Discussions Had; Solutions Put Forth; Issues Resolved!


Post my little public display of reflection, I received a prompt and timely email from the new WD editor, who then quickly got to the bottom of said issue (turns out there was a miscommunication re: invoices), and together we peacefully sat down and negotiated a fantastic way out of said scenario, so that everyone feels good, and not in a Treaty of Versailles type way either, like a legitimate positive step forward.

The details that you need to know about are roughly as follows: I will be continuing on with the blog until the end of May, when I will bid WD adieu while we hold each other extra long and falsely promise that we’ll hang out when we’re both in NY for that thing. But until the end of May, you can count on a shiny blog entry every Tuesday full of insight, outsight, and the occasional reference to Friday Night Lights. And who knows — by June, maybe blogs will have been rendered prehistoric by vlogs, or Twitter, or the unexpected resurgence of singing telegrams.

Thanks everyone for your support via comments, phone calls, emails, etc. I really can’t tell you how much it means to me without getting cheesy, and standards of decorum and dress dictate that that’s unacceptable, so you’ll just have to accept this e-card.

Also, it should be noted that what I did– posting on my blog about this matter, before talking to the company — was not, actually, very cool. I was frustrated, and I vented said frustration via the blog, as I tend to do, but it probably could’ve been handled in a more tactful way, and– as a teaching point– I do not recommend the tactic of public frustration as the quickest way to a solution. Although, if you happen to be writing a blog called This Writer’s Life, it probably seems like a great idea at the time.

Now, if everyone would please pass their pitchforks and torches forward, we can get out of here.

Wicked, Twisted,

Reckless Kelly

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26 thoughts on “Discussions Had; Solutions Put Forth; Issues Resolved!

  1. KristanC

    A little late to the game since I’ve been out of town, but I’m glad the payment situation has been resolved. As a one-time-contractor/now-employee of a young media outlet, my unpaid invoices once reached to more than $10,000 (and has since been sloooowly resolved.) So I understand–I believe a lot of us do–that sort of frustration …

  2. Christine


    I completely agree with your daughter’s notion of suing the ice cream man. Damn jerk wouldn’t go down my street when I was a kid either. Like I didn’t deserve ice cream or some such nonsense. Maybe there were only three kids on my street but shouldn’t we have the opportunity to rot our teeth on candy-coated bars of ice cream shoved on wooden sticks? I mean, isn’t it our right as Americans? Where’s the justice?

    Let me know if your daughter needs help with her case. 🙂


  3. Genevieve

    Just so you guys know, what Tom said is true. My oldest asked if we could sue the ice cream man for his stubborn refusal to turn down our street. I both like and fear her style.

    Kev, thak you for renewing and adding the "z" to Habitz. Gives it pizzaz. Stephanie, am CONSTANTLY thinking of John Travolta. Aren’t you?

    Lord, I’m going to miss this. Kevin, do you delight in how much we play in the commentary of your blog? You should. Delight, my dear, delight away!

  4. Stephanie Allen

    I am delighted that you liked the "hair grease". Use it however you see fit. But when you do please think of John Travolta. 😉

  5. Kevin Alexander

    Genevieve– I used to subscribe to Genevieve and Habitz, and I want to apologize for letting my subscription lapse! I especially liked the story titled "This Thursday is Not Great", which, I guess, detailed how you weren’t having the best Thurs…

    Anyway, I’ve just re-upped for another two years. You’re welcome.

  6. Genevieve

    Rod & Custom. Is that, like, a magazine about a guy named Rod and all the stuff he does on a regular basis? I want that kind of magazine. "Genevieve & Habits." Surely it will interest everyone.

  7. Tom

    Time, are you kidding me? By publication timelines we’re already looking at June at the earliest! Should you be shipping your blogs for those right now? Isn’t it time to be planning the July Summer Smash blog already? Time’s a’ wastin’! We’re already done here. All that’s left is to sweep up and and a few commas and apostrophes where necessary.

    Well, maybe not, but I have already received the April issue of Rod & Custom, so it seems like there’s not long until the end of May.

    Drone on, man, drone on.

  8. Deanna Schrayer

    I’m glad everything was cleared up Kevin. Sometimes we have to take the "road less traveled", (please pardon the cliche), to get things done. Not to make this about myself, but this is just another *hint* of several I’ve clairvoyantly received over the past month or so to get myself out of the work situation I’m in and get on with following my dreams already. Then again, that could just be an up-coming mid-life-crisis…
    I look forward to the couple more months of your blogs here, and to the ones you’ll be writing from wherever you are after that. Do keep us posted on your whereabouts, but please not via Twitter! 🙂

  9. Kevin Alexander

    I back up what Jessica says. It was, indeed, amicable.

    And friends, I feel like I’m attending my eulogy! We have plenty more time to recklessly drone on before June…

  10. Genevieve

    It is good to know that you weren’t fired or smacked with anything. I’m sad about you leaving though, man. And thanks for the card and the grover bit. I loved it the blue guy asked if he looked like a "MrS." somebody and Grover said, "In this light? No." He is indeed the John Stewart of 70’s children’s programming.

    You’ll do great whereever you go from here, Kev. Let us know where to keep reading!

    Steph- I’m going to have to use "love, peace and hair grease."
    Tom- leave longer comments!

