Comic Con Saturday

It’s Saturday morning and I’m getting ready to head to the Con. Yesterday was a whirlwind… lots of great stuff going on. 

We kicked off the day with a signing from Peter David, author of Writing for Comics with Peter David, who was great fun. IMPACT Books Publicity Manager Greg Hatfield got a chance to interview Peter–an interview which I’ll share with you once I get time to post it (I’m kind of in a rush this morning)

I also got a chance to chat with Zombie Haiku author Ryan Mecum, who is signing in our booth this morning–I’m planning to see if Ryan has any advice for creating book trailers, because he did such a cool one for his book.

Plus, I talked with academy-award winning film concept artist and designer Doug Chiang, author of Mechanika. Doug has worked on movies like Star Wars episodes I & II, Beowulf, Polar Express, War of the Worlds.

Finally, I interviewed John Howe, renowned Tolkien artist about his thoughts on Comic Con, and creative inspiration.

I look forward to sharing some of the great interviews I taped… sorry for the teaser… I hope to post them soon.



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