True Tales of Embarrassment Via The Internet 2.0

TOW books–in celebration of the release of their first two books–has a series of embarrassing admissions by writers on their website. My terribly true, terribly embarrassing admission is up now. You can find it here.

And, just in case you thought I was the only one embarrassing myself from WD, Brian Klems also steps in with–in my opinion–the most fantastic admission of all time, which he can never run from now that the Internet 2.0 has it. Read it here.

Sorry, Mom.

Part 2 of the Two Question Novel Quiz is dropping tomorrow (or, you know, next Monday). You best make like Beyonce and check up on that.

That’s so,

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8 thoughts on “True Tales of Embarrassment Via The Internet 2.0

  1. Sierra

    You guys have helped me solve a great mystery.
    I work at a concert venue, and I’ve noticed a lot of the older bands request the monitors (the screens they have for people in the sh*t seats) be turned off during their show. I never understood why, but now I think it’s because they don’t want people to see just how old and ridiculous they look up close. Like, deep down, did Alice Cooper realize there’s just something offputting about a 65 year old man in makeup and leather?
    I feel it’s the only explination.

  2. Kevin Alexander

    Anne– the comments were definitely not inappropriate; are you kidding? I write MUCH more inappropriate stuff on the actual blog. It’s just sometimes i just get a little out of control with putting up random sh*t that has no relevance to writing and the editors have to reign me in… I’m glad you liked the site, and your comments were really very funny. Come by anytime.

  3. Morgan

    I’m going to try my best to slip in ‘that’s so poison’ somewhere in conversation and see if anyone even gets the reference or thinks I’m talking about actual poison. As if I’m going to poison them or something.

  4. Anne

    Why did you remove the Poison photograph? Were the comments inappropriate? -It was all good-natured fun, no harm intended. What a life-to be a rock star. I’d trade places with Bret Michaels anyday, bandana and all. "Nothing-but a good time. How can I resist?" Aw, I can still see the video in my head. Good times. Your website is very informative. I learned about it from the Writer’s Digest magazine, and I just wanted to check it out. Cheers.

  5. Genevieve Cancienne

    Anne, that’s awesome. Kevin, I only pray that you were not wearing lime green and pink when you were tossed in jail. I agree totally about Bret Michaels’s style. I was disappointed back when I saw that Metallica had cut their hair but then I thought about how it it would be if they spent the rest of their lives looking like they did in their "One" video. Too frightening. Sity five with skull rings, long, matted sideburns, and a bald spot in the middle of Lars Ulrich’s head. Oh my, no.

  6. Kevin Alexander

    Hilarious points. C.C.’s clothes look like they were stolen off of a homeless rodeo clown. But getting back to your point about the concert… honestly, can you really ever wear TOO much lime green and pink??? Me thinks no.

    Bonus points for rocking the stilettos at a concert…maybe they finally got you backstage???

  7. Anne

    Poison-I remember liking them as a junior and senior in high school. I mean, really liking them. I went to a concert, tried to sneak backstage. I cringe at the memory. Looking at them now, I feel embarraced, not only for myself but for them, just LOOK at them! -Have you ever seen an older woman in a bar and thought to yourself, she’s trying to look younger than she is, and then you think, Oh, that’s so sad. Here’s my point; The base player looks like he’s maturing just fine, and the image for the drummer…well, it works for him…but the singer?, the guitarist? -It’s been 15+ years, and they look exactly like they did way back then. -LOOK at that bandana! LOOK at C.C.’s clothes! By the way, the concert last week was great. I was wearing so much lime green and pink, even my boss wouldn’t have noticed me.


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