Found the Missing Poetic Asides Categories

Some of you may have already stumbled upon this, but I couldn’t locate the Poetic Asides categories until I talked to editor Brian Klems. If you look over on the right side of the page, there is a dropdown with the header: Search Blog Categories (it just blended into the ads for me over there).

If you click on the arrow for that dropdown, you’ll see all the Poetic Asides categories, including Poet Interviews, Poetic Forms, previous April and November challenges, and more.

I’m starting to feel a little more comfortable with this new platform, and it’s kind of neat to see people commenting directly on poems. It’s also really cool to see pictures of many of you next to your poems and comments too.

There are still probably ways to improve this new blog platform, but I’m at least starting to feel a little more comfortable than when it initially launched. I hope you all are too.


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10 thoughts on “Found the Missing Poetic Asides Categories

  1. DrPKP

    Dear Robert, What a mess! I feel terribly for you….not being too dramatic when I say you picked yourself up off the floor for this blog and its poets and created an award winner!

    WD ARE YIU LISTENING? Many problems remain! I have poets asking me to post poems for them as they cannot register! Long time regular contributors! Comments being ” moderated” fir days!

    HOPE THAT WD IS READING OUR COMMENTS. THIS WAS A TERRIFIC BLOG WITH A LOYAL DAILY FOLLOWING,! I have had people out of nowhere ask me ” what happened!” and if there is another site where we are posting!

    Would LOVE to hear from WD editor! The uniqueness of the site has already been neutralized, now the very following of this ( formerly) wonderful blog is being called into question!

  2. Kim King

    Finally, finally, after many attempts and several registrations, I am here!
    Now that the registration snafu is over, I can look for the Wednesday Prompts!

  3. barbara_y

    WD needs to get a little sharper on internet technology if it wants to be more than a quaint last-century print mag. In light of this mess, which shows a clear lack of understanding of even a simple process, I wouldn’t advise anyone to follow their e-publishing advice. Much less pay them money for it.


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