2010 April PAD Challenge: Day 22

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Maybe just talking about it will scare the blog into working. Or maybe not. If not, please feel free to post your poem over at my personal blog by clicking here. There are already 37 comments over there, and many poets have said it is easier to leave comments there.

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Also, one very quick comment (I promise there is a prompt eventually), please avoid calling names or debating topics that aren’t directly poetry-related on this site. I know poetry stirs emotions, but this challenge is for a diverse community of poets who have different views on everything. Let’s try to be tolerant and understand others (at least on this blog) and be patient with anyone who we doesn’t see the world the same way. 


For today’s prompt, write an Earth poem. You can decide what an Earth poem is. Maybe it’s a poem about the planet; maybe it’s actually the lowercase earth (a gardening or burial poem?); maybe it’s just a poem that happens on (or to) Earth; maybe it’s even written in the voice of extraterrestrials (that might be fun). No matter how you decide to roll with it, have a very poetic Earth Day!

Here’s my attempt:

“O, Earth!”

I love the way water rises
into your atmosphere, the way
it gets trapped and falls down again.
Tammy and I walk through the rain
without worrying about our
wet clothes. We know there will be time
for getting dry. We see birds pluck
worms out of the grass; they wait with
open beaks for the earth dwellers
to emerge from their now flooded
tunnels. If Reese were with us, he
would say, “Nature eating nature.”


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162 thoughts on “2010 April PAD Challenge: Day 22

  1. G. Smith

    F.F.A. (Future Farmers of Antares)
    (A Dodoitsu)
    (c) 2010 – G. Smith
    Though here for generations
    we call this soil running through
    my fingers by the name of
    our ancestral home.

  2. LaSteph


    Grasp the dirt tightly in your hand
    A poor man’s, a rich man’s gold
    Which evolves into new birth
    To capture a new beginning
    Work it’s way from the ground level
    Through multiple layers of soil
    Receiving nutrients and much tender loving care
    From a giving sun but
    Budding forward, confident
    Returning to the underground.


  3. Angie Bell

    The Man from Earth
    A Limerick
    Because my brain is fried

    There was a young man from the earth
    Who grew to have quite a large girth
    All foods he would taste
    ‘Til he grew a great waist
    That shook when he was chock-full of mirth

  4. Susan Brennan

    Earth Poem

    They say I was born pure
    But I say, no. I was born from grease
    And sweat, was slipped
    From a wheel and chain.

    But you, my friend, root mirror
    Re-greened each spring, chartreuse
    Witch hair, willow spell,
    You are the earth’s first fruit

  5. Rose Anna Hines


    Standing under a gentle waterfall
    Run off from hot springs.

    Drops, Drops,
    Drops, gentle fingers
    wiping away the dirt from the day
    the aches, the pains
    the lazy words
    words flung in anger
    words sticky with quilt
    kind words wrapped with requests.

    Drops, drops,
    Drops washing away mistakes/failures
    until inside a lotus flower,
    I float in a pond
    surrounded by lavendar
    lit by fireflies.

    As I breathe in and out slowly
    bubbles float out of my moth
    filling the space with wholly-ness

  6. Juanita Snyder

    For those not in the know, "Earthshine" is a term used to explain Waxing/Waning Moon; that is Sunlight relecting off Earth’s surface onto the face of the Moon, then back down again to Earth.

    by Juanita Lewison-Snyder

    That perfect time
    when evening calls,
    when shadows of all
    those under Earth’s care
    sigh a collective yawn
    then stretch in anticipated
    slumber, lengthening
    sleek bodies like
    feral cats across
    land and sky,
    limb and windowsill
    bathroom vanities.

    It is a time when
    just after sunset,
    the moon goes crescent
    behind a curtain of smoke,
    his outline teasingly faint
    but glowing.
    A time, said da Vinci
    when the Sun pours his
    heart out to Earth who
    otherwise has eyes for
    another, re-gifting
    Sun’s glow to win the
    favor of Moon who
    in a jealous lover’s fit
    sends it back, each volley
    a little dimmer than
    the one before.

    © 2010 by Juanita Lewison-Snyder

  7. Clay Strickland

    Only Earth

    Only her surface
    is barely known to me,
    but every ounce of mass
    knows her strength of core.

    With free electrons
    she palpitates protection,
    a magnetos sphere of care
    for all delicate organisms.

    Holds another companion
    barren world adjoining orbit,
    face on looking and longing,
    spinning time and tide together.

    Only Earth is Alive,
    rising in continental fires,
    falling in water and air vapors,
    breathing in creation, men are you.

  8. Kyhaara

    Everything under the sun,
    Anything with a spark of life,
    Resides on planet Earth.
    There is no other place for us.
    Humans must treat her well.

  9. Barbara Nieves

    Nature Finds A Way

    Layer the asphalt over the Earth,
    blanket the ground in concrete,
    it gives way eventually to the
    effects of wind, rain, cold and heat.
    Crevices and cracks form in the poured rock,
    weaknesses so evident, the obstacle now eroding,
    it surrenders to nature’s persistence,
    sprouts break through the opening,
    the triumphant leaf and blooming,
    a wild plant’s victory over cement and
    the onslaught of pavement.

  10. Arrvada

    Blue Earth

    Home to me
    Home to my kind
    This place of green and brown
    With deep blue seas and green dark forest
    With life abounding in every form
    from smallest flea to largest beast
    Whale and Walrus, Elephant and Wolf
    Birds and snakes and lizards that scurry
    We humans live in a constant hurry
    we pass on by beneath a deep blue sky
    and never look up to look at each
    floating cloud, white, gray or pink
    The sky continues from blue into black
    every day as the sun pirouttes
    with the moon in an endless waltz
    of light and dark
    counting out days into years
    the earth our mother from which we sprang
    ages slowly while me whiter and die
    we leave faint scars and only bare memories
    but she remains forever in a constant symphony
    of life and death, of birth and decay
    perhaps she fade, but not today.


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