Lit Paper Watch 1: Oh, it's on. Kind of.

Randomest Search Term That Brought Someone To My Blog: “party fun stuff”

My New, New Thing That Everyone Else Has Known About for At Least Six Months: 30 Rock. Tina Fey, you go grrl girl!!!

Word Count on the Paper: 873

Words to Go: Something like 3.4 million.

Best line in the paper: “Foster Wallace’s use of irony, while more blatant than Vollman’s, also features a Burroughs-like transgressive quality.”

Worst Line in the paper, which may rhyme and could also be a fragment: “But is that irony merely an illusion, or is its meaning more elusive?”

Fear/Question: Why can’t I think of anything that A) is insightful but not lyrics to a Cranberries song B) isn’t the most obvious way to look at whatever it is i’m looking at or C) hasn’t been said at some point in the oeuvre of Mitch Albom?

I need to go to bed so I can wake up and dedicate the next 24 hours to getting inside Umberto Eco’s mind but I’ll leave you with a classic “30 Rock” clip thanks to our friends at YouTube and all those who participate in the Web 2.0. And if you still haven’t downloaded the Whitney videos yet, well… I guess only one of us will truly know whether she wants to dance with somebody or whether she just wants to feel the heat with somebody (somebody who loves her). Your motherf***ing loss.

“Yeah, suck it, i do read the paper!”

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2 thoughts on “Lit Paper Watch 1: Oh, it's on. Kind of.

  1. Trina

    Whoa, the above comment is scary. Can’t you block her or something? 😉
    I just got from vacation – the greatest surprise to find that you have discovered the awesomeness of 30 Rock!!! More people need to watch it, seriously. Because these days, the best shows get cancelled. (Except of course The View – I think it is safe for now.)


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