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Robert Lee Brewer’s Poetic Asides Blog

Are you passionate about writing poetry? Check out Robert Lee Brewer’s blog, Poetic Asides. You’ll find poetry prompts, solid tips on writing poetry, interviews with poets, and blog posts highlighting poetic forms like chant, haibun or nonet poems, rispetto, and prose poetry. Sit back, relax, and learn more about the craft of poetry!

2011 November PAD Chapbook Challenge: Day 3

Just a quick note before the poeming today, but if for any reason your poem/comment says it’s awaiting moderation, don’t worry, I’ll get to it and approve it. I’m not sure what … Read more

2011 November PAD Chapbook Challenge: Day 2

All right! From just scanning, it appears the first day went very well. But now things get tricky, because it is the second day. (Cue: Evil Laugh) For today’s prompt, use an … Read more

2011 November PAD Chapbook Challenge: Day 1

It’s time for another challenge! Arrrreeeee yyyyyoooouuuu reeeeeaaaddddyyyyyy to pooooooeeeeemmmm? I know I am! And today just happens to be a Tuesday, which means two prompts! For those new to the PAD … Read more

5 Things You Can Do Before Starting the November PAD Chapbook Challenge!

I’m excited to begin the 4th annual Poetic Asides November PAD Chapbook Challenge tomorrow. While the April challenge draws more comments, it doesn’t surprise me that many poets actually prefer the November … Read more

Wednesday Poetry Prompts: 155

Well, this is the last Wednesday Poetry Prompts until December, because we’ll be poeming every single day in the month of November. If you haven’t checked out the 2011 November PAD Chapbook … Read more

Interview With Poet Kristina Marie Darling

Kristina Marie Darling is the author of three full-length poetry collections: Night Songs (Gold Wake Press); Compendium (Cow Heavy Books); and The Body is a Little Gilded Cage: A Story in Letters … Read more

WD Poetic Form Challenge: Prose Poem Winner

It took me a while, but I’ve finally landed on a winner for the Prose Poem challenge. I found great difficulty in choosing a winner, because the prose form seemed to liberate … Read more

Wednesday Poetry Prompts: 154

For this week’s prompt, write a spooky poem. Of course, I expect everyone to have a different meaning of spooky. Maybe it’s clowns or someone standing just outside of view. Maybe it’s … Read more

Wednesday Poetry Prompts: 153

In case you haven’t seen it yet, I recently released the 2011 November PAD Chapbook Challenge guidelines. We’re just a little more than two weeks away from poemania! Click here to read … Read more

Interview With Poet Scott Owens

I’ve been aware of Scott Owens and his poetry for years, and he’s even participated in a previous April PAD Challenge, but I didn’t get to meet him in person until earlier … Read more

2011 November PAD Chapbook Challenge Rules!

I’ve been hearing it from poets since May, “I can’t wait for the November PAD Challenge!” And while I was glad for a little break to re-set my poetic brain and revise some of my … Read more

Wednesday Poetry Prompts: 152

Over the weekend, I was in Webster, Texas, as part of the Houston Poetry Fest’s “Out of Bounds” reading. Our own Laurie Kolp made it out to the reading, and I met … Read more

ESCAPE Into Poetry

I have some pretty exciting news to share: My second limited edition collection of poetry, titled ESCAPE, was recently released, and it’s already received some great feedback. Click here to read a very … Read more

Wednesday Poetry Prompts: 151

For this week’s prompt, pick a creature that lives primarily in water and incorporate it into your poem. Could be a fish. Could be a whale. Could be a crab. Could be … Read more

How to Find Your Readers & Keep Them: The Basics of Audience Development

Whether writing poetry, fiction, or nonfiction, all writers deal with the same problem beyond the page: finding an audience that appreciates their work. Most living writers with an audience didn’t just magically find … Read more

Poetic Forms: Rispetto

Okay, here’s a new form. Actually, scratch that. This is a very old form (from Italy, no less). Still, new to me anyway. I found more than a few definitions, but here … Read more

Interview With Poet Terri Kirby Erickson

When the site was redesigned recently, there were some posts that were lost. This post was part of that group, but it was fairly recent, so we’re able to reconstruct it somewhat … Read more

Wednesday Poetry Prompts: 150

As you might notice from my sophisticated numbering system, we’re doing the 150th Wednesday Poetry Prompt today. Yay! It’s amazing to think we’ve been writing so many poems on Wednesday for so … Read more

WD Poetic Form Challenge: Prose Poem

It’s time for another poetic form challenge, and–as some may have guessed yesterday–this time the form will be prose poetry, which some poets may understandably argue has no form. Well, you’ve got … Read more

Poetic Forms: Prose Poetry

Of all the poetic forms, prose poetry may be the most controversial. After all, free verse and most experimental poetry still contain line breaks. But prose poems often look like a short … Read more

Wednesday Poetry Prompts: 149

For this week’s prompt, write a fortune cookie poem. This is a very brief poem that either forecasts the reader’s future or imparts some life advice (can be profound, mind scrambling, or funny). … Read more

Are you a writer or storyteller?

On October 31 through November 2, there will be a special conference on storytelling hitting San Francisco: StoryWorld conference + expo. Unlike typical writing conferences, this event is dedicated to telling stories … Read more

Get Yer 20th-Century Poets… On a stamp!

Beginning in 2012, you can start putting 20th-century poets on your postage. That is, if you still use postage. The poets (listed below) will be part of the Postal Service’s Forever stamp … Read more

10 Years of 9/11 Poetry

Poetic Asides regular Bruce Niedt, who wrote a great WCW deconstruct yesterday, left an interesting suggestion for me via e-mail last night: With the 10th anniversary of the 9/11 attacks coming up … Read more

Wednesday Poetry Prompts: 148

Sometimes there is much to be gained from trying to build something new out of something familiar. For this week’s prompt, write a remix poem. That is, take an existing poem (could … Read more

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