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Robert Lee Brewer’s Poetic Asides Blog

Are you passionate about writing poetry? Check out Robert Lee Brewer’s blog, Poetic Asides. You’ll find poetry prompts, solid tips on writing poetry, interviews with poets, and blog posts highlighting poetic forms like chant, haibun or nonet poems, rispetto, and prose poetry. Sit back, relax, and learn more about the craft of poetry!

Poets Helping Poets: Self-publishing and poetry?

Recently, I asked members of my Poetic Asides group on Facebook to give me their take on the relationship of self-publishing and poetry. The response was so overwhelming that I couldn’t include … Read more

Wednesday Poetry Prompts: 024

Recently, I’ve been receiving an excessive amount of spam in my e-mail inbox. It’s a problem I’ve had to confront, and I admit it’s a problem that’s been driving me a bit … Read more

Want to workshop some poems?

Just realized that poets can sign up for my upcoming Advanced Poetry course at WritersOnlineWorkshops.com. There are no required texts, but there will be workshopping, communicating and new poems. If you’re interested, … Read more

Where is poetry happening? Part II

On September 22, I posted about a few sites that have poetry calendars in some prominent areas–mainly as a result of looking for events in my new home of Atlanta, Georgia. And … Read more

Wednesday Poetry Prompts: 023

Oddly enough, it’s raining outside. While that would be completely normal in my home state of Ohio, rain doesn’t happen very often in Atlanta. With the wind blowing leaves off trees, clouds … Read more

Exclusive Interview With Poet Diane Lockward

Recently, it seemed as if a lot of the poetry I was reading had something to do with food, and today’s interview subject played a significant role in me feeling that way. … Read more

ForGodot.com ruffles poetic feathers

Wow! This is a busy day for the blog. How many posts am I going to make today anyway? This post was inspired by a developing story brought to me by my … Read more

Get 25% off books for answering some questions

As you probably know, Poetic Asides is just one piece of the entire Writer’s Digest family of products and services, including Writer’s Digest magazine, Writer’s Digest books, WritersOnlineWorkshops.com, and our Writer’s Digest … Read more

Poems in others' words

Lately, there have been a lot of pieces on putting together poetry from other people’s words (or imagining what others would say). Here are some I’ve noticed: * There Once Was a … Read more

Exclusive Interview With Poet Sheema Kalbasi!

Recently, I had the good opportunity to interview Iranian born poet Sheema Kalbasi who is also a human rights activist and translator. She’s also the director of Dialogue of Nations through Poetry, … Read more

Wednesday Poetry Prompts: 022

Today is the first day of October. We’re also more than a week into my favorite season of the year–Autumn! For today’s prompt, I’d like you to try writing an Autumn Poem. … Read more

Exclusive Interview With Poet Aimee Nezhukumatathil

One of the cool things about this blog is that very talented poets actually contact me about their poetry–either because they read the blog or are referred by their very talented poet … Read more

Poetry FAQs: When is something considered published?

Okay, this question has been coming up a lot recently in the comments section of this blog: What counts as previously published? And, in relation to this blog, does posting a poem … Read more

Wednesday Poetry Prompts: 021

On Monday, I’m going to be making the “big move” down to Atlanta to live with my wife and stepson. Luckily, F+W has been really supportive of allowing me to telecommute from … Read more

Where is poetry happening?

So as part of my upcoming move from Southwest Ohio to Northwest Georgia, I’ve been interested in what the poetry scene is like in the Atlanta area. And lucky for me, there … Read more

Exclusive Interview With Poet and Attorney John M. FitzGerald

This interview came about from an earlier interview with poet and actress Hélène Cardona. Sometime in June, Hélène mentioned that John M. FitzGerald’s most recent collection, Telling Time by the Shadows (Turning … Read more

Wednesday Poetry Prompts: 020

As mentioned in an earlier post, Southwest Ohio was beat up by a wind storm that had hurricane force winds. Earlier in the weekend, I assured my sons that Ohio never experiences … Read more

First Ever Fake Bio Contest Winner and Other Finalists

Okay, I’ve been in hiding recently because so many poets have been hounding me over who is the winner of the first ever fake bio contest on Poetic Asides. The great thing … Read more

Interview, no power, and other fun updates!

Belinda Subraman recently interviewed me on her blog. She has quite a few interviews listed on her blog with various poetry-related people and others. The cool thing about this interview is that … Read more

Having Fun With Bad Poetry

Brian Klems (of Writer’s Digest fame) brought the following thread to my attention from the WD.com forums: http://forum.writersdigest.com/forums/thread-view.asp?tid=19564&start=1 First post:“I have this gift you seeto write very bad poetryTry as I mightIt’s … Read more

Wednesday Poetry Prompts: 019

One of my favorite prompts way back in April during the PAD Challenge was when I asked people to write a poem where they slip into the skin of someone or something … Read more

Fundamentals of Poetry Writing

Just want to remind people they can sign up for my Fundamentals of Poetry Writing course offered on WritersOnlineWorkshops.com by going to: http://www.writersonlineworkshops.com/retail/courses.aspx?r=fundamentals-of-poetry-writing. It should be a fun and informative course that … Read more

Wednesday Poetry Prompts: 018

I don’t know. Maybe it’s the diet I’ve recently put myself on. Maybe it’s the approach of autumn festivals and the thought of funnel cakes and soft pretzels. Or maybe it’s just … Read more

Exclusive Interview With Poet Sandra Beasley

This interview has been a work-in-progress since May of this year, even if Sandra Beasley wasn’t in the loop on it. When I was in Los Angeles earlier this year for BookExpo … Read more

Everyone have a great weekend!

It’s Labor Day weekend here in the States, so I get a 3-day weekend with my sons and family reunions on both Sunday (in Northwest Indiana) and Monday (in Southwest Ohio). Woo-hoo! … Read more

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