That Novel You've Been Working On…

Thanks to our technological wizard Karen Lapthorn, I have finally figured out how to post videos on the blog, something Americans have only been able to do for 3 or 4 years. Anyway, while perusing the Web 2.0, I found a new site called YouTube. They have (free!!) clips of tv shows AND R&B and Pop music videos. So to celebrate, please enjoy my favorite Family Guy clip. And if you know what’s good for you, you’ll start downloading Whitney Houston music videos before she gets elected to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. They can’t keep that kind of talent out forever.

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6 thoughts on “That Novel You've Been Working On…

  1. Pam Davenport

    This clip makes me feel guilty that I have my "Butt In Chair" (like all the pros recommend)commenting on your blog instead of working on my own epic novel. Loved it!

  2. Morgan Barnhart

    You just *now* found Youtube? It’s bloody brilliant, isn’t it?? Sadly though, they’re getting real tight about copyrighted stuff and this clip may not be around too much longer. *sniff* But it’s a classic clip. Love it.

  3. Kevin Alexander

    The funniest part about this comment, Rams, is that none of it is an exaggeration. The part you forgot to mention is that we both lived with my mom.

    We’re not,

  4. Ramsey

    Oh how i miss the days when i worked 16 hours a day making less than a dollar an hour selling pizza coupons and coming home to your house and making a huge roast beef sandwich and watching Family Guy with you…those were the days, my friend, those were the days.


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