2010 April PAD Challenge: Day 27

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Wow! After today, we’ll be a mere three days from the end of this challenge. Today is a two for Tuesday prompt, so you’ve got two options:

  1. Write a hopeful poem.
  2. Write a hopeless poem.

Here’s my attempt:


He commutes an hour to work each morning
in his car, which means he listens a lot
to the radio. This morning, he heard
a responsible commercial about
how a restaurant only uses free
range pigs for its pork. This provoked a laugh
from him, the thought of being a better
establishment because they slaughter pigs
that had a false sense of their own future.
Then, of course, he felt sorry for himself.


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258 thoughts on “2010 April PAD Challenge: Day 27

  1. Nancy Wearne-Navarra

    Day 27 Hope
    I live each day with hope
    The hope of being a good and decent person
    Not losing my temper
    Or regretting things I said
    The hope of being a friend
    Not letting others down who depend on me
    The hope of a new day that promises
    Seeing the world in different light
    Learning something new – an aha moment
    Sharing the simple wonders with grandkids of a shining spider web or tadpoles growing and changing how many kinds of leaves grow in the woods
    The hope that after a bad day the next will be better
    The hope I will be able to use my intelligence to solve my problems
    The hope that I can rise each morning and be healthy enough to enjoy life
    The hope that when my time is done
    I have made a difference for someone to have a better life.

  2. Monica Martin

    Every day the sun comes up,
    the flowers open,
    the birds sing, and
    it’s another day
    I’m still alive.

    The darkness is never-ending;
    the sun doesn’t shine for me
    anymore. My days are
    numbered. The sky grows
    dreary, the rain falls, and
    vegetation dies.

  3. G. Smith

    (c) 2010 – G. Smith
    Would she say, “Yes?”
    I don’t know why
    she would, after
    all this time, but
    she might.

  4. Angie Bell

    A Hopeful Sestina

    Let’s go down now to the river
    She suggested with an air of hope
    She in her pajamas of pink and orange
    Even there with awakening eyes full of grace
    Throwing off the blankets soft with comfort
    Her locks scrunched from slumber

    He stirred bit by bit out of slumber
    Anxious early by thoughts of the river
    He could not dream of any comfort
    To be found there, neither hope
    Yet, asking once again for grace
    He grinned at her pink and orange

    Poppies wildly awake in red and orange
    Lined the road no longer one of slumber
    The grass bent sweet in the wind of grace
    That blows across the wide river
    Breathing the spirit and bringing hope
    To all who come seeking comfort

    For what once apprehended now gives comfort
    The heat rises on their skin like orange
    Warms away sorrow, bringing hope
    For hearts, too long settled in slumber,
    Awake to fresh life in this rolling river
    That washes out the past, fills now with grace

    For only now can they go on in grace
    In arms entwined they share this comfort
    Clean, washed gentle in this river
    As sunsets brings into the blue this orange
    Provides a way for tender, pleasant slumber
    Provides a bed of love, a bed of hope

    Spent in peace, they homeward go in hope
    They go beyond now, beyond in grace
    No longer troubled in night’s sweet slumber
    Violet calm blankets them in sweet comfort
    The very rays of sun’s cheerful orange
    Gone now as a sprinkle on the river

    Found there in waves of hope and comfort
    Found there in kindliness of grace and orange
    Life no longer slumbers in this river

  5. Susan M. Bell

    Sad Eyes

    “You with the sad eyes, don’t be discouraged.” Cyndi Lauper

    They gaze with deeply sad eyes
    through stainless steel cage bars.
    Lying on cold concrete floors
    they raise their heads as people
    walk by. Tails wag and paws
    reach out, but the eyes remain
    sad. They seem to know the
    odds are against them in the
    end. But hope still remains
    as a cage door is opened. A
    dog is put on a leash, a cat
    is picked up and the sadness
    fades as they finally go home.

  6. Juanita Snyder


    by juanita lewison-snyder

    when October showed up
    at her front door
    she went ahead
    and invited him in,
    then treated him to
    apple pie-a-la-mode
    and asked him to stay
    the rest of the season.
    they snuggled
    all winter long
    sang carols
    read poems
    and by spring
    they were proud parents
    of Easter.

    © 2010 by Juanita Lewison-Snyder


    circling the drain
    by juanita lewison-snyder

    living on styrofoam during the day
    dark smoky alcohol fuel evenings
    says he can taste blood upon my lips
    don’t worry baby, I reply
    it’s only death in the waters circling
    awaiting our surrender
    if we want it.

    © 2010 by Juanita Lewison-Snyder

  7. Jean T Quinn

    Oh My Hurtin’ Baby

    Some time, it will make sense to you
    But it’s gonna take a while
    Trust me, there’s a reason
    In the meantime, that’s why I’ll
    Hold you and protect you,
    A lioness and her cub
    Keep you, not reject you
    It’s just the Heartbreak club

    Someday, it will be worth it
    But it’s gonna take some time
    Believe me, there’s a purpose
    In the meantime that’s why I’m
    Trying to distract you
    From the hurtin’ that you feel
    Trying to attract you
    To a hope that must be real


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