left to walk all the way home,
    Knowing she was safe, secure and silently watched over,
    By some unspoken act of Grace!
    By 4:30, the young girl’s mother sat up wide awake in bed,
    Saying out loud, “Oh, good, she’s home”. The young girl left early to pick her up anyway and pounding on her door,
    Found her at home, still looking startled but happy.

    From that day on, she knew something inside of her,
    Had changed for good and forever!
    It would naturally deny explanation.
    From just one phone call, suddenly, all was different,
    And yet oddly . . .

    A deep knowingness was born.

  24. Sara V

    Maria Elena–one more word–"lovingly" Beautiful poems

    Amy–Congratulations!! Your wonderful words deserve to be shared, and you deserve recognition

  25. Rick Lime

    "And Suddenly the Little Shop Was Not So Quaint and Charming"

    And suddenly Seymour is standing
    Beside you with sweet understanding.
    He won’t condescend,
    For Seymour’s your friend,
    But his flowers are just so demanding!

  26. Nancy J

    "AND SUDDENLY," I remembered,
    it’s wrong to use that phrase.
    The writing experts all agree,
    they will not sing the praise

    of authors guilty of such sin,
    their list includes a few,
    so waking from a dream is out,
    "and suddenly" is too.

    No "meanwhile back at Charlie’s house."
    No heavy blocks of prose.
    No convoluted sentences.
    No "telling" – cause it shows.

    No passive verbs or preaching, please.
    They will not make us proud.
    So do your best and don’t forget
    to read your work aloud.

  27. Andrea Boltwood

    And Suddenly that Gumshoe

    And suddenly that Gumshoe
    blew the lid off your
    Hidden Valley Ranch cover-up,
    revealed your true love of carrot-tops
    and tomatoes,
    and all along I worried our diet
    did not have enough fiber.

    He opened my green
    olive eyes, showed me
    you take your five daily
    servings to heart.

    I wanted to
    invoke artichokes
    spout vinegar,
    but your cauliflower ears
    make you a poor listener.

    Suddenly, after that gumshoe
    gave me this pickle,
    you speared me
    tossed me, a side
    and peeled

  28. De Jackson

    Oooooo, Colette, can I ever relate! I have, um, neglected, a few areas of my life this month, for sure. I’m sad to see April end, but for me it’s probably time to get back to reality. 😉 Loved your work this month! Hope to see you on Wednesdays!

  29. Brenda Warren

    and suddenly, snow!

    It’s April,
    and snow
    is screaming sideways
    through the sky.

    White mounds on
    spring leaves
    until branches
    bend and break,
    blocking byways,
    crashing into cars.

    Major sections of
    highway close,
    causing newcomers to
    reconsider their
    recent migration
    to Montana.

  30. Colette D

    Kimiko Martinez ~ we had your weather yesterday… up here in Central CA. Weather is a real treat around here too! I hated rain when I lived in the midwest. Now I pray for it. And dry socks. ;D

  31. Barbara Nieves

    And Suddenly She Slips Away

    Suddenly she slips away,
    out of consciousness,
    adrift in a realm of the unknown,
    to a place where the twinkling
    glitter of stars play,
    where whispers of angel’s wings
    are heard, and the butterflies
    dance and sway.


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