On (Insert Sad Boyz II Men Song)

I can’t tell you how sorry I am, friends, for this neglect. I feel like the divorced dad who thinks he’s cool because every once in awhile he shows up with a bunch of Nerf footballs and lets his kids swear and eat Wendy’s. This last piece of absentee blogging is all my fault. Yes, I’m busy at work, and in the midst of transitioning into a new position, but that is no excuse. The fact of the matter is that I fell out of a rhythm with my entries, and couldn’t easily get back into it.

It’s sad, obviously, because this blog has left an indelible mark on my work, and I love being able to have conversations through said blogosphere with everyone in our little handsome corner of the writing world. But, like that 90s beer commercial, you have to know when to say when — and my when has arrived. Besides, it’s not fair to you, the faithful conversationalists and commenters who have kept me entertained on the internette for all these years, to read something that I’m not able to put the necessary time, effort, and incredibly engaging music videos into. 

If you’ll allow me to get nostalgic for a paragraph, I’ve grown up through this publication. I was 22 when I first started putting my stupid sarcastic rants in WD, 23 when I got the column, and 25 when I started the blog. Back in the day, I literally had no idea what I was doing — meaning, I didn’t know what was going to come from this urge to write, or how I could possibly make it into something that would allow me to have On Demand Cable, distressed status jeans and an iPhone.

But looking back, that’s the way it has to be. As i’ve said before, such is the beauty and beast of the writing world. Unlike lawyering, doctoring, and dentistying, there is no set path, no specific road that predicts success. And success itself is something that can also be measured on huge and varying levels. For instance, I still need to rewrite my book. This is something I need to focus on this year. Because until I publish that, I know, at heart, I can’t truly think of myself as a writer. But that doesn’t mean that I’m not happy with where my career has gone. In two months, I will be moving to San Francisco to become West Coast Editor of Thrillist, overseeing our west coast cities, and working specifically with the words of the publication, and that’s exactly where I want to be. Not to mention that my girlfriend, who is a native SFer and works for Google, told me that her two winters getting to know Boston’s fickle, angry and arrogant Mother Nature were “miserable” and if she doesn’t “get sun soon” she will “die of scurvy, or whatever the hell people die of when they don’t get sunlight.”

So, friends, as I’m leaving to go to the West Coast, a place where it does not snow, and hails delicious burritos 12 months a year, it feels like it’s the right time to say goodbye to this chapter of the story. But that doesn’t mean that you and I are done, no sir. Aside from haunting your dreams, I will be sure to keep you apprised of whereever my rants end up next, the things I publish, and, when the book finally gets wrapped and comes out, you’re all invited to my studio apartment mansion in SF for a personalized book reading with interactive commentary, juggling, and random trivial pursuit question digressions. And Tom, you, Genevieve, and Kim Kardashian can trade off men and women voices for the book on tape. I know, I know, you’re welcome.

Anyway, I can’t personally thank all of the people who’ve meant so much to me on this blog, but if you’ve ever made a comment, and it wasn’t negative and about how much I suck at writing or basketball, thank you. Thanks for being here, thanks for reading, and thanks for even just stumbling across this whilst you searched the Internetz for hella sexy pictures of Kevin Alexander Clark to drape across your MySpace page. Frankly, I’m surprised you read this far down.

I’ll leave you with a sign off from one of my non-ironic favorite songs of all time, and the second most played song of all-time on my iTunes, with 293 plays. Paul Simon wrote it, he claims, when Art Garfunkel went down to Mexico to film a movie, and he was left all alone, apparently to write music. For some reason, it seems fitting. Thanks again, friends. I love you all.

The Only Living Boy,
in New York

PS- if you feel the urge to be sad and reminisce, talk about the repercussions of coaching the East Dillon High Lions, or recommend places to buy cutlery in and around SF, you can email me at kevin [at] thrillist dot com.

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12 thoughts on “On (Insert Sad Boyz II Men Song)

  1. Marcy

    I started reading your blog just this year and I have one word of advice for you (not that you asked): In the future, do what you say you’re going to do – or just don’t say you’re going to do anything. Looking back through this year and last year’s posts, I see many commitments unkept. Just a thought.

  2. Christine

    Best of luck, Kevin, as you flutter off to SF. Try not to get too San Franciscoian so that you forget your New Englandese. Enjoy the sun and don’t laugh at us East Coasters when you hear a winter weather advisory for our area. It’s just not polite.


  3. diane

    best of luck to you, Kevin.
    i’ll miss your lovely and somewhat random rants, not to mention the videos.
    Enjoy S.F., one of my favorite places on earth, & I look forward to your book’s publication.

  4. Colleen

    Kev – I’m sad to see you go. You were the last fun part of reading Writer’s Digest. Truly. I guess I enjoy the uplifting notes of sarcasm more than I care about writing these days.

    SF is so beautiful. But with your being from the NE, all I can say is, "Don’t forget the sunscreen!"

    Please keep us informed about your book. I’ve been waiting for years to borrow that from a friend. I mean it! 🙂

    And, for those of you on FaceBook, who want to belong to something, anything, I started a group in honor of the man himself. We’re recruiting new members to the "Rabid Fans of Kevin Alexander" group every day. We’re up to three so far! 🙂

    Peace out friends.

  5. Alicia

    I’m sad to see this blog go, especially sooner than planned. I’ve enjoyed reading and lurking. I echo all the good luck sentiments that everyone else has said.

