A spoof, a poet, and plenty of jargon

“Three cheers for the epic poetry of jargon,” by Jonathan Guthrie from the Financial Times, applauds the clever use of jargon by businesses to discourage further correspondence with clients. While this kind of “poetry” is great for businesses, it should be stated that poets will likely have the same effect on their readers if their poems are filled with an obscure personal jargon: Effectively, writers will cut off further correspondence with their readers. While business jargon could add a bit of authenticity to a poem, use with caution.


“Report Reveals All Poetry is Rubbish,” by Amateur Writer from Spoof.com, is a spoof on the importance of poetry reporting on a “1500 page report titled Poetry: Really, what is the Point?” If you’re easily offended by poet or poetry put-downs, I would not recommend reading this “fake” report. But if you need a good laugh on a Thursday morning, you’ve probably already clicked on the link.


“A poet forged in heartbreak,” by Don Aucoin from The Boston Globe, profiles poet Afaa Michael Weaver, a former factory worker, who is now hitting his stride on the national scene, including a cover spot on this month’s Poets & Writers. Interesting read, for sure.


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