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Robert Lee Brewer’s Poetic Asides Blog

Are you passionate about writing poetry? Check out Robert Lee Brewer’s blog, Poetic Asides. You’ll find poetry prompts, solid tips on writing poetry, interviews with poets, and blog posts highlighting poetic forms like chant, haibun or nonet poems, rispetto, and prose poetry. Sit back, relax, and learn more about the craft of poetry!

National Book Critics Circle Finalists Announced

Came across the finalists for the 2007 National Book Critics Circle finalists for poetry titles in the PublishesLunch Deluxe newsletter. As reported in the newsletter, they are: * Elegy, by Mary Jo … Read more

2008 Poet's Market — closed markets

As I’ve been combing through the updates for the 2009 Poet’s Market, I’ve gathered the following group of KILLS for listings that appear in the 2008 edition (OB means out of business or cancelled; … Read more

Borders not restricting poetry push to April…

“Borders Launches New Entertainment Program: ‘Open-Door Poetry’” is a press release detailing the partnership between Borders–the global retailer of books, music, movies and more–and The Student Publishing Program, one of the top … Read more

2007's word of the year is…

“‘Subprime’ named Word of the Year,” by the AP from CNN.com, reports that the American Dialect Society chose “subprime” over challengers such as “waterboarding” and “Facebook.” I guess a natural exercise would … Read more

Two Stories About Two Very Different Chucks–And Neither of Them Chuck Norris

“Charles Simic sets scenes, probes inner realm in new collection ‘Sixty Poems,’” by Barbara Berman from the San Francisco Chronicle, reviews the U.S. National Poet Laureate’s latest collection of poetry from Harvest … Read more

Check out the latest Writer's Digest–Good news!

A piece I wrote on Haiku is in the current issue of Writer’s Digest at your local magazine rack. My piece, “The Soul of Brevity,” is on pages 83 and 84 and … Read more

Belated "Eight Things About Me" meme…

Last month Robert very kindly responded to being “tagged” for a meme in which the blogger posts eight things about himself that readers probably don’t know. (It was very kind because my … Read more

New Year's Resolutions–Better Late Than Never

Goals are a good thing for poets. They help give focus to a person’s work and a sense of accomplishment when the goals are met. As an athlete (in my younger days), … Read more

Poetic Bookstore Blues

Last night, I decided to browse a couple bookstores in my neck of the woods for a good literary journal or poetry collection. For some odd reason, I never seem to learn my lesson … Read more

Another purpose of poetry: Rememberance

“‘Everyday Poetry’ Honors Dirty War Dead,” by Bill Cormier from the Associated Press, discusses Poesia Diaria, edited by Virginia Giannoni, a collection of small notices published in Argentina newspapers called “recordatorios.” ***** … Read more

Art, poetry and enigma: Giorgio de Chirico

When I’m not reading poetry, I love reading those Taschen art biographies. First, artists paint (hehe) interesting lives. Second, the paintings included in the biographies often work as excellent poetry prompts. I’m reading about Italian … Read more

A happy Christmas to all…

Like many of you, Robert and I will be celebrating Christmas with our families and enjoying other revels over the coming week. Since we’re all probably going to be otherwise engaged in … Read more

Free Poems vs. Copyright Infringement

There’s a battle of opinions regarding copyright at The Guardian. In “You like my poems? So pay for them,” British poet Wendy Cope states her case regarding how copyright infringement damages the … Read more

8 Things About Robert…

…by Robert. First off, this is the only time I’m going to accommodate one of these “tags” to do a list (all future requests will be ignored–excepting if my mom were ever … Read more

A very good instructional book for poets

While I don’t want to promise that I’ll be doing a lot of poetry reviews and critiques and such, I think it makes sense for me to share good things when I … Read more

Spam poetry news

“Spam, spam, spam, spam, and poetry,” by Charles Fleming from The Los Angeles Times, discusses junk emails and asks whether there is poetry hiding within. Of course, any long time reader of … Read more

A spoof, a poet, and plenty of jargon

“Three cheers for the epic poetry of jargon,” by Jonathan Guthrie from the Financial Times, applauds the clever use of jargon by businesses to discourage further correspondence with clients. While this kind … Read more

Found poem, and an elegy…

My sister forwarded an e-mail to me last night that contained her kids’ thank-you notes for gifts they received from their aunt and uncle in St. Louis. My four-year-old niece’s dictated note … Read more

Elegy–Poem for the End

Earlier this year, I wrote about a post about epitaphs. At that time, I made the decision to not combine them with elegies. An elegy is a song of sorrow or mourning–often … Read more

Missouri’s search for a poet laureate and a ‘lyrical terrorist’

“Jury reads prose penned by ‘lyrical terrorist,’” by Claire Truscott and agencies from Guardian Unlimited, reports on Samina Malik, who dubs herself a “lyrical terrorist.” As a result of her poetry (including … Read more

Missouri's search for a poet laureate and a 'lyrical terrorist'

“Jury reads prose penned by ‘lyrical terrorist,’” by Claire Truscott and agencies from Guardian Unlimited, reports on Samina Malik, who dubs herself a “lyrical terrorist.” As a result of her poetry (including … Read more

Random Holiday Gift List Prompt

Since the holiday season is in full swing (with Hanukkah and St. Nicholas this week alone), here’s a prompt for some seasonally oriented writing. This exercise is for a kind of list … Read more

Poets Hiding in Their Closets

Scanning the poetry news today, I came across “Author reveals his ‘secret life’ writing poetry,” by Lisa Pierce from The Advocate. It’s about a poetry event for John Phillip Santos’ poetry collection Songs … Read more

FINAL Friday SPAM poetry prompt (#1130)

SPAM prompt line: proverbial fruit cake   Just wanted you all to know that this will be the last SPAM poetry prompt (for a couple of reasons I’ll explain later on). I … Read more

When literary journals become too efficient…

…writers start to panic. I love Waldo Jaquith’s use of the term “The Angry Letter.” As part of my job, I receive many such complaints from writers about not hearing back from … Read more

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