The Holiday Hiatus

In order to best mentally, physically and socially emotionally prepare for a second year of sometimes helpful, semi-effective, consistently above-average blog entries, we three bloggers of WD are taking a holiday respite.

Upon our return on January 7th, we will be giving away free cars like they did on Oprah!!! ready with an entire years worth of new quizzes, complaints, and 80s music sign offs guaranteed to make up for the fact that your significant other didn’t get you that cute stay-at-home Butler you asked for.

So from all of us here at the WD, we wish you a fantastic holiday and a safe, happy, and semi-coherent New Year. And speaking of gifts, if you’re bored, let me know what gift you’d want if you had a $15,000 spending limit, couldn’t give it away to charity or pay off loans on a house, horse or unicycle and you had to spend it on yourself. Feel free drop it in the Comments section of said blog. Or to put it another way: How would you–in one fell swoop– spend a good portion of my yearly salary?

My answer in the link here. Have a great holiday!

My texture is the best fur,

Beyonce/Jay Z

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8 thoughts on “The Holiday Hiatus

  1. Tom

    I think that first off I’d hire someone to clean my house and take care of my weekly financial/mail/whatevah stuff so I could concentrate on writing more (I "wasted" 90 minutes last night on those activities). I don’t know how much that costs, though. I doubt 15K. If I had money left over I’d probably finish getting the Cadillac motor put in the Chevelle, write a book on how to do that installation, and then retire on the lush profits that all niche-market how-tos are known to generate.

  2. Jen St. Clair

    I think I’d use it to refurnish my house- and upgrade electronics. You know- finally buy a decent stereo, an I Pod- that sort of thing- then put whatever is left in savings. You DO have to do SOMETHING responsible, right?

  3. rayray

    I’d fix up my primary vehicle, with essentials first and then interior, a snorkel, an elevated exhaust and a modest lift kit, then a conversion to four wheel drive.

  4. Genevieve Cancienne

    First, I would get my hair cut because I’ve been putting it off for far too long. Then I would take a jet to New York to see the opera just for one night, like in Pretty Woman, only instead of Richard Gear I would be with Jake Gyllenhaal.

  5. Bisa

    How would I spend your yearly salary? I would use it to travel. I would go to Australia first and spend about 3 weeks there and then take a bike ride through spain. I already have the trips planned in my head. Don’t worry I would send you plenty of pictures and you can photoshop yourself into them.

    Happy Holidays!



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