Should poets be treated like rock stars?

Of course they should!

Read: “Poet-mania: Mary Oliver’s sold-out appearance sparks a ticket frenzy on Craigslist,” by John Marshall from

The article reports on the popularity of Mary Oliver in the Pacific Northwest with tickets selling out at venues in both Seattle and Portland. And the demand is still so high that tickets have been traded on Craigslist for as much as $100 each. That’s incredible!

As you’ll notice in the article, Oliver has managed to make an emotional connection with her fans. So while it is essential to study the craft and technique of poetry, never forget to inject a healthy dose of heart as well.

While it’s doubtful poets will re-shape popular culture into a poet-centric society with tabloids following the personal messes of contemporary poets (a la Britney Spears and Michael Jackson), Mary Oliver’s success in the Pacific Northwest is helping keep the dream alive.


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