Thanks for the Great Comments

Hi Writers,

Apologies for my lapse in postings. I’ve had a couple of busy weeks, but wanted to assure you haven’t forgotten about the blog. I’ve been reading everyone’s comments, which have been great… lot’s of good things to think about.

I’m hoping soon to have a chance to post some answers to some of the great questions I’ve gotten soon. In the meantime, check out this interesting Business Week article about Twilight, a vampire novel series that has become a huge success through online marketing and social networking.

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One thought on “Thanks for the Great Comments

  1. Pema

    If that doesn’t display the power of marketing through social networking, I don’t know what does. Her books have created a mania like no other, and they constantly top the bestseller charts.

    But did you hear about the Midnight Sun leakage? A part of her draft was leaked online and now she’s decided to put the series on hold indefinitely. There’s more info on her website:


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