Reader Comments: Parody, slams, getting started, and more

One of the things I value about this blog is the community that’s built up around it. As a result, my posts are often just a springboard to more helpful information and poetic discussion. So, when it seems appropriate, I’m going to collect comments that readers have made to posts that could benefit the whole group.



From Laughing with or at?: The simple joy of parody poems

So the rest of you won’t have to work as hard as I did to find the poem We Real White, try the URL below.It goes directly to the poem rather than to the poet list. The poet was Matthais Peterson Brandt.


Now, this would be a great pre-Wednesday prompt, giving us time to figure out how to do one of these ourselves. Maybe you could do a two-for-one Wednesday if you had another idea in mind


I had always considered a parody as making fun of something, but this is simply writing a poem using the original as a template. Thanks for the idea, your poem, and the reference to the We Real White poem. It is fun.



Sheryl Kay Oder |SkoderAT NOSPAMaol dot com


(P.S. I found another great parody poem this weekend from a back issue of Rattle called “T.S. Eliot’s Lost Hip Hop Poem,” by Jeremy Richards.)





From Poetry FAQs: Making Your Mark


I would add, keep the poems you write organized and accessible in some way.


Like you, Robert, I wrote poetry for years before really attempting to publish it. Alas, I was not organized about it, wrote it into various notebooks, etc.


Finally, I wrote one I wanted to keep, so being a person involved with more than one computer, I looked around for a way to make them accessible to all of them and ended up putting them up first in yahoo briefcase and later in google documents.


With google documents, I can go back and see (and retrieve, if I need to) prior revisions. I can go back easily and revise old poems. They are handy to submit.


Having my poems organized and accessible was a real turning point for me. I think it was about a year or two after I started keeping track of them that I was reading an ezine and noticed that I had a poem that fit into the parameters for their current contest. It was a finalist, and this finally got me off my ass, joined a critique group, started reading and writing more poetry, submitting, etc.



Margaret |infoAT NOSPAMmargaretfieland dot com



Start your own critique group. That’s what I did and we’ve been going about a month now. I emailed a few people from the challenge asking if they would be interested. We got the guidelines from Alessa Leming’s critique group. Unfortunately, I don’t have the website information handy. Alessa, if you’re out there, please help this person!!!


Basically, for a small group, one person submits material each week on Sunday, the others send helpful comments by Wednesday, the person revises and sends to others by Sunday. A new week begins, a new person submits material, and it starts all over again. I had never been in a critique group before, let alone online, but I can tell you it is really worth it. Post a notice in the forum for people who are interested and give it a try.


Good luck.



Linda H. |LNSHOFKEAT NOSPAMyahoo dot com



To riff on Margaret’s excellent comments re: organization:


I always write by hand – but then I key all work in and edit on my Mac. I have a folder on my desktop: Amy Writings.


Within that, there are folders: Prose, Poetry, The Book (don’t get me started on that behemoth).


Within Poetry, there are some folders:



How to Get Stuff Published


Rejections – Building Blocks

Sites to Avoid

Good Sites


You can easily copy a file into a folder and move it around. I always retitle when submitting, for ex: “A Cup Of Coffee,” Pedestal 6-08


Can’t you tell I used to be an admin. asst.? ha ha good night and good luck, Peace,



Amy Barlow Liberatore |poetmomskasAT NOSPAMrochester dot rr dot com




From Self-publishing and slamming: an interview with poet Bill Abbott



I’m sure there’s a slam in Buffalo. Try the slam finder at:


The founder of slam, Marc Smith, named it that as a connection to baseball, where a grand slam is a huge success.


Good luck with the 60-day challenge.



Bill Abbott |slamguyAT NOSPAMwoh dot rr dot com


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6 thoughts on “Reader Comments: Parody, slams, getting started, and more

  1. Bill Abbott

    Side note: Jeremy Richards performs that piece (and others like it) frequently in Slams. He’s even performed some of them in national competitions, and I’m pretty certain he’s performed them on semi-final and final stages…Slam poets are around more than you may sometimes think.

  2. Amy Barlow Liberatore

    Robert, I am grateful you put my comments on there. Also, I was inspired by your Barn Owl Review acceptance that I submitted poetry to two different publications. Which means I got off my butt, I am conquering my fear of rejection, and I will indeed keep writing and logging in.

    You do us so much good. Blessings, Amy

  3. Sheryl Kay Oder

    Oh, wow! You were able to use something I said. I do like that poem We Real White. Maybe one day one of my poems will strike you as worthy of highlighting.


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