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Robert Lee Brewer’s Poetic Asides Blog

Are you passionate about writing poetry? Check out Robert Lee Brewer’s blog, Poetic Asides. You’ll find poetry prompts, solid tips on writing poetry, interviews with poets, and blog posts highlighting poetic forms like chant, haibun or nonet poems, rispetto, and prose poetry. Sit back, relax, and learn more about the craft of poetry!

Tanka: Bigger and More Relaxed Than a Haiku

If a haiku is usually (mistakenly) thought of as a 3-line, 5-7-5 syllable poem, then the tanka would be a 5-line, 5-7-5-7-7 syllable poem. However, as with haiku, it’s better to think … Read more

Board up the doors!

Cover the windows! Dim the lights! But not too much, because you need to get writing today and into the night (late, late, late at night). After all, today is an extra … Read more

Exclusive Interview With Poet Dorianne Laux

As I’ve mentioned on this blog previously, I have a Facebook account under my full name (Robert Lee Brewer). And as I’ve mentioned previously, I’m all about playing online Scrabble at that … Read more

Call for poets!

I’m always interested in discussing interview possibilities with poets who wish to be featured on my Poetic Asides blog, which gets a high amount of daily traffic that is always on the … Read more

Hurry, hurry! Get your caffeine!

As reported on CNN.com, the giant coffee chain Starbucks plans to close every location of their 7,100 stores to do a 3-hour training session for their 135,000 employees. The shutdown is scheduled … Read more

Help me Rondeau! Help, help me, Rondeau! Another French poetic form

It’s been a while since I’ve tackled a poetic form, but as you know, I love the French forms. The rondeau is no exception. It has a refrain and rhymes–two elements I … Read more

February–Are you finished yet?

In Southwestern Ohio, we’ve been receiving consistent doses of snow this month. The totals have not been overly impressive (usually 1-4 inches per storm), but the snow has hit a rhythm with … Read more

Sample Cover Letter From Pebble Lake Review

The editors at Pebble Lake Review offer a sample cover letter. This specific example is for fiction, but it’s easy to see how it could be modified for poetry. http://www.pebblelakereview.com/samplecoverletter.htm A word … Read more

Feeding poetry to the kids

“Windham Poetry Group Overcomes Adversity,” by Heather Murdock from The Daily Campus, reports on a high school poetry group that’s been performing locally and competing in poetry slams since early 2004. As … Read more

Good news Tuesday

On Friday, I learned that two of my poems were accepted for publication in MiPOesias CAFE’ CAFE’ EDITION at http://www.mipoesias.com. It was the first acceptance I’ve had in exactly one year (down … Read more

Will you be my valentine?

So today is Valentine’s Day. Some people love it; some people hate it; and some people think it was invented (or at least promoted) by greeting card and chocolate companies. Here’s a fairly … Read more

Are You Planning Ahead for a Big Hit in Poetry?

I received a couple questions over the weekend as part of my Writer’s Market thing I do. And I thought they both would work well as things to ponder here. In fact, … Read more

Some Poetry News

Even though Nancy Breen has left the blog officially, she still shares various news she finds. And she’s literally on the other side of cubicle wall–so she’s still very close to Poetic … Read more

Should poets be treated like rock stars?

Of course they should! Read: “Poet-mania: Mary Oliver’s sold-out appearance sparks a ticket frenzy on Craigslist,” by John Marshall from SeattlePI.com The article reports on the popularity of Mary Oliver in the … Read more

Busy, busy week…

I’ve just had one of those weeks where I feel like I’m slighting the word “busy” by saying that I was busy. Actually, it was a bit beyond that. In fact, at … Read more

Some Monday morning poetry news

“Pondering what qualifies as poetry,” by James J. Kilpatrick from The Buffalo News, is yet another attempt by someone to nail down what poetry is or isn’t. ***** “Doctor heals with pain … Read more

Exit, Stage Left…

I don’t know how many readers here are old enough to remember the old Snagglepuss cartoons (or maybe they’ve shown them on Cartoon Network or something). Anyhow, whenever Snagglepuss was poised to … Read more

Mixing Poetry and Politics?

I’m not going to get into any political debates on my poetry blog. Y’all can go to the WritersDigest.com forum and start a thread on that. However, I found it interesting that … Read more

On Blogging

Several poets blog. So thought I’d share some interesting pieces on blogging that some of my co-workers have been throwing online: “20 Tips for Good Blogging,” by Maria Schneider from The Writer’s … Read more

Sestina–6×6+3=39 (that's math)

So yeah, I’ve been meaning to post something about the poetic form known as the sestina for quite some time. It’s actually one of my favorite forms. You pick 6 words, rotate … Read more

Winner of UK's top prize and Missouri's first poet laureate

“Sean O’Brien wins unprecedented poetry double,” by Sarah Crown from Guardian Unlimited, reports on O’Brien’s winning of the T.S. Eliot Poetry Prize, making him the first author ever to win the UK’s top two … Read more

National Book Critics Circle Finalists Announced

Came across the finalists for the 2007 National Book Critics Circle finalists for poetry titles in the PublishesLunch Deluxe newsletter. As reported in the newsletter, they are: * Elegy, by Mary Jo … Read more

2008 Poet's Market — closed markets

As I’ve been combing through the updates for the 2009 Poet’s Market, I’ve gathered the following group of KILLS for listings that appear in the 2008 edition (OB means out of business or cancelled; … Read more

Borders not restricting poetry push to April…

“Borders Launches New Entertainment Program: ‘Open-Door Poetry’” is a press release detailing the partnership between Borders–the global retailer of books, music, movies and more–and The Student Publishing Program, one of the top … Read more

2007's word of the year is…

“‘Subprime’ named Word of the Year,” by the AP from CNN.com, reports that the American Dialect Society chose “subprime” over challengers such as “waterboarding” and “Facebook.” I guess a natural exercise would … Read more

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