The Quickest Thesis Insanity: Big Apple Weekend Edition

Friends, I am going to have to keep this short due to a ridiculous and fairly robust sprinkling of work on my plate today. The story I’ve been working on for Boston Mag recently doubled in size, which–while good for my sneaker addiction, clip file and ego–isn’t awesome for my thesis. I have to turn around a third draft of it this weekend or risk getting flogged by my editor (Geoff–if you’re reading this, I’m working on it right–ummm… wait. Why are you reading this?)

Meanwhile, on the thesis front, I am having trouble writing a crucial final speech that some would say will make or break the book. No pressure right? Luckily I NEVER overthink things. I’m just waiting for it to come to me in my sleep and translate directly onto the dictation machine I have hooked up to one of the several Alphasmarts I keep on my bedside table.

Also, I’m in NYC visiting Ramsey who, last night, informed me that his popularity with women is “cresting”. I’m not sure how to interpret that. I did, however, just see a woman made almost entirely of plastic wearing boots that went up to her thighs. Take that, classiness!

Two final thoughts:

One: I just read a very insightful and interesting analysis on the weird, self-perpetuating marriage between celebrities and the paparazzi in the Atlantic Monthly called “Shooting Britney” (I read the Atlantic, NBD!). It’s by David Samuels, a fantastic writer, and it allows people like me–who pretend like I’m too high-minded, literary, and above-the-fray to “slum” by reading about celebrities in US and InTouch and the like– to read about celebrities and the like (it’s okay since it’s in the Atlantic!). It’s also disturbingly surreal. You can find it here:
Sidenote: (I also read The New Republic! I’m so nuanced!)

Two: I’m officially retiring the music of 1998. I think i’ve maxed out the usefulness of Sister Hazel and the Offspring. I’ve opted to back the music bus up another ten years to 1988. Get excited.

Enjoy whatever nuanced joys your weekend brings. We’ll continue our friendship on Tuesday.


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5 thoughts on “The Quickest Thesis Insanity: Big Apple Weekend Edition

  1. Tom

    I think Genevieve has scored a home run with the "commentator" moniker. I’m going to have a dozen T-shirts made up with "Kev’s Commentator" on them, or maybe just "KC," then you can be all hip and snotty when people ask you what it means. "You mean…you don’t KNOW??" Actually, "Alexander Commentator" has a nice ring to it – kind of officious. It’s ideas like these that have me answering phones for a living. The injustice of it all!

    Kevin, I give you my continued support in your efforts. When you’re done, it’s gonna be great. Truth. Oh, and I still need to rent The Wire, sorry. I did watch "Blade" last week, however, so that should count for something.(?) I also saw my ridiculously well-organized writing nine-year-old niece this past weekend, and she didn’t mention her book, so she’s likely floundering in confusion and despair and just didn’t want to admit it (so she bribed me with some of the 1lb chocolate bunny that I got her for Easter). Fear not, you’ll still have it over on her when you make deadline.

    I’m glad Ramsey clarified, ’cause I didn’t know if he was a master of words like Kev, and I thought maybe he confused "cresting" with "nadir," and that things couldn’t possibly be worse. I should phone him for the How To guide on that life.

  2. Pat

    Kev, I want to know how you hooked those AlphaSmarts up to your dictating machine. I’ve often wanted to hook my AlphaSmart or my laptop up directly to my brain so I can think and it will type right into my document.

    Hang in there with all those deadlines. Remember deadlines are part of a writer’s life; without deadlines, there’s no income.

    And, Genevieve, I love that commentator title

  3. Genevieve

    Ramsey Ramadan, ay? I’m impressed. Although I must admit, I have no idea who that is. Keep it rolling, man.

    Do any of you guys read The Writer’s Almanac? There’s a poem every day and writeups about writers and artists who are celebrating a birthday. The reasaon I bring it up is, the stories about some of these writers are inspiring, or comforting atleast. Today there was a poem called "Snow, Aldo" and there’s a line in it that I dug for inexplicable reasons:
    "If I was in charge of making snow globes, this is what I would put inside: the old man in the black overcoat,the black dog,two friends with their faces turned up to the sky."
    I think what I like about it the most is that it makes me wonder about people who make snow globes. Seems like it would be a wonderful job.

    Sorry about the length of this, because sometimes I fear I’m too lengthy for plain blog commentary. I’m just having an artisitc moment and thought I’d share. Awe.

  4. Genevieve

    Good luck with your deadlines. All will be well. I will have to read that article. I don’t read enough journalism, and I think that if I found enough of it that I liked it would improve my style as a piddlily newsletter writer. It’s small time, but darn it I want to do it right! Oh, I have will also order The Wire on Netflix. NPR recently interviewed one of the writers, and you were right, it sounds cool.
    What exactly does Ramsey mean by the cresting of his popularity with women? Is he hitting his peak? Is this among women in general or women who wear cling wrap?
    Have a good weekend, Kevin, and other fellow commentators. Hey…commentator! We sound much more important that way.


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