2010 April PAD Challenge: Day 23

For today’s prompt, write an exhausted poem. The poem can be a first person account of your own exhaustion, or it can describe the exhaustion of someone (or something) else. Heck, I guess it even could be about exhaust, huh?

Here’s my attempt for the day:

“Baby bedtime”

When Ben got tired, he’d run
through the house until he
collapsed on the floor. I’d hear
a thump and know he was out.

When Jonah got sleepy, he’d
find a corner and start crying,
and there was nothing you could
do until he fell into a silent slumber.

Will rubs his face, sucks his thumb,
and curls up on his blanket before
closing his eyes. When he’s out
he’s out; that’s how they all are.


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212 thoughts on “2010 April PAD Challenge: Day 23

  1. Nancy Wearne-Navarra

    Day 23 Exhausted
    Too many irons in the fire
    Losing steam. Losing speed
    Starting to slow down getting tired
    A bit more sleep is what I need

    Just can’t say no
    How can I help you ?
    Where do you want to go?
    What else do you want me to do?

    Finish this, finish that
    Hurry, hurry time’s running out
    Done in no time flat
    Was ever any doubt?

    Time enough to crash and burn
    Running out of energy
    When will I ever learn?
    Save some Time to spend on me.

  2. G. Smith

    Up by five,
    (c) 2010 – G. Smith
    Out by six,
    In by seven,
    On till four,
    Off at six,
    Back by seven,
    Down by one,
    Over and over
    And over and
    Over and over
    And weekends aren’t much better.

  3. Jolanta Laurinaitis


    Of the politics
    Of the day work
    Of the night work
    Of the marking
    Of the complaining
    Of the emails
    Of the phonecalls
    Of the interviews
    Of the sleepless nights
    Of the stress
    Of working after 5
    Of working on weekends
    Of no gratitude

    I’m Exhausted.
    It’s time for a change.

  4. Susan Brennan

    Late Night TV

    He’s a beaut
    new and hotty

    about to chug
    his insides

    and spend it all
    on a Morracan rug

    peacock feather tongue
    burn off your brown hair

    it’s spectacular to be
    young and broken

    just don’t grow old
    and broke

  5. Rose Anna Hines

    Be Cause
    I’ve over done it again,
    To much to do, not enough time
    So many questions, not enough answers
    “could you just do this one little thing,
    please help me with this,
    it will just take a minute”

    I want to please everyone
    I’d like to fix it, but I don’t know how
    I had to say good bye
    I see soooooo much pain
    I see helpless eyes, stooped shoulders,
    empty words, lifeless limbs, vacant stars, flaccid brains.
    I don’t want that future.

    Someone will see how little I really know
    Fear hides inside dreading that I’m not good enough.
    What if my face falls off
    and others can see what is inside,
    can read my thoughts.
    Will they know everyday I struggle to know what to do.
    I’m never sure. Even when I thought I was sure,
    how many times did I take the wrong road
    make the wrong choice.
    Each choice building on the last.

    What will happen if I lose my job
    Worse yet, if my aches and pains mean I am incubating some serious disease
    and won’t be able to work.
    I’ve seen very sick people, what if that were me
    who would take care of Stan, my pets, ME?

    There is a tear, a ragged-pointy-rough, piece in the nail, that bothers me
    It is comforting, soothing to suck on something
    I need nurturing,
    Some appreciation, like a wilting flower waiting for holy sprinkling
    I’m waiting for God to talk to me
    Why am I here?
    What am I suppose to be doing?
    Is there something after this?
    I think so, but what if I’m wrong?
    What if I’m wrong?

    What if I’m RIGHT
    And I wasn’t good enough.

  6. Richard B. Walker

    Global Warming

    My son wears me out.
    He talks too much.
    His emission alone
    of greenhouse gases
    must be off the charts.
    And every frustrated sigh
    I exhale in his direction…

    Our carbon footprints
    must be huge. I’m afraid
    to measure them.
    I’ll just say I’m sorry
    for the both of us-
    but softly, gently,
    so as not to make it worse.

  7. Juanita Snyder

    by Juanita Lewison-Snyder

    my heart is a big bay mare
    whose legs will one day
    give out from under her.
    I know this cuz
    I can feel it deep down
    in my bones


    mare is a big bay leg
    whose bones will one day
    give out from under her.
    I know this cuz
    I can feel it deep down
    in my heart


    legs is a big bay bone
    whose heart will one day
    give out from under her.
    I know this cuz
    I can feel it deep down
    in my mare


    bones is a big bay heart
    whose mare will one day
    give out from under her.
    I know this cuz
    I can feel it deep down
    in my legs.

    © 2010 by Juanita Lewison-Snyder

  8. Clay Strickland


    Don’t push that hard again,
    to be weak for two days after,
    there will be many more summers,
    health has precedence over appearance,
    what good are hardened tone muscles that
    can barely move because of overwhelming pain,
    how can you ever see tomorrow’s progressing vanity
    if you cannot physically even make it to your own mirror.

  9. Barbara Nieves

    Sweet Exhaustion

    The alarm assaults the ear drums,
    a blind hand aims to hit the button
    to silence the shrill greeting,
    the body clumsy with sleep,
    the muscles drunk with drowsiness,
    on stiff legs, totter back to bed,
    meld again into the mattress
    still warm with body heat,
    melt into the dream and
    greet the reverie with open arms.

  10. S.E. Ingraham

    Weary to the Roots of My Eyelashes

    Can you remember being so tired you thought,
    I just can’t lift my foot one more step
    Or, my head’s too heavy for my neck, I can’t
    Raise it off my chest, I just can’t, I can’t …
    The term, putting one foot in front of the other
    Suddenly becomes real and you realize
    What other people have been talking about
    It’s moving by rote, robotic stuff where
    Your feet move of their own volition
    And if they didn’t know the way, you would not
    Be going anywhere, you are that tired
    Fatigue does not do justice to the feeling
    Wrapped around you at this instant
    Your eyelids are beyond heavy and you are
    Hoping there is no real reason for you to open
    Them as you struggle to stay awake but don’t
    Really see the point – the only wondering you
    Are doing might be why you are this tired
    But even that gets old, exhaustion is its own
    Demon and it chases all else from your countenance
    You can’t seem to think of, or care about
    Anything beyond the overwhelming weariness
    That is consuming your every cell – and all you
    Really want to do, is sleep forever, and you do
    Mean forever – if you had your way, you would
    Never wake.

  11. Angie Bell

    An Exhausted Paradelle

    Exhausted, I wake at 5:15 while it’s still dark
    Exhausted, I wake at 5:15 while it’s still dark
    My walk begins slow and slowly I go
    My walk begins slow and slowly I go
    My exhausted walk begins slow at 5:15
    And slowly I wake while it’s still dark I go

    At noon I bow my head to rest in quiet
    At noon I bow my head to rest in quiet
    The constant cacophony of voices has ceased
    The constant cacophony of voices has ceased
    Voices to rest in quiet at noon I bow
    The constant cacophony of my head has ceased

    In evening’s dusk a breeze revives my spirit
    In evening’s dusk a breeze revives my spirit
    The wind chimes sing rest to my weary soul
    The wind chimes sing rest to my weary soul
    My spirit the wind chimes rest in evening’s breeze
    A weary dusk revives my soul to sing

    It’s exhausted I slowly wake my dark head
    My soul begins to go while weary voices rest
    My wind revives at the slow noon
    I breeze to sing constant 5:15 chimes
    My cacophony in the dusk ceased in spirit
    I walk and bow at rest of a evening’s still


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