Choose Your Own Commenting Adventure Vol 3

You, friends, know what time it is. It’s time for the third installation of what critics have called, “kind of lazy, but definitely better than listening to you rattle on for 600 words about the HBO show True Blood,” the CYCA3!

Directions: Read the graf pertaining to our protagonist Casey, and then take it in whatever way you deem necessary to extend the story, following along from the point where the person commenting above left it. And try not to spend too much time on your part or someone else may come sweeping in and post from the same place, leaving us with two Robert Frost-esque Roads to Travel Down, neither of which wants to end up less traveled.

Anyway, let’s get to the real thing:
Casey is at the bar and it’s packed. He moves past a crowd of girls in skinny jeans and high boots sipping 64 calorie MGD 64 or vodka sodas or both, and runs right into a pack of dudes eyeing the chicks. The guys are also wearing skinny jeans.
“Oh man,” Case says, looking down at his straight leg denim, “why did she have to pick an Allston bar?”
He spots her in the corner. Aron is just under five feet tall and pretty, with green eyes and dark hair that Case describes in his diary as “raven.” He starts to walk up to her, with a smile on his face, but her eyes are telling him that something is up. Then, as he gets close, her mouth does the thing that her eyes were trying to do, but better: “He’s here,” she says, keeping her eyes straight ahead. “And I’m pretty sure he knows.”

AHHHHH??!! OMG! Knows what? Who is he? And why are they at a bar in Allston surrounded by people in skinny jeanz?? That, friends, is up to you… Unleash the writing hounds. 

See my,

Mr. Burns

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15 thoughts on “Choose Your Own Commenting Adventure Vol 3

  1. Stephanie Allen

    "That’ll be two hundred three dollars and sixteen cents."

    "What for?" Casey demanded and tried to discreetly pull on the wedgie his really tight jeans had created.

  2. Rachel

    go to the movie together?" she asked him.

    "Nah." replied Casey. "I am not really interested in seeing it."

    "I wasn’t asking you." she commented to Casey while making goo goo eyes at the Verizon guy.

    The Verizon looked up from unhooking the box and said, …

  3. Joanne

    Kevin, Help! Break from commenting adventure!
    I got this week’s blog in my email, but apprently there were two blogs that I never got. And when I do get them, I seem to get them late, since there are always lots of comments posted. What is up? So, I got to read about Halloween and politics way after the actual events.
    No surprise, I was a Mom for Halloween, my usual everyday costume, but in my head I see myself as young, free spirited adventuress…
    You may now return to your commenting adventure…

  4. Christine

    (Thanks, Erin!)
    "Sookie’s grandmother is finished," the Verizon guy said. "I feel just awful taking away your cable box, but it’s what I gotta do."

    "You’ll have to settle for seeing the Twilight movie in the theaters next Friday," Casey told Aron.

    She made a face, but then the thought of seeing someone play Edward got her temperature rising.

    "Maybe we could…

  5. Erin

    the Verizon Fios serviceman coming to collect Aron’s cable box.

    "You’re here now? I thought I still had HBO for another week! This means I’m going to miss the Ricky Gervais stand up special! And how will I ever find out what happens with Sookie and Bill on True Blood? Stupid economic recession!" Aron cried.

    "Oh, man! I haven’t gotten to watch True Blood since the second episode. Did they really kill of Sookie’s grandmother?" Casey asked.

    (Is this a fair compromise, Christine?)

  6. Christine

    gritted his teeth, but obliged. It was Batman after all. How could he say no?

    "Like where did that ghost come from, Scoob?" Casey said.

    Aron and Batman laughed, but Casey’s eyes focused on something behinid them. They both turned to see…

  7. Erin

    "Now do Shaggy! Now do Shaggy!" Batman pleaded, jumping for joy.

    Casey sighed. "I thought Matthew Lillard had gotten me out of every having to do that one again…"

  8. Genevieve

    …keep up the act that you’re Casey Kasem," she said. "That was the only reason he let you use the Batmobile, and probably the only reason he’ll forgive you for drving it into The Chesapeake Bay."

    Just then a masked man in skinny jeans danced up to them.

    "Case!" Batman exclaimed. He began pointing frantically at Casey, nearly bursting with delight. "Say it again! Say it again!"

    Casey sighed. Then, in a flawless impression, "Hi, I’m Casey Kasem and this is America’s Top 40."

  9. Kevin Alexander

    the keys to the car!
    "I didn’t know where to ditch them. I’m sorry–" she rolls her eyes. "I don’t watch CSI like you do."
    "It’s not CSI!" Case said, his voice rising over the din of the electronica bumping from the speakers. "It’s Without a Trace! Oh, and Cold Case."
    He takes the keys from her and coolly slips them into his back pocket.
    "We have no choice. We’re going to have to…

  10. Olivia

    Aron let out a snarkely laugh and tossed back a chocolatini just like she always did in Case’s dreams before they pulled out their lightsticks and ran out to the dance floor.

    ‘Is this really happening?’ Case asked himself as Aron reached into the back pocket of her faded Levi’s.

    His eyes grew wide as he realized it wasn’t a lightstick she was pulling out, it was . . . .

  11. Rachel

    "No, you idiot. He knows about the other night." Aron says, nervously twisting her hair around her fingers.

    "Don’t be silly. No one knows about the other night."

    Casey looks around the bar at all the people in their skinny jeans. He wonders what they are up to.

    "Hey, Aron! Did you throw the keys to the car in the river?" Casey asks.

  12. Genevieve

    "He knows the truth of my pants?" Casey asks, horror stricken, and wishing to be thinner. Perhaps he should have had a lite beer?

    Aron rolls her eyes. "No, you idiot. He knows about…


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