In Case You Have Nothing To Do and The View is a Re-Run…

I will be interviewed on Helen Coronato’s Novel Idea radio show from 10-11 AM Thurs morning. Possible topics include books, supremely clever puns my illustrious career and the awe-inspiring fragility of my ego.
You can tune in and find out whether or not I accidentally curse via The InterWeb here:

And you can watch a brand old music vid from the Chinese New Year of the Rat (96!) here:
No Diggity,
No Doubt


That should hold you at least through midday.

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9 thoughts on “In Case You Have Nothing To Do and The View is a Re-Run…

  1. Kevin Alexander

    I think I mostly just talked about how the internet was a passing fad… but it went really well. The hour went by fast…we talked about a lot of writing-esque things. Helen was quite the skilled radio host and I didn’t even swear!!! But I’m pretty sure she said "shit storm."

  2. Genevieve

    I got whisked into a meeting at work, so I didn’t get to listen to it either. How did it go, Kev? Did you lose all your change to the swear jar?

  3. Tom

    I kind of mucked about on the site this eve and the only archive section I located did not list any 2008 archived programs, and even of those listed it was noted that they were not available for download or replay.

    On another "missed out" note, I tried to rent The Wire tonight, but some person (who I prefer to think of as a "moron") had already rented disc one, and I am not one to start a series somewhere in the middle, so no The Wire for me tonight.

  4. jess

    this is so cool… I can’t seem to figure out how to listen to the Novel Idea, though. Maybe you could be so kind as to transcribe the interview on your blog?

  5. Tom

    Bummer. Apparently my "server is busy" and can’t play the program. This assuredly has nothing to do with the fact that I’m…ah…at work right now. I hope an archived recording will be made available for replay in the future.

    Curse well, my friend.

  6. Genevieve

    Totally, man. Have fun during the interview.

    Oh my. My six year old just said, "Come see the castle I made out of toilet paper." This can’t be good.


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