And the Bad News…

An important skill to have when promoting your writing is dealing with rejections or bad news well. It’s easy to become frustrated or even angry when you have a manuscript rejected, get some negative feedback about your work, or if you have a scheduled public speaking event or some bit of coverage in the media postponed or canceled. These things are simply going to happen–it’s part of the business of writing. It’s important to take them in stride and handle bad news professionally. You don’t want to close any doors or burn bridges. When an opportunity falls through, be understanding and express an interest in pursuing it at a later date. Showing disappointment is okay, but keep it in check and put forth an optimistic face.

Remember: if writing is your career, then relationship building is an important part of that and having a good attitude in the face of set backs is essential. Always think long term.

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2 thoughts on “And the Bad News…

  1. Robert D Williams

    Marketing and Writing seem to go hand in hand, weather we like it or not. 🙂 As Authors we have to remember, even when the Publishing House and our Agent are working to promote the book, a lot of people are going to be looking at US. We are the ones that have the final responsibility to make ourselves look good, and sometimes, the impression we give to readers can either sell or not sell a book.


    RD Williams
    Author of "The Lost Gate"

  2. Ananda Leeke

    My parents, book editor, and attorneys have been constant reminders for me to always maintain a positive attitude at book events that cause inner turmoil and disappointment. I have had a few experiences this year that really pushed me to rely on my yoga training with releasing my anger. I have tried to breathe deeply and remember a Buddhist loving kindness prayer that I say in the morning about being patient with myself and others… and accepting myself and others as we are. Breathing and silently affirming this prayer helps me. Sometimes I have done a few yoga standing twists and eye yoga exercises to help change my perspective. The most important thing for me is to come to a place of peace where I can accept whatever is happening in the present moment. I struggle just like everyone else, but I find that it helps to have my intention of being peaceful at events and allowing myself to learn and laugh at the things that trip me up or get me angry. What makes me smile is the fact that I am sharing my gifts with folks who are meant to be present for some reason. So I do my best to share. SURRENDER is the key… It is all a journey of learning and practicing.


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