2012 April PAD Challenge: Next Steps

Whew! Sorry for the late start, but it was nice to finally sleep in a little. Now that we’ve poemed, I’m looking forward to the next step, which is where poets pick five of their poems and send them in to me to read. I love this part, because I get to see all the different places poets have been with their words in April.

Click here to check out the original guidelines. Not much has changed.

If you just want the basics, here they are:

  1. Pick your 5 favorite poems from April’s poeming.
  2. Send those poems in the body of one e-mail message with the subject line: My April PAD Submission.
  3. Be sure to include your name. You’d be surprised how many don’t each year.
  4. Send e-mail to robert.brewer@fwmedia.com.
  5. Get back to poeming or revising until I announce my top choices (shooting for the beginning of August).

By the way, we do prompt and poem here on Wednesdays during non-challenge months, and everyone is welcome. So if you’re new to Poetic Asides, feel free to drop in on Wednesdays.

Besides that, just have fun picking out your poems. I can’t wait to read them.


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31 thoughts on “2012 April PAD Challenge: Next Steps

  1. Janet Rice Carnahan

    Appreciate all the great motivation and positive energy for yet another PAD! Always a joy to participate! Thank you, Robert! It was great creative fun, the prompts were wonderful and all the work, inspiring! I am grateful to all the poets and yes, I wish I could comment more too! Just can be overwhelming with so many voices on the page of expression! Anders, your tool is so very useful and valuable. Thank you for posting it again! Ok . . . Onward and Up Word to us all!

    Is it November yet? 🙂

  2. lionmother

    Once again I am coming late to the Street, but I am going to echo the comments first said here about you, Robert. Thank you so much for providing a place for poetry. This year I wrote mainly prose and concentrated on honing my own prose, except for last year when I contributed to the anthology made up of mostly your prompts. This year your poems were so inspiring and the poems of other people here gave me such inspiration. I am usually late to the poeming, so I get to read all of the poems everyone has written. This journey is so helpful to me that by the end of it I am ready to write. The talent here is so awesome and I have said that a couple of times this year. Thank you again and to all the wonderful poets I have “met” here. Anders, thank you too for your awesome tool!

  3. Paoos69

    Robert, Thank you so much for all your wonderful prompts! Re-reading my poems now tells me the importance of letting them rest before reading them again! All the flaws come shining through! anyway, trying to choose my 5 now….will sure check out the Wednesday prompts! : )) This was a good experiment to write by compulsion versus spontaneity!

  4. Hannah

    This really has been the most fun!!! I appreciate every inkling of thought put into this on your side of the screen, Robert (plus I’ve really enjoyed your poetry this month).

    I’m so grateful for everyone’s words this month! It is such an honor to be among such a talented group of writers.

    I hope you all have fun picking out your fantastic five and I look forward to seeing your familiar faces on Wednesdays!

    Thanks a bunch and BIG warm “Hannahsmiles,” all around!

    P.S. Thank you Anders for your nifty tool!!!

  5. ina

    What everyone above has said, Robert. Thank you so much. And thank you to all the people who shared their poems this month – I can’t believe how much phenomenal stuff there was to read. Thank you all – ina

  6. vincegotera

    Robert, thanks so much for the prompts. I did finish 30 (maybe 32 or 33) but only posted 5, if that many, here. I didn’t get much into the fray here in the comments, I’m afraid. I should have. Maybe next time. But I do very much appreciate the month’s prompts and all that you do for poetry throughout the year. Maraming salamat.

  7. PKP

    Robert – Thank you for clearing the path, putting in the cobble stones, tending the trees and providing those wonderful poems and prompts every morning. April is a lovely month and the community that arrives from all over the world is truly inspiring both in talent, diversity and in a bright hope for a future where we all can appreciate each one another. Thank you for the validation that we truly are all connected in this great big poetic world that becomes poetically possible during ‘your’ April mornings. All the best to you, and to each and every one and the collective of all poets at Poetic Asides.

