On New Year’s Eve 2005, I included on my list of resolutions, “Start blogging!” I didn’t quite achieve that goal in 2006, although I did post a couple of author blog entries at I thought about starting a private blog, but that never materialized, either. Then we market editors learned that F&W Publications would be creating blogs related to our market books (I edit Poet’s Market), so I decided to wait to see what transpired.


I’m glad I did wait, because the unexpected development is that I get to co-blog with Robert Brewer, who not only edits Writer’s Market, Writer’s Market Deluxe, and, but is a published poet himself. Between the two of us, we bring an interesting mix of backgrounds, perspectives, experience, and generational viewpoints to Poetic Asides.


Here, briefly, is my “bio”: As I said, I edit Poet’s Market for Writer’s Digest Books (I’ll be starting production on my ninth edition soon). I’ve been writing and publishing poetry for over 30 years, although less over the past 10 years or so (the reasons for which I’ll be addressing in future posts). I’ve had two chapbooks published: Rites and Observances (Finishing Line Press) and How Time Got Away (Pudding House Publications). And I’m totally disgusted with myself for my lack of poetic output. I don’t write enough. I’m hoping to do better–and to submit more poems to journals. For now, though, I’m blogging from a deep sense of inadequacy. Perhaps you can relate.


I’m a big fan of blogs, and one of the things I like best about them is the sense of immediacy and almost rawness. So I’m not going to plan content ahead of time too much or struggle to polish every post to the nth degree. I will strive to be interesting (I hope–accepting that “interesting” is a relative term).


So, on behalf of one half of the blogging team of Poetic Asides, I bid you welcome!



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11 thoughts on “BLOGGING–AT LAST!

  1. Karl Stuart Kline

    There’s something to be said for "nice and quiet", but I think that two months is a little extreme!
    Or have you continued with this someplace else???
    Speaking for myself, I seem to be having a good month –
    Poemata, the Canadian Poetry Association’s quarterly journal, is publishing an article of mine…
    Permission has been asked and granted to read My poem "September 11, 2001" as an introduction to the Poet’s Corner program on Radio Maria – 6:05 pm Friday, Sept 14th – if you care to listen in, there’s a live Internet Feed at – I believe that will be broadcast on multiple radio stations around the world!
    Anybody wishing to read the poem will find it on my web site or at .
    Also on September 14th, the Leicester Review of Books will probably be publishing my bio and an interview, which will be available online…

    Nancy & Robert, please come back! This is supposed to be your blog!


  2. Karl Stuart Kline

    Hello, Nancy!

    Thought I’d look back in…
    It’s kind of quiet, but that can change.
    I try to do weekly updates on my site –
    That’s been on the 6-6-6 page, but this month I’ve started a new 7-7-7 page and taken a look back at the last year.

    I’ll be doing my new updates on that page starting tomorrow and I keep an updated list of countries, states, territories, oblasts etc. that I’ve had visitors from. It’s really interesting to look at, picturing all the different races, religions and ethnicities that have found some points of common interest on my site.

    I have something new to add when I do tomorrow’s update…
    Bosnia & Herzegovina!
    So very many people come through without comment, but it’s still interesting to be able to see where they have come from!

    Keep up the good work!


  3. Shirley Alexander

    I’m happy to have this new resource to help with my poetry writing. I started writing poetry when I was nine years old and found myself consumed with the mood and sound of Edna St. Vincent Millay’s "The Ballad of the Harp Weaver".

    I’m fifty-four now, and I have written poetry almost every day during those years. I have only recently sought to be published (I wanted the writing to be something which was "just mine"), and I’m delighted with the small successes I have enjoyed.

    I agree completely with your comment regarding varying lengths of poems submitted. My poem "Blood of My Family" appears in the May/June issue of "Tenemos", and I am sure that is partly due to the short length.

    I do a lot of traditional verse and some ballads. Short writes are rare from me, but occasionally I do find a way to put more into less words.

    Here’s one of my "shorts" for you. Thanks again for making this site available.


    The wild crabapple

    has sharp thorns

    grows skinny limbs


    like little girls

    climbing early

    for a taste of sour

    Shirley Alexander

  4. Sharon Smith

    Glad to meet you Nancy. I have a blog and sometimes I get frustrated because many stop to read and then never comment. Why bother? But I always go back and I figure that the people I have met are woth te effort to keep my blog going. Lately I have been a little lazy, I admit… but I struggle on! Inspiration is sometimes just around the corner, but hard to catch. Sometimes I just ramb;le on and on …like right now! Hope we can talk again!

  5. Holly

    Hey there!
    Thank you SO MUCH for this place! Wow its really cool! I look forward to seeing much more from here. I have been writing poetry since I was 15 and that was like 12 yrs ago. I havent found a way to publish yet, but will soon I hope. So thats my webpage above, I post once a week. I think its really cool what you are doing! thanx again!


  6. Karl Stuart Kline

    Even with three books to my credit, I’m a relative unknown, but I’m still working on it!

    As an activist against human trafficking, I keep a web site – devoted to using the power of poetry against those criminals who would make slaves of women and children.

    With thousands of visitors from over a hundred countries, I consider my site to be a success.

    Poetry is one place where money is a poor measure of success anyway, isn’t it?

    Karl Stuart Kline

  7. Arnot Mccallum

    Let me be the first to contribute to your new blog.
    Arn McCallum

    Prince Arn “The Bold”

    Prince Arn “The Bold”
    Was very brave
    And strong of limb was he.
    He was a handsome, noble, knight,
    Known for his Chivalry.

    Prince Arn was famous
    Throughout the land
    For his grit and daring deeds.
    He laughed at danger everyday
    He rode on royal steeds.
    There was one force
    That made him quake.
    Just one…There was no other.
    He dropped his eyes
    And apologised
    When scolded by His Mother!!!

    © Arn McCallum


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