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The Writer’s Dig
by Brian A. Klems
Online Editor Brian A. Klems covers everything about writing on his blog. From grammar to writing tips to publishing advice to best practices in finding an agent to fueling your creative fire, he’s got you covered by pulling in great tips (not just from himself but from from other published and award-winning authors, too). Check out his advice—your writing career will thank you. Read Brian’s Blog

Guide to Literary Agents Blog
by Cris Freese
The GLA blog keeps track of all news related to literary agents and writing conferences. Common features include agent interviews, new agency listings, agency profiles, upcoming conferences of interest, contests and other publishing opportunities, valuable writing resources, submission tips and information, and a blogroll of other agent blogs. Read the Guide to Literary Agents Blog

There Are No Rules
by the editors of Writer’s Digest
Get on the cutting edge of today’s publishing trends and how authors can succeed in a world of fast-paced technological change, guided by the editors of Writer’s Digest. You’ll get an inside look at the work, play, and passion of the publishing business and find practical tools for success. Read There Are No Rules

Poetic Asides
by Robert Brewer
Published poet Robert Lee Brewer blogs on issues affecting poets from the poet’s perspective. As the editor of Writer’s Market, Brewer also shares insights on the publishing industry, especially as it relates to poetry and the poetry markets. He also explains poetic forms, interviews other published poets, and provides the occasional poetry prompt. Read Robert’s Blog

Robert Lee Brewer

WD Poetic Form Challenge: Decima Results

The competition–as usual–was tight, but I’ve emerged from the decima challenge with a winner and Top 10 list. It took a few rounds to get there, but here we are with the decima results. Read all the decimas in the comments here. Here is the winner: Check-Out, by Pedro Poitevin I give to the...

Robert Lee Brewer

Wednesday Poetry Prompts: 329

This will be our final Wednesday Poetry Prompt until December. As many of you already know, we do a poem-a-day challenge in November that is dedicated to getting material together for a chapbook manuscript. Click here to learn more about the 2015 November PAD Chapbook Challenge. For today’s prompt, write a “you should” poem....


What’s the Scariest Book You’ve Ever Read?

Whether you’re frightened by the extraordinary or the monsters we can become, Halloween is the perfect time to indulge in spine-tingling reads. From mysteries to short stories, from nonfiction to classic horror, the editors of Writer’s Digest share their scariest reads. Salem’s Lot by Stephen King “I’d always been warned that The Shining was...

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12 Literary Agents Seeking Horror Novels NOW

All the agents listed here personally confirmed to me as of October 2015 that they are actively seeking horror submissions NOW. Some gave personal notes about their tastes while some did not. We have listed their personal tastes, contact emails, and submission instructions. They take adult horror, young adult horror, and middle grade horror.

Have fun getting wordy in June!

2015 November PAD Chapbook Challenge: Guidelines

Earlier this month, I had the honor of writing an endorsement for a collection of poetry by a poet I really admire. It’s not the first time I’ve had that privilege, and it likely won’t be the last. But this particular collection was very special to me, because it was a revised and expanded...

Robert Lee Brewer

Think SEO: Day 23 of the 2015 October Platform Challenge

Believe it or not, we barely have more than a week left of this challenge. Let’s make it a super great final stretch! Think SEO For today’s platform-building task, slow down and think a little about SEO (which is tech-speak for search engine optimization, which is itself an intelligent way of saying, “what gets...


How Do You Know When You’re Ready to Submit?

If you’re even pondering this question, chances are you need to slow your roll. I get it—you’re excited, you’ve worked really hard, your mom likes it, you’re worried someone else is going to beat you to the punch with a similar idea, your particular genre is really hot right now, you have people waiting...

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7 Literary Agents Seeking Fantasy Novels NOW

All the agents listed personally confirmed to me as of October 2015 that they are actively seeking fantasy submissions NOW. Some gave personal notes about their tastes while some did not. I tried to only includes agents on here that ruled out no type of fantasy. So that means these agents are fantasy generalists....

Robert Lee Brewer

Wednesday Poetry Prompts: 328

For today’s prompt, write a movie-inspired poem. I think I may have had this prompt previously (somewhere in the 200s or 100s), but I can’t help it: I’m excited about the upcoming Star Wars: The Force Awakens movie. So feel lucky, I’m widening the net to all movies, because I was tempted (only briefly)...


How to Craft Query Letters & Other Submission Materials That Get Noticed — Oct. 26 Agent-Run Boot Camp (with Critiques!)

When your submission materials – a query letter, synopsis, manuscript, or book proposal – arrive in an agent’s inbox, they land among hundreds of others. Authors who get rejected tend to fall in one of two categories when submitting materials: they try too hard, or not enough. This Oct 26 Writer’s Digest Boot Camp,...