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Robert Lee Brewer’s Poetic Asides Blog

Are you passionate about writing poetry? Check out Robert Lee Brewer’s blog, Poetic Asides. You’ll find poetry prompts, solid tips on writing poetry, interviews with poets, and blog posts highlighting poetic forms like chant, haibun or nonet poems, rispetto, and prose poetry. Sit back, relax, and learn more about the craft of poetry!

Get Yer 20th-Century Poets… On a stamp!

Beginning in 2012, you can start putting 20th-century poets on your postage. That is, if you still use postage. The poets (listed below) will be part of the Postal Service’s Forever stamp … Read more

10 Years of 9/11 Poetry

Poetic Asides regular Bruce Niedt, who wrote a great WCW deconstruct yesterday, left an interesting suggestion for me via e-mail last night: With the 10th anniversary of the 9/11 attacks coming up … Read more

Wednesday Poetry Prompts: 148

Sometimes there is much to be gained from trying to build something new out of something familiar. For this week’s prompt, write a remix poem. That is, take an existing poem (could … Read more

Wednesday Poetry Prompts: 147

For this week’s prompt, write an out of this world poem. This poem might be about aliens and space exploration, of course, but it could also be a tall tale or unbelievable … Read more

WD Poetic Form Challenge: The Hay(na)ku Winner

I really enjoyed reading through the hay(na)ku entries. As a few of you mentioned, this short form can get quite addicting very fast. In fact, there were hundreds of hay(na)ku entered with … Read more

Wednesday Poetry Prompts: 146

For this week’s prompt, write an “everything is against you” poem. That is, write a poem in which everything seems to be conspiring against you. Work, family, the government, the ice cream … Read more

How to be a Ferocious Self-Editor live webinar with Jerry B. Jenkins!

A few years ago, we had fiction heavyweights Stephen King and Jerry B. Jenkins interview one another for an article in the magazine. It was an amazing article. Both men have sold … Read more

Wednesday Poetry Prompts: 145

For this week’s prompt, write an escape poem. The poem could about someone or something that is thinking of escape, has escaped, or has lost someone or something that has escaped. And … Read more

Wednesday Poetry Prompts: 144

Earlier this week, Reese started second grade. He’s the type of student who was looking forward to getting back to school. Of course, not every student shares that view. For this week’s … Read more

WD Poetic Form Challenge: Hay(na)ku

Time for another poetic form challenge! This time around, we’ll write the hay(na)ku. This form was developed by Eileen Tabios and named by Vince Gotera. The rules are simple, which makes the poem fun … Read more

Wednesday Poetry Prompts: 143

For this week’s prompt, write a normal poem. I know some of you may be thinking that every poem is normal or that there’s no such thing as a normal poem. However, … Read more

Found the Missing Poetic Asides Categories

Some of you may have already stumbled upon this, but I couldn’t locate the Poetic Asides categories until I talked to WritersDigest.com editor Brian Klems. If you look over on the right … Read more

Wednesday Poetry Prompts: 142


I apologize for the late start today, but I’m on vacation. So I got up early and worked a little on a new chapbook before taking the boys (all four of them) … Read more

WD Poetic Form Challenge: Results

It’s taken me forever, but I’ve finally got the results for the WD Poetic Form Challenge! Despite the length of time it took to judge, I really enjoyed seeing the creativity in … Read more

One Thing Is Constant: Change

Welcome to the new Poetic Asides blog! While I’d known there was a WritersDigest.com re-design going on this year, I didn’t realize until this week (and even this day) the full extent … Read more

Wednesday Poetry Prompts: 141

For this week’s prompt, write an empty poem. The poem should somehow play off the idea of empty–maybe empty rooms, empty containers, empty threats, etc. Or maybe you could empty the poem … Read more

F+W Acquires The Writers Store

The company I work for, F+W Media, Inc., announced today the acquisition of The Writers Store, which is the largest reseller of third-party writing and filmmaking tools worldwide. Pretty exciting stuff! Since … Read more

Wednesday Poetry Prompts: 140

For this week’s prompt, write a poem about–or, at least, with–a sound. It could be an annoying sound, a scary sound, a happy sound, etc. In fact, the poem could even include … Read more

Interview With Poet Edward Nudelman

Edward Nudelman’s first book of poetry, Night Fires, was a semifinalist for the Journal Award (The Wheeler Prize) given by OSU Press in 2009. Night Fires was published by Pudding House Publications … Read more

How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Reblog (Guest Post by Gabriel Gadfly)

Please welcome Gabriel Gadfly to the Poetic Asides blog. Since 2009, he has self-published his poetry on his website, http://gabrielgadfly.com. His poetry has also appeared in Four & Twenty, Borderline, and Anatomy … Read more

Wednesday Poetry Prompts: 139

For this week’s prompt, write a poem from the perspective of a group of people, other living organisms, or even objects. The key is to make sure it’s a group of something. … Read more

2011 April PAD Challenge Results!

For once, I’ve been able to stick with my July 4th goal for announcing the April Poem-A-Day Challenge. I’m so glad, because the poems I read were great. Before I start announcing … Read more

Wednesday Poetry Prompts: 138

For this week’s prompt, write a poem about how things change. The world is always changing in small and large ways. Businesses start up and go out of business or move locations. … Read more

Making Peace with Ekphrastic Poetry (Guest Post by Nate Pritts)

Please welcome Nate Pritts to Poetic Asides! Pritts is the author of the forthcoming poetry collection Sweet Nothing as well as four previous books of poetry. POETRY Magazine called The Wonderfull Yeare … Read more

One Piece of Advice for Poets, Part 1

Over the years, I’ve asked the question (or a version of it) of several poets: If you could pass on only one piece of advice, what would it be? Below, I’ve assembled … Read more

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