  8. PassionateQuill

    Robert, and poetic companions.
    This has been a wonderful platform for stretching my own writing, and being able to give and receive feedback from like-minded artists. I’ll get to work on that email!

  9. Jacqueline Hallenbeck

    April, much like this past November, kicked my butt big time and I came up 11 poems short, but I read some of the pieces that were posted and was able to comment a bit while stuck.

    Thank you, Robert, for the prompts because they produced 7 pieces I am pretty happy with. I’ll complete the missing ones eventually. Good luck, everyone! ^^

  10. Benjamin Thomas

    Yes, thanks a million Robert for hosting. This is truly a wonderful experience. The early prompts were a plus! for Waking up early is not easy with kids.

    A special thank you to all the PAD poets for The joy ride throughout the month of April. You made it happen. I’ve appreciated many of your gems. : )

    Benjamin Thomas

  11. Iain Douglas Kemp

    Thanks to you Robert and congrats to all
    Thanks also for the comments on my poems peeps. I’m a quiet poet and tend not to comment much (perhaps I should but I find it hard to be selective and I don’t have time enough to read and comment on everything)
    I was vvery pleased to get out of my 5 month non-writing slump so thanks again for the nudge RLB



  12. dandelionwine

    Thank you to Robert and everyone involved. I tend to be a little quiet, but I read your poems deeply and often, feel as if I’m getting to know you all through your talent, and my writing as well as my life has no doubt evolved toward something higher because of it.

  13. De Jackson

    Thank you, Robert, for all your hard work and commitment to this amazing group. It is cherished and appreciated.

    And thank you ALL for sharing your hearts this month. You are all nothing short of amazing.

  14. Khara H.

    I could ditto most of what everyone has already said here. Thank you, Robert, for yet another challenging and memorable April! I can’t wait to have the time to go back and read through many of the poems shared here this month. As others have said, it’s a shame I couldn’t comment more on poems; I was inspired and moved so much by the beautiful and often haunting poems shared. Cheers to everyone, and good luck! 😀

  15. ceeess

    Thanks, Robert. I am sorry too that I haven’t commented much on the other poems. Lots of great ones, though. It will be a difficult choice! But at least I helped keep the traffic down some, so that made it easier to find the poetry. (LOL) Thanks, too, to Anders for the tool again. I didn’t print out many of my poems this time so that will be really helpful for this last step!


  16. alotus_poetry

    Thank you, Robert for all the wonderful and challenging prompts! It was well worth it. And as busy as I am in nursing school and with work and trying to balance the rest of my life, so glad I’d finished all 30 days’ worth of poeming! 🙂

    Like Anders, I too didn’t comment, but that doesn’t mean I don’t love the poems I did read. I enjoyed them tremendously. However, I wished I had the luxury of time to comment on everyone’s poems. Thanks for another great month! 🙂 Look forward to doing it again next year.

  17. Willy

    Robert: Thank you for the amount of time and effort you put into PAD – and all the other times too.
    Anders: I echo what you said about the time issue, but I enjoy, so much, at least taking time to read every day. This neighborhood makes me feel right at home and often serves as a stress reliever. Some magnificent writing once again in this PAD. Thank you to everyone for sharing. W

  18. Anders Bylund

    Thanks for all the great prompts, Robert. Everyone else, just because I don’t comment much on your poems doesn’t mean I don’t love them — April just happens to be too hectic to get very personal 😛 Already marked the calendar for next year’s PAD challenge!

    Just wanted to present my little PAD search tool again: http://gowrite.me/pad.pl

    Find your name in the first drop-down box, set the second one to “2012 Challenge,” tick the box to “Include Robert’s Promts,” and you should see all your entries from this year’s poeming.

    1. seingraham

      Thanks so much Anders … I hope you know how invaluable your tools have proved … I’ve been compiling a Master Poetry File of my own (something I should have been keeping all along, I know) but doing it after the fact, your records are certainly making the job a great deal easier … thanks again.


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