Navigation Links, Column Secrets Revealed and, of course… the Disney Afternoon

If you’ll kindly look to your left, you will find a link to my one of my columns from WD under the heading “The Road More or Less Traveled”. If you’ve never read said column, this is your chance to see what happens when my work gets edited, and if you have read it before, this is your chance to re-visit it time and time again while having it handy to liberally quote from in holiday cards to Elizabeth Hasselbeck loved ones.

But to really celebrate the occasion, here are 6 director’s commentary-style behind-the-scenes anecdotes from the making of the column:

1. I wrote said column longhand on four journal pages using a sh*tty Czech-brand pen in the Bohemian Bagel cafe in Prague, Czech Republic while eating a Turkey Club on a sesame bagel. Bohemian Bagel is an ex-pat joint, which is French for where the Americans hang out. As I recall, I asked for no mayo on said club sandwich but–being in the Czech Republic– they took this to mean “slightly less mayo”.

2. I’d say that this was one of the easiest of all of my columns to write because I was very much feeling the burden and guilt from not having taken on as many travel writing projects while I was away, which I promptly and frequently took out on my friend Casey The Big Cat. The entire (unedited) first draft took only 3 hours to write, which is a short time period for me to do, really, anything.

3. I really thought Bill Bryson was British. Or at least Canadian.

4. Other characters I’d considered wishing I’d seen while hallucinating on absinthe: Baloo from Talespin, that Cajun dude from the animated X-Men (Gambit?), Raven Symone.

5. Word I was using too much at the time of writing: “organically”.

6. (Not?) Awesome Mental Image: A “Pants-less Tom Wolfe”

Anyway, just wanted to give you the 411 so you could enjoy the column gratis in all its column glory. Now I’m going back to sleep.

Take On Me,


PS- pictured below: The opening credits and theme song from The Disney Afternoon’s Talespin as everyone remembers it…in Hungarian.

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4 thoughts on “Navigation Links, Column Secrets Revealed and, of course… the Disney Afternoon

  1. Kevin Alexander

    Trina– excellent is a step down from hilarious but a step up from "blah" and "visually nauseating" so i’ll take it. And Talespin, when combined with Rescue Rangers, Ducktales, Darkwing Duck and Saved By the Bell, make a very persuasive argument as to why my cholesterol was 211 when i was in 3rd grade.

    Thank you Pam for your kind words but I think my muse better start seriously picking up the pace a little, he (or she?) is making me nervous…

    And yes, Amanda, I know. This Bill Bryson sh*t is serious. I’m freaking out too.

  2. Trina

    Ah, memories of Talespin. I can’t believe you brought that up. Thanks, that made my day (to know that a fellow writer actually watched Talespin – and he is successful).
    Your new column is excellent as usual (October edition WD). Notice I said "excellent" and not "hilarious" – is that a step up or down for you?
    It was serious in most parts and insightful in others and all-in-all relatable (I could have been writing it. Seriously. Expect for the fact that I don’t have a friend named Ramsey and my Dad doesn’t drink.)
    Good luck on the novel. I hope you finish it one day (soon). It will give me hope for my Great American Not Yet Started Novel.

  3. Pam Davenport

    I just wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed reading your article about James Boice in the Oct. issue. He seems like an interesting guy. And, of course, I enjoyed your "This Writer’s Life" column. Keep feeding your muse because it’s paying off!


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