  11. Jessica Strawser

    For the record and in response to some of the comments here, this issue would have been promptly resolved upon Kevin notifying us of the miscommunication, regardless of how the notification happened. The blog post here (which Kevin acknowledges above he wrote in lieu of contacting us) was no more effective than a simple e-mail directly to me or anyone else here would have been, as we value all of our contributors and make prompt measures to correct problems when they occur.

    Also, the fact that Kevin will be moving on from his blog in a few months does not result from the aforementioned miscommunication. It just got us talking about plans for the future and was an amicable and mutually agreed-upon decision. I want to clear up any misconception that Kevin was fired (or smacked with a ruler), as that’s not the case.

    Jessica Strawser, WD Editor

  12. Paige

    Well then a lesson learned is hard after all. You could do as Maria has done or something there abouts, but then I suppose you would not be paid again for your awesome writing antics.
    And depending on if you pissed her off at one time or another she may be able to offer you some sage advice, but don’t tell her I said so, she can be found at Editor Unleashed.
    Maybe this is bad form on my part, but hey I don’t work for them and they have thus far refused to publish any of my works so my payment is zilch anyway!

  13. Stephanie Allen

    Aww, dude…did the upper echelon smack you on the hand with their ruler because you wrote about not getting paid for writing? That blows. I’m glad the kinks were worked out with only a mild scolding, but I’m sad that this blog is about to come to an end. I love your blullsh**. It’s freakin hilarious! So does this mean when I want to "Bust a Move" I’ve got to look it up on YOUTUBE for myself?

    Love, peace and hair grease, my friend. Let us know where you’re going so that we can follow you…"to infinity and beyond!"

  14. Jim Hughes

    Freedom of speech at a Writer’s Mag. I assumed the purpose of freedom to write included the occasional uncomfortable self inflicted criticism. I suppose that the organization that is our employer then also has the freedom to fire. Se La Vie I guess. It still stinks.
    I am new to your blog, but have enjoyed it these past few months. As a new writer and student of the biz, it does go to show you, the boss rules. Please advise if any members of the WD management team plan on joining the Supreme Court. That would suck big time.

  15. bill

    I am glad this was resolved so quickly for you – as I was reading, I was a little sad though – your blog is one the I look so forward to reading – you grabbed my attention in the magazine and have held onto it through your blog, so I really hope you find another venue to share with us in the future – as for now I will look forward to Tuesdays.

  16. CMAlbert

    Actually, I think it was quite brave to call out a writing magazine for non-payment, when they publish articles educating other writers about how to ensure payment. Isn’t it ironic? Well, I’m very disappointed that you’re only blogging til May. I hope you continue elsewhere and keep all your loyal 16 readers informed so we can stalk you. WD doesn’t know what it’s losing…but it’ll free you up for bigger and better too! Cheers!

  17. Lisa Bakewell

    Amazing how fast you were able to resolve the issue after you posted. 🙂 It might not have been the coolest thing to do (and actually I kept waiting for the post to be pulled), but it was very effective. Lesson: Sometimes it doesn’t hurt to say just what’s on your mind–even if it might not be the p.c. thing to do.

    Glad to know that you’re going to be around these parts for a bit longer, and I look forward to following you to your next blogging gig.

  18. Kevin Alexander

    Grover can’t be expected to remember every detail!
    My favorite part is when he goes, "Another satisfied customer!" Oh Grover, if he only realized that he wasn’t satisfied!
    IMO, Old-school Sesame Street is like the Daily Show for 4 yr olds.

  19. Olivia

    Yay! Happy dance!

    Grover delivering singing telegrams…nice. That poor blue guy with no hair. 🙁 I almost thought he was going to get his hat…and isn’t that the same dude that always has a fly in his soup? Grover = fail.

    Glad you’ll be around for a bit more, Kevin.

    And Tom, don’t get any ideas about cancelling your blog now. Please. 🙂

  20. Tom

    Vlogging? Tweeting? OMG!eleventyone!!11!!!1!1!!

    I’m still grappling with WordPress, but I’ve updated to the latest version, and I’m told it is the greatest thing in the history of the world, so I have that going for me.

    Yeah, you can’t complain about the results, now can you?

  21. Kevin Alexander

    Not to say, of course, that the bossman doesn’t occasionally need a tweaking… it’s just, you know, sometimes it makes sense to sit on a potentially damaging email (or blog!) for a little while…

    But I can’t actually hindsightedly complain too much, seeing how the solution did quickly right itself.

    And yes, Tom, we will find a place to vlog and tweet when we leave the sanctuary confines of WD’s webspace…

  22. Tom

    Okay. Wow. This was…quick! My elation is matched only by my dismay at your Taurisic departure, but then, I don’t think anyone would be 100% shocked by that eventual turn of events.

    My concern, of course, is that we are availed of some opportunity to read your ramblings on a regular basis in some form or other, and that said mechanism involves you getting paid, because I know from my own experience that blogging on a regular basis can be a real b*tch when you’re just doing it for your own self. Here’s to hoping someone in the blogverse picks you up come summer.

    And, for now, I shall continue to read and comment, occasionally at a length that seems far too lengthy.

    I’m keeping that teaching point in mind, by the way. I don’t like to piss off the bossman.


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