    Does this mean your Twitter handle is going to change now too?

  6. Olivia

    Thanks for making me cry, Kevin. Seriously. I’m gonna miss all your b***s***.

    Good luck in everything. Enjoy the sunshine. Let us know when your book is going to be released…Tom, Gen, and I may or may not be planning a big party-type thing…*slaps hand over mouth*

  7. Nicole

    I just wanted to tell you that I’ve loved reading your column and your blog and am sad to see you go! It’s inspiring reading about a young writer managing his way through the publishing world. It makes me feel like I can do it, too, and that even if I fumble here and there I can still make it. Right now I’m a junior in college majoring in Creative Writing. I hope to continue writing, and I look to your columns and entries as inspiration.

    (I’d like to note also that it’s 2:27am right now and I just finished an 8 page paper, hence why this comment is so…wordy.)

    Good night, and good luck! 🙂

  8. Shelly

    Ahh, so it ends. First the column, now this. I’m sad. I looked forward to my inbox pinging (it does ping even if I’m not logged in to hear it or the sounds muted, right? It’s like the tree that falls in the forest) twice a week and then logging into my Google Reader to see that I actually have four posts waiting for me to read while procastinating at work. I’d click on them knowing that I was guarenteed at least one good laugh which would lighten my day.

    It’s exciting that your moving to the city by the bay, my neck of the woods actually and I have to say YES to burritos year round. You could probably try a new place every time for an entire year.

    I can’t wait to see what become of K.A.C. Know that you loyal fans are eagerly awaiting your novel (when ever it comes out) because if you couldn’t tell, we like your writing.

    Thanks for kickin’ it with us for this long. Best of luck.

  9. Pat Marinelli

    Oh, Kevin, I’m so crushed. You warned me the blogging would end soon. But, you’re not just leaving the blog, you’re running away to San Francisco with your girlfriend. What about that happily ever after I’ve been dreaming about? You know the dream of cold snowy winters in from of the fire place in our Boston loft (They have lofts in Boston, right? I was only there twice.) reading your name on the NYTimes Best Seller List, talking the hippies into buying signed copies of your book as an investment in your their future, and laughing at the latest installment of those novelettes the blog readers created.

    First I had to suffer while you threw me over for Mrs. Hasselback (sorry I can remember her first name. You did understand this to be a cougar relationship, right?), then it was Kim Kardashian, and now the girlfriend.

    Now you’re going to wonderful, beautiful, and mountainous (Hey, I’ve driving down Lombard Street) San Francisco in your studio apartment mansion, where the summers are comfortable, to finish your novel and become famous without me. The horror. I feel abandoned and jealous, left to suffer an East Coast hot humid summer.

    And what about the hippies? Who will keep them occupied while they drink coffee? (Sorry, I getting tired and can’t think how to spell fancy coffees.

    I feel so left-out! I did tell you I write romance, right?

    Okay, all kidding aside, I wish you and your girlfriend all the best on your trek west. I wish you much success editing at Thrillist, and, of course, with your novel. But never fear, Kevin Alexander Clark, you ARE a writer. You’ve had a column in a national magazine; you created this blog where we share your ups, downs, highs and lows, and successes; you’ve met deadlines, your were paid (so it wasn’t much, but it was real), and most of all you’ve entertained. What more could a read ask for—yes, Kevin, never doubt, you are a writer—a writer with fans.

    So I won’t say goodbye, I’ll say, I look forward to your novel being published. Then, you will be a writer with a book.

    Fair thee well good friend,

    Pat Marin (Marinelli)

    P.S. You’ll be living in NaNoWriMo country. Get another novel idea ready for November. And…say “Hi,” to Chris Baty for me.

  10. Tom

    "And Tom, you, Genevieve, and Kim Kardashian can trade off men and women voices for the book on tape."

    Aw, shoot, man! THIS is what I live for! I’ll begin rehearsing my lines post-hastey-like. Thanks for the boost, Kev. This has made my weekend (I know, it’s only Friday night, but I have an idea about how the rest of it is going to measure out, and this really may be the greatest part of it.)

    Hmmm…now I’m going to have to figure out what this Thrillist thing is, perhaps investigate this whole distressed jeans thing, and maybe fly out to visit my brother in Pleasanton just so I can say, "I was somewhere near The Kev when he became The West Coast Editor For Thrillist!"

    Thanks for all the awesome blog posts. I feel it’s brought all of us here so much closer together, at least on occasional Tuesdays and Thursdays, or maybe Fridays…or…well, Saturday REALLY early in the morning.

    Like Lisa said, my best to you in all future endeavors. (I know she didn’t say that, but she sort of said something like it, and I figured I’d put my own spin on it, because that’s what we, as writers, are supposed to do, and, really, because I just needed up the ol’ word count here, as I’m feeling a little guilty about STILL having not completed my novel that I started (and achieved 76K words on!) during the month of November for NaNoWriMo).

    Anyway, as I was saying, good luck, and enjoy the burritos. (Have you ever had that bubble tea you can get out there? That’s craziness.)


  11. Lisa Bakewell

    Thanks for the proper goodbye here on the Writer’s Digest blog–also, for the update and the contact info. I’m going to miss reading your posts, but I’m sure I haven’t heard the last of you–at least I hope not! Good luck with the move, the "newish" job and finishing your book. New "life" chapters are always fun and exciting to start. I wish you the best!


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