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No Seriously, Someone Interviewed Me

Categories: This Writer's Life.
Friends, up today on the Novel Journey website is a Q and A with yours truly.

The link is here: http://noveljourney.blogspot.com/

Try to avoid asking yourself the obvious question of why someone would want to do a Q and A with me and just go with it.

Have a fantastic weekend.


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5 Responses to No Seriously, Someone Interviewed Me

  1. Sandra Darr says:

    Have you read The Toy Collector by James Gunn? If not, I would highly recommend it. I bet you the first season of The Hills that this will soon become your favorite book.

  2. K McLarin says:

    My Lord. Could you be any more vain?

  3. Kevin Alexander says:

    hahaha. and sorry about threatening to put all those incriminating images on youtube if you didn’t post the Q and A, kelly, it was just business…

    thanks again.

  4. There was some blackmail involved. Kevin knew just a little too much about the anonymous benefactor of the blog site.

    But Kevin apparently makes a habit of collecting "interesting" information — as he shares in his first answer…

    And, yes, Kevin, I am seriously bored today